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Hello and welcome to StarWise Clairvoyant Astrology.
StarWise has been created to bring the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe to you. My name is Deidre Wilton and my passion in life is Astrology. Please enjoy browsing through my Astrology Readings, Guided Meditations, Workshops, Courses and Blog. Thank you and many blessings to you along your soul’s journey xox



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My esoteric astrology teaching is designed to bring self-love and self-empowerment to you through an understanding of who you truly are and the spiritual powers that guide you.

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Readings & Reports

An esoteric astrology birth chart analysis gives you a unique insight into who you truly are and what makes you tick. With this self-awareness you can learn to love yourself and the life path you have chosen.

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Children’s Astrology

A baby or child Astrology Report identifies all the natural gifts, talents, emotions, health issues, personality traits, ways of learning and spiritual development a soul has come to learn.

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Guided Meditations

A series of relaxing and inspirational Guided Meditations designed to help quiet the busy mind so you can find peace and tranquillity in your daily life, and helping you to release stress and worry.

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“Just wanted to say thank you. My soul has been nourished and my mind has a weight off it.” — Jo
New Zealand

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Welcome to my Blog. This is where I will share regular updates on the planets, spiritual awareness and guidance from the Universe.


StarWise & Deidre
I Study Your Soul's Journey

My name is Deidre Wilton and I am an Esoteric Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Teacher, based in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. For the last 13 years I have travelled regularly to national and international destinations to teach Esoteric Astrology and Metaphysical Workshops and Courses, and also to give Personal Esoteric Astrology Readings. When I am at home, I continue my Personal Readings and Teaching via Skype, in person or over the phone, and now have an extensive range of clients both in New Zealand and all over the world.
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