Blog Post 22 May 2022

Today the Sun moves out of the hard-working, sensitive and methodical energy of Taurus and into the quick-thinking, action-packed and incredibly versatile energy of Gemini.  During the last Solar Month of Taurus, we have looked at and laid down our plans for what we wish to achieve and where we want to go etc and set the building blocks in place for moving forward.  This is always a crucial part of any process; putting those building blocks in place first so we have something concrete to work with and to develop from. 

Now as the energy of Gemini takes over things will start to speed up and come at us from all directions.  It is a time to communicate, to investigate and to take action on the first steps of our next venture.  Whether or not you are working on anything significant or not at this time, the energy of Gemini will bring you the versatility, diversity and curiosity that you need to take it all to the next level.  The Fire sign of Aries gave us the concept, the Earth sign of Taurus gave us the structure for it, and now the Air sign of Gemini gives us the energy we need to take action on it.

During this next Solar Month, you may find that you have a lot on your plate or at the very least, a lot on your mind.  It is time to explore, to investigate and to find out by DOING whether you are on the right track, and/or what needs to change or be altered for you to continue and succeed.  The greatest challenge for most of us this Solar month will be finishing what we start.  Gemini energy is like the energy of a magpie – all that is shiny and sparkly must be investigated and investigated immediately, however when we buy into this way of living, we end up not being able to complete what we start.  For some of you it could be like being a kid in a lolly shop – so much to choose from and so little time!  Or you could be feeling very stuck in one aspect of your life and rather than being able to move out of it, you are just going round and round in circles.  Either way, what is being asked of you, for your highest good at this time, is to stop, take stock and breathe.

If you choose to just go with the energy of opportunities – shiny sparkly things and unbridled curiosity – you will have a great time exploring, but very little will be achieved.  So, use your Gemini versatility to take on just a few of the many things that attract you, and do them well.  As wonderful as it is to have variety in your life, it is always better when you can finish what you start.  When you don’t it is too easy to get into the mindset that things you enjoy are just hobbies for you or something you will get back to when you have the time, or something that you got stuck on and didn’t know what else to do with.  When we work through from start to finish on something, we embrace and enjoy that wonderful feeling of achievement and fruition which in turn boosts your self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.  And as I am always harping on, self-love is the ultimate achievement!

So, be prepared to do a lot and have a lot on the go this Solar Month but be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to explore all that is presented to you.  Use your discernment to know what you can successfully take on and complete at this time, and what you cannot.  You may be known as the “multi-taskers” of the zodiac, but you still need to know your limits.

You may also find during this time that the travel bug is biting at you, stirring up those feelings of seeing, experiencing and doing different things.  We have all been locked down in our own countries in one way or another over these last 2 years, and so for many of you travel is now an option when it wasn’t before.  And so, it will be a good time to take advantage of this and go and explore new places.

Gemini also rules communication, but that is not to say that it always behaves appropriately here.  The Gemini mind never stops thinking, and if you are a Gemini or have a Gemini Mid-Heaven you will be very aware of this.  Gemini’s love to think and communicate and their extremely powerful imaginations can be their greatest asset, or, their greatest liability.   We all love a good story, and Geminis are fabulous storytellers.  However, Geminis can be very good at blurring the lines between fact and fiction in their attempts to make their story more interesting, entertaining or just fuller in some way.  The end result of this can be a story based on truth but with a few “additives” to make it more appealing, or a completely fabricated version of what actually happened.  This is a solar month where the power of truth will trip you up if you try to go against it.  It will be important for you to tell the truth and to look for the truth in all that you do, rather than just going along with what everyone else says, or, filling in the gaps with white lies.  Stick to the truth, BE the truth.  The truth may hurt, but it always sets you free.

With Venus, Mars, Chiron and Jupiter currently in Aries, there is a strong energy of personal empowerment all around us at present.  We have opportunities to stand tall, and to stand on our own two feet and in our own power to get things done and to take charge of our lives due to the Arian influence and when we combine this with the versatility and capability of Gemini A LOT can be achieved.  However, do remember that the flip side to Arian empowerment is feelings of not being good enough.  These too may raise their heads at this time just to remind you of where you still need to do some inner work and forgive yourself. 

We are still also in Mercury Retrograde, and so although all the Arian energy may be pushing you relentlessly forward, and the Gemini Sun will be champing at the bit for some excitement and stimulation, take it easy and take it carefully.  Best to move forward fully equipped in every way than to strike out ill-prepared for the journey.  Use your wonderful imagination to think and create for what is to come, and then around 10 June you will have the true Green Light to put it all into place and take action. 

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Thank you, take care and many blessings to you for this month of adventure and versatility.  Challenge yourself to try something new and challenge yourself to finish it as well!  Wishing all of you incredibly competent and capable Gemini’s out there a very Happy New Solar Year.  xox