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We choose our lives before we are born,  there are no mistakes and no accidents – everything is pre-destined – and our lives then often become a contest between our destiny and our soul’s vision for our lives, and our ego self.

The earth plane is a school of learning, and we come here to feel and experience life in the human form as this is our fastest and most efficient way to evolve as souls on a continual journey of growth and understanding.

You have brought amazing gifts and talents with you that are unique to you and you alone, and you have also chosen many challenges to have to go through, so as you can learn more about yourself and about your soul’s journey. None of us choose to be unhappy or to suffer, but we do often choose some very challenging circumstances to work through.

I offer in-depth one-hour Clairvoyant Astrology Readings designed to help you to understand who you truly are and your life purpose.  Through the tools of astrology and my connection with Spirit, I can bring you a higher understanding of who you truly are as well as messages and input from your Guides and Masters in the Spirit world.

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The more you can understand who you truly are and what makes you tick, the more understanding and awareness you will naturally develop.

This will then allow you to master your life and to make choices and decisions that are always going to be for your highest good. 

You choose your life path long before you are born and this is called your astrological Natal Chart. A personal in-depth Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology Reading interprets this for you allowing you to fully understand who you truly are, what your life purpose is and all that you have chosen to learn, experience and be in this lifetime. 

Clairvoyant Astrology Reading with Deidre Wilton will identify your past life influences, your health issues, your natural gifts and talents and your emotional way of being, as well as what your future holds in store for you.

Deidre’s unique combination of esoteric astrology and clairvoyance means that not only can she give you a sound and practical understanding of your Natal Chart and all that this contains, but she also works intuitively with her Guides and Masters to bring their guidance and wisdom through to assist you as well.  Deidre’s one-hour consultations are one of a kind, and through experiencing one of these you will gain incredible insights and awarenesses of yourself and the life you have chosen.  This will arm and equip you with the self-belief and self-love that you need to take the next step along your soul’s journey.  A Clairvoyant Astrology Reading is designed to inspire your spiritual awakening, help build your self-confidence, and take you to that next level of personal empowerment and acceptance of all that you are, and all that you are destined to be. 

As well as a one-hour personal consultation with Deidre, which you may record for future reference, you will also receive an approximately 10-page Star-Wise Astrology Report written exclusively for you.  This Report is an invaluable tool that you can use and refer to time and time again to gain an even deeper understanding of yourself and the journey your soul is on in this lifetime.

Book my most popular Clairvoyant Astrology Reading by clicking the Book button below or choose from one of my other Reading options below.

Just as you chose your life before you were born, you also chose all the people who would play a role in your life too. 

My Readings offer you an invaluable insight into why these souls are in your life and what their presence is there to teach you.

Your astrological Natal Chart is the blueprint of everything you have chosen to come here to learn, be, experience and go through, and once you can understand this, it becomes your ultimate power tool. (that Hand Book to Life that you lost on your way down).

My unique combination of astrology and clairvoyance allows me to not only interpret your life plan and purpose but to also bring you messages and healing energy from the Spirit world to uplift and assist you now and in the future. 

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My Clairvoyant Astrology Readings take one hour, and you will be emailed a fully written 10-page Star-Wise Astrology Report to go with this. You are also more than welcome to record the Reading on your phone for future reference. 

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