Meditation – Healing

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A Guided Meditation by Deidre Wilton

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There are seven major Chakra points throughout your body.  Each of these Chakra or energy points is connected to your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

Your Chakra system assists you in remaining healthy, functional and at peace with yourself and your daily life.   To this end each of these points throughout your body need to be open and activated so as negative thoughts, feelings and energies, do not become stuck within you where they can manifest into unhappiness and dis-ease.

The Chakra Healing Guided Meditation takes you on a journey through each of these Chakra points allowing you to activate them, and then clear them of any negativity they may be holding on too.  The combination of my words and the healing vibrations and tones of the didgeridoo (channelled by Ross Jensen), will not only help to clear these energy centres within you, but will also send love and light energy through to heal them.  This powerful combination encourages spiritual development and self-awareness enabling you to let go and allow the Universal energy of spiritual transformation to flow through every inch of your body.



A series of relaxing and inspirational Guided Meditations designed to help quiet the busy mind so you can find peace and tranquillity in your daily life, and helping you to release stress and worry. Once purchased you will be able to download this as MP3.