Blog Post 21 July 2022

On 22 July 2022, the Sun moves out of caring and emotional Cancer and into the courageous and outgoing energy of Leo, thus, stimulating our need to be seen, acknowledged and appreciated.

For the last month under the influence of Cancer, a lot of emotional healing has been going on.  Triggers from past wounds and challenging experiences have been activated so that we can let go of the old “stories” we tell ourselves based exclusively on how such things from the past, made us feel.  Our emotions are an enigma for some and a pain in the butt for others, but they are most certainly our greatest arena for learning.  So, it is now time to say goodbye to that emotional journey and hello to stepping up.

The influence of Leo energy over the next solar month will help us all to step up and step out.  You should all feel a new level of confidence in yourselves and in what you believe to be right and true, and it will be easier and feel more normal for you to express this.  You may find that you are a lot more able to attract the right people and “things” to you, that will enhance your life at this time in some way.  It should also be easier for you to express what you truly think and feel with honesty and transparency being the key to success here.

However, as much as the energy of Leo is outgoing, extroverted, creative and heart-based, it can also come with a lot of ego.  For those of you who are Leo’s out there, or are close to a Leo, you will know that the worst thing anyone can do to you is ignore you or not appreciate you for what you bring to the table.  Both of these things can be quite inexcusable to a Leo soul and especially so if they are on a mission to achieve something. 

So, this solar month you have opportunities for leadership, leadership in your own lives as well as the leadership of others.  And the joy of doing this Leo-style is that you make it fun and something people WANT to be a part of.  But only so long as you don’t make it all about YOU.  Being driven and motivated to achieve things and succeed in life is essential, as without this passion for life nothing much gets achieved or accomplished.  However, it is important that you ask yourself, as you put yourself out there and step up to what you want, what are your true motives?  Are you doing this for your own glory and all the kudos that will come your way?  Or are you doing this for the highest good of ALL concerned? 

Never before on the earth plane has it been so important that humanity come together for the highest good of ALL concerned.  We are being presented on a daily basis with 100 or more reasons why we should be divided and not agree or align ourselves with others, and for so long as we dance to that drumbeat and embrace that agenda, we have no power, and we have no real energy to create the world we wish to live in.

With the North Node in Taurus and coming into a close conjunction with Uranus later this month, new opportunities are there for you and this month’s Leo influence can give you that extra dose of courage and conviction you have been looking for to make things happen.  So, don’t be afraid to take a chance on something that feels right.  That feeling of excitement or “knowing” is always a strong sign that you are exactly where you are meant to be and being presented with exactly what you need at this time, so don’t ignore the signs.

Embrace your creativity, embrace your leadership skills and BE the person you admire the most.  We are often made to feel that it’s not okay to talk about or celebrate what we do best, and this is a man-made error.  It is okay to let people know that you are good at something, and it’s okay to offer to help and bring your skills to the table as a leader in your field.  So, do not dim your light at this time – let it shine where and when it needs to shine.

I often refer to Leo energy as the “fake it till you make it” energy and this is because this energy allows you to do this.  It allows you, no matter how fearful and unsure you may feel, to step up and step out of your shell and the more you do this the more confidence you have in yourself, and in your abilities and then the more likely you are to shine and be a beacon of light for others.

Leo energy also loves to have fun – so let yourself off the hook a little this month too, or a lot!  If there is fun to be had, grab it with both hands as when you are in that happy glow of fun and laughter, you are exuding positive energy and this energy can be used by Spirit to help those who are in difficult and challenging spaces at this time.  All is energy and all is love – so spread yours around as what you give out, you get back. 

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Have a wonderful Solar Month ahead and don’t be afraid to feel that fear then do it anyway!!  Remember you are the rulers of the heart and so bring that big heart energy out this month for everyone around you to  benefit from.  Happy New Solar Year to all you courageous Lions out there.  xox