Meditation – Meet Your Guides

$7.99 NZD

A Guided Meditation By Deidre Wilton

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“You And Your Guides” is a Guided Meditation designed to help those who wish to work more closely with their Spiritual Guides.  This Meditation is designed to assist your spiritual awakening, so as you are more open to receive spiritual guidance and self-awareness through a closer connection with the Spirit world.

During this Meditation I will take you into a deep state of relaxation from where you can sense and feel those who work with you in the Spirit world.  This Guided Meditation will also help you to find more peace and relaxation in your daily life, and bring you more energy for believing in and loving yourself as well as understanding your life path.



A series of relaxing and inspirational Guided Meditations designed to help quiet the busy mind so you can find peace and tranquillity in your daily life, and helping you to release stress and worry. Once purchased you will be able to download this as MP3.