Blog Post 21 April 2022

Today the Sun moves out of headstrong, action-driven Aries and into the hard-working, methodical and hands-on energy of Taurus.  The astrological beginning of 2022 started when the Sun moved into Aries on 21 March 2022.  This set the pace and tone for 2022, it opened doors, brought new awarenesses and stimulated us to start a new path, continue with more passion on the path we are already on, and/or to stand on our own two feet confident in who we are and where we are going.  And now as we enter the energy of Taurus, it’s time for the work.

Taurus energy enjoys productivity, making a difference and creating material security; therefore, it is usually not afraid of hard work and getting its hands dirty.  The last Solar Month of Aries gave us our direction, focus or opportunity and now it is time to take the practical, constructive and necessary steps to put these thoughts and dreams into action for this month and for the year ahead. 

It is our first opportunity to get involved, to take charge and BE a part of what we are wishing to create and what we are here for.  So, don’t be afraid to give things a go.  Too often we are caught up in the belief that we need to be qualified and have pieces of paper and the authority to do and be what we love the most rather than just giving it a go and trying things on for size.  We can become so caught up in the fear of failing or not being good enough that we can’t even see opportunities when they are presented to us, or, if we do, we are too scared to embrace them and run with them.  It is so important to remember that our lives are pre-destined, therefore everybody and everything that comes into them has a pre-conceived purpose that you are here to make use of in this lifetime.  Nothing is random and there are no accidents, so when you ignore what is being presented to you or choose to not step up to an opportunity to expand yourself and grow, you are going against the divine plan that you yourself made for yourself before you were born.

With the Sun in solid and stubborn Taurus for the next Solar Month, our focus is on taking that first or next pivotal step towards our destiny and future at this time.  And we must do so with our primary focus and intention to grow and evolve our gifts and talents as well as ourselves, rather than that focus being to line our pockets and create personal financial and material security.  Taurean energy is VERY driven by security and more often than not they define that security by the size of their bank balance, the quality of their home, the title they work under and/or the type of car they drive.  During this Solar Month, you may find that if you put too much focus on your own security needs then your direction may be questioned or challenged by situations and experiences you have to go through.  These experiences are designed to help you to understand and fully accept that true security is NOT about how much money you have, it is all about inner peace.

The Sun joins several other planets sitting in Taurus at this time.  The first of these is the North Node.  The North Node represents our destiny and what we are here to master in this lifetime through the awareness and knowledge of what has gone before in other lifetimes.  With the North Node in Taurus, we are being asked to master our ability to work alongside others, to be a part of what is important and integral to the planet’s growth and of course to develop our talents and abilities. But Taurus energy is stubborn, VERY stubborn, and so often is inclined to “cut off its nose to spite its face”.  In other words, this energy can make you cling to what you do not wish to surrender or change in your life, even though you know it is in your best interests to do so.  The North Node will bring you new opportunities for change and advancement in whatever House he is currently transiting in your Natal Chart.  If it’s the 1st House of Self, the Sun moving through here will active that North Node and bring new personal opportunities for growth, advancement and success. 

And if, for instance, the North Node is transiting your 10th House of Career & Public, then it would be new opportunities within your career or in the public eye.  This is a powerful time to take advantage of what is around you, what is being presented to you and in what direction the flow is.  So, don’t procrastinate and don’t doubt what is around you, it’s there for a reason and so take it and run with it as it is bound to lead you to a new path, a new discovery and/or a new talent.

We also have the planet of sudden and unexpected change and independence, Uranus, sitting in Taurean energy.  Wherever Uranus is transiting your Chart he is being the instigator of change; change that takes you out of your comfort zone and onto a new or alternative path. It is his job to keep us on our toes and to keep us from becoming stuck and unproductive in our daily lives.  As the Sun triggers this planet over the next Solar Month, once again new opportunities can and will be presented to you and these will possibly be about what you can do off your own back or with your own skills that can help and inspire others.  Although it is a time to combine our skills and talents, it is also a time where we are being encouraged to think for ourselves too, and not to feel and believe that to align or join forces with another soul is a sign of weakness or of you being unable to do your own thing.  It’s about what YOU bring to the table., whatever that might be because YOU and YOUR ideas, talents and energy are just as important and relative as anyone else’s. And when we combine these and work together BIG things can happen to benefit us all.

And finally, we also have the planet of communication, Mercury, sitting in Taurus energy too.  This energy will very much influence the way that we think and communicate during this time.  One of the greatest life lessons that goes with being a Taurean is learning to forgive.  You Taureans can hold a grudge longer than any other sign of the zodiac and Mercury sitting here at this time gives you the opportunity to look at how you can speak your truth and communicate more openly about how you feel and what you think.  Taurus rules the throat and so often your truth, if you are a Taurean, can reach your throat area and then just get stuck there, unable to come out and be heard due to your fear of being misunderstood, or your fear of confronting others and your own feelings, or simply because you don’t want to hurt another person’s feelings.  Use the energy of Mercury this month to take a step and a BIG step, towards voicing your heart and your feelings.  Just because someone else may not understand or accept your truth does not mean that it is not viable or not worthy of being heard.  Face that fear and stop allowing it to have power over you which then stops you from expressing yourself and your needs.

Use this Solar Month of Taurus to start the Mahi.  Take a strong and positive step in whatever direction is being given to you, and don’t look back.  It is time; time for us all to BE the change that is needed.  And it is time to stop thinking and believing that life will ever go back to what it was before.  We are being asked to change, evolve and ascend from the lower vibrations of judgement, bias, greed, jealousy and negativity, and into the higher vibrations of love, equality, compassion and empathy.  And the only way to do this is to find positivity in your life, to act on what inspires you and to take a chance on following your heart and your dreams using the beautiful and unique gifts and talents that you, and only you, have to share.  This month, forgive, create and align with those who most benefit and support you – this is the time, and the Universe has your back! 

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Thank you, take care and many blessings to you for this month of creation and purpose.  The opportunities are there for you as are all of the souls you need to help and assist you along your soul’s journey at this time.  So, ask for help when you need it, forgive all that is around you so you can be free, and grab those things that attract and inspire you.  This is your month to move forward and put a plan into action and you have the support of the Universe to do so.  Wishing all you sensitive and hard-working Taureans out there a very Happy New Solar Year. xox