“I recently had the pleasure of doing some inner child work with Deidre. The process was very gentle and respectful, with good healing results. She is very professional and knowledgeable and is easy to work with. I can hand on
heart recommend Deidre for this modality and also her astrology work. Since doing the Inner Child Healing with Deidre I noticed after a while that I have had different responses to situations, like I had suddenly grown up!!! Lol.  Thank you Deidre.” 
Debb, New Plymouth

“I liked Deidre’s soft feminine approach to explaining the astrology chart and events in my life. So many AHA moments happened during this reading, as she combined a very good knowledge of astrology and intuitive insights into my specific situation.  To be exact: she started with explaining why I am here, why I chose my family, what life experiences I needed to go through, to be able to live out my soul’s path. She also gave me a good look into where I am now, and how I could move forward to serve the most.  She gave me a totally different perspective on my life, and I could make peace with a lot of people and events. She isn’t just reading your chart – she is reading YOU, your soul’s journey.”

Klavdija, Slovenia

“Deidre is an absolute ray of light! The reading I had was so informative and confirmed many of my lingering questions. I was completely gobsmacked at the level of detail! Deidre goes over and beyond to ensure she covers the areas you have questions on. I would absolutely recommend Deidre and this report as it has now given me fuel to pursue my purpose and take better care of me and my family. Thank you Deidre! You are a true Lightworker!”

Angelique, USA

I just wanted to say my reading was brilliant. Not only did it answer my questions, but it highlighted where I was at and really helped give me insight on situations that I had yet to give a second thought to. Im glad it was only a recording because after listening to the reading, I realised just how closed my mind was and just hearing you go through everything really opened me up again. Thank you so much!  I had been under extreme stress and anxiety wondering if i was on the wrong path only to find out I am exactly where I am needed to be.   Thank you so much.

Leiry, Australia

I felt so positive and motivated and am looking forward to reading the attachments. Really Deidre you are truly great at what you do. Your language and communication skills are wonderful and it made me look at myself as an INDIVIDUAL, AS WELL as a mother and reminded me of all those skills I posses.  Thank you so much.

Sarah, UK

I can’t thank you enough, or the two magicians cc’d into this email.  I am sobbing right now.  Your reading is so accurate that I feel a wave of sadness and relief.  The anger in me has been intense since a young age, and also my feeling of being unloved, unheard and unseen has led me to always bat for the underdog.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your personal reading. It was so accurate and connected something in me today that has been broken.So thank you (and thank you whanau) for this.  I will start over.  Arohanui and forever in light.

Kate, Taupo

I must admit from all the years and reports we have had before, this 2020 one resonates with me the most. I feel that 90% of the things you’ve mentioned have either happened already, crossed my mind or came to me in some way during these past few months of my transformation. This shows that it is truly a new path of mine and I start seeing and feeling things very strongly on my own.  Thank you so much for your truly unique guidance and directions. Always feel so positive and energised after talking to you.

Ksenia, Russia

Thank you so much for your very insightful reading. I have just finished listening to the recording.  You were right on the button about me/my attributes and personality, all of it actually.   I found your reading beautiful, funny in a few places (in a “yes that’s so me”, kind of way 🙂 ), and even a bit emotional at times.   I am also very pleased to say that I have taken great encouragement and comfort from what you said, knowing that I am finally heading in the right direction, that I do know these things about myself, and that I am taking steps to develop that which needs developing.  I am a bit sad that it has taken me so long in my life to learn much of what you laid out for me, but better that I learn and understand than not, whatever stage I am at.  Thank you once again.

Roz, NZ

“Best thing I’ve ever done! Deidre is a great teacher, very patient with all the questions I asked lol.  Loved the daily meditations and the location.  I think everybody should do it.”

Tanya, Gisborne

“I want to say a big thank you to Deidre for holding such a fabulous retreat with such kind, wonderful, open, sharing people. I enjoyed the location, teachings, discussions and healings more than words can express. I can’t wait to do another retreat with you again next year. Lots of love and appreciation.”

Fiona, Wellington

“I attended the Star-Wise Activating the Soul Retreat in November 2020 and what an amazing five days of learning about astrology, meditation and much more in a truly away-from-it-all location on the East Coast. Deidre is more than a regular Astrologer as she brings a depth of spiritual knowledge, is a passionate facilitator and able to blend content with the needs of the group in a caring manner. For me, as well as the learning, being able to share in-depth conversations in our free time with like-minded souls was a bonus. I highly recommend the format of the retreat and I left with new knowledge and a feeling of serenity I have been able to hold on to. My sincere appreciation and thanks to Deidre and the other participants.”

Jacqui, Hawkes Bay

“I have never learnt so much about myself and so in-depth! Surrounded by breath-taking views, delicious food every day, meeting new like-minded beautiful interesting souls, and Deidre!! Deidre’s teachings and guided meditations bring out true magic and so many emotions! This retreat really did activate my soul! Euphoric.”

Letesha, Whangamata

I was a participant at the Recent Star wise Astrology & Clairvoyance retreat held at Tidal Waters Log lodge  in April. The location was stunning as were the facilities at the lodge offering a mix of single & shared rooms.  The daily workshops & meditations were  life changing & I completed the course with a deep understanding of my character, past lives & with a positive attitude & direction for my future, full credit to Deidre’s knowledge & gift of clairvoyance.  The catering was superb & I believe the retreat offers great value, I highly recommend it.

Dianne, Auckland

If you’re a little on the fence about going to one of Deirdre’s retreats (like I was), don’t be.  It would be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I came away from it with such clarity of purpose and a new insight into all things spiritual.  Deidre has a wealth of knowledge in the astrological field and beyond, is extremely professional and generous in her teachings.  I have never felt so excited and in tune with the daily teachings, absorbing up all the fascinating aspects of spirituality. She brings a group of like-minded but very different people together, handling everyone as individuals.  I absolutely loved this 5 day retreat and would definitely go to another. I feel I’ve met some new soul mates for sure. Oh, and the food and lodgings?  Spectacular!!  Thank you so much Deidre.

Jan, Hawkes Bay

Excellent clear workshop from Deidre, this was my first one-realigning my soul’s purpose through the star chart and I must say it was so uplifting and recharging for me. I’ve learnt much more about my past lives and much more about this present life I’ve chosen. Ngā mihi ki a koe Deidre!

Miriama, Taupo

Your Workshop has been the highlight of 2020 for me!  I smiled from ear to ear my entire drive home and sent out my thanks.  I can’t wait to read and learn more.  Thank you!

Candice, Gisborne