Blog Post 21 March 2022

Today the Sun moves out of dreamy, creative and intuitive Pisces and the final sign of 2021, and into Aries; the first sign of the zodiac and the astrological start to 2022.  Aries rules the head and leads the zodiac field out of their starting gates every year.  This is the energy of independence, leadership, fire, passion, personal success and action.  With this energy we don’t sit back, we act, we motivate, we inspire and we DO.  So, in other words, we now all have the green light to get started on our work and what we need to develop and achieve over the next month in particular, and over the next year in general.

As we move into Aries, we should all start to feel the motivation and the passion growing to create something for ourselves this year.  This energy can be used to develop something within yourself, or it can be used to develop your career further or to work on a relationship, it is entirely up to you as to what you feel needs this attention in your life, right now.  At this time of the year, we put ourselves first because we are at the beginning of a new period in our lives, and if we don’t put ourselves first at the start then we will find ourselves lagging behind and not empowered or motivated to use the energy available to us for the rest of this year.  Aries season is a reminder that you come into this world on your own, surrounded of course by the love and light of the Universe, but as a human being you come in alone to start a whole new journey of your soul.  Therefore, it is ALWAYS important that we start as we mean to continue. 

This Solar Month you are best served by putting yourself, your ideas, your projects and your ambitions first in your life.  Not in an egotistical, self-serving manner, but more in the manner of taking charge of your life, and taking whatever steps are necessary to walk your path with confidence, surety and with all the knowledge that you have a purpose to fulfil.  You have unlimited energy at your disposal during this Solar Month and that energy is all about you honouring yourself and what is important to you and your success and happiness in this lifetime. 

Now, as independent and strong as Aries energy can be, there are always times when this can be taken too far or be over-stimulated and when this happens we can become very self-serving, egotistical and arrogant.  This is the shadow side of Arian energy.  And I know all your Arians out there reading this Blog Post can identify with this.  You love to lead, to take charge and to give instructions etc, but how many of you can say you give the same focus and attention to your ability to listen to others, follow others and take instructions from others?  During this Solar Month, it is a good time for you to look deeply into yourself and what motivates you to be in charge or to stand on your own two feet?  And if your motivation is all focussed and dependent on YOU and YOUR success, then perhaps its time to look to how you can use all that strong passionate energy you possess to help and assist others, so that they too can benefit from your energy and power.

And I would also encourage you to take some time to observe yourself and how much time and thought you give to the needs and beliefs of others.  Could you be more open to the ideas of others?  Could you listen more to what others have to say and spend less time speaking?  Could you be more of a team player and have less need to lead the pack?  And, could you have more compassion for yourself and others when they don’t lead as they should, or step up when they could?  Arian energy is renowned for its black and white or right and wrong way of looking at life, and for so long as life is viewed in this way, the mind cannot and will not open itself to new ways, alternative systems and other options.  And when we are not open to such things we are not open to changing and evolving, and these are two of the main things we come to the earth plane to experience and to involve ourselves in.  The old expression the “7-year itch” comes from the importance that we all must be prepared to change and shift in some way every 7 years at least.  No matter how comfortable your comfort zone may be, the longer you stay in it the more likely you are to stagnate.  Change is necessary, and sometimes the changes others make around us are as necessary as the changes we choose to make for ourselves.  So, try to use this strong Arian energy to embrace change, to step out of any old and outdated ways you have always done things, and look to new ways.

At the time of the Sun moving into Aries, we have Saturn, Venus, Mars and Juno all in the quirky alternative energy of Aquarius.  So, we can use our Aquarian energy to find creative solutions to old problems (Venus in Aquarius), produce a structure or discipline in which these solutions can be applied (Saturn in Aquarius), take action on this (Mars in Aquarius), and fully commit to our plan and project with a strong sense of what is for the highest good of all concerned (Juno in Aquarius).  These planets are working to assist our growth at this time. They are stimulating us to take action on what we individually feel is right for us.  However, do be aware that with the passionate energy of Aries being activated by the rebellious energy of Aquarius, you may find it hard to toe the line or do as you are told and especially so if what you are being told to do does not align with how you feel and what you personally believe.

The Solar Month of Aries is all about new beginnings for 2022.  What you start now is designed to work for you all year, but you must start as you mean to continue.  And that means putting yourself first by standing fully in your self-love, self-worth and self-awareness.  If you can start this astrological year full of belief and confidence in your soul’s journey, then you are starting in a manner that would be very beneficial for you to continue in.  Be that Arian Ram (whether you are an Aries or not) and put yourself first and just see where that can take you and where it can also lead those around you. 

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Thank you, take care and many blessings to you for a month of motivation action and independence.  You have all that you need to lead and to stand on your own two feet and this month is the start of a whole new astrological year for you – you are primed, you are ready, you are divine, now GO!  And a very Happy New Solar Year to all you passionate Arians out there.  Xox