Past Lives Workshop

Past Lives Workshop

We have all reincarnated onto the earth plane in many different lifetimes and each and every time the purpose has been for us to learn and for our souls to experience things so they can evolve in every way. In actual fact a soul can spend its entire existence in the spiritual planes and never come to the earth plane. However, when we do choose to incarnate here, we fast track our soul’s learning and its journey by hundreds of earth years.

In all the lifetimes you have had here you have experienced and gone through many different relationships, jobs, places, people, cultures and so much more all designed to teach you about life and who you truly are as a soul. We reincarnate lifetime after lifetime on the earth plane so as we can learn, NOT so as we can suffer. We come to the earth plane to master our emotions, but we have to experience and go through these emotions to learn what we need to learn. And so, life can be hard, very hard at times until we learn to detach from all that we are feeling and look instead to the knowledge we are gaining about ourselves and our lives instead.

We can spend up to 85% of our time in past life energy as your soul automatically wants to go with what it has experienced or known before; however, each lifetime is separate, and the experiences and knowledge of our past lives are meant as guidance rather than as a way of being or reacting to repeat and keep using lifetime after lifetime.  When we find ourselves stuck in past life energy we are often making decisions and choices that may not make sense or align with what is going on in this lifetime, or we may find we cannot shift a certain belief or thought pattern. Our past lives can be triggered by anything from a smell to a person, to a place – your soul is constantly trying to help you to understand and process life and it believes that by reacting to those soul memories it will help you to learn and evolve, but in actual fact it is holding you back.

Being present and being able to navigate your soul’s journey with confidence and awareness is our best way forward.  We all came into this lifetime with our own gifts and talents as well as challenges and weaknesses and so many of these have been repeated by us lifetime after lifetime, with no real success. Within your astrology are all your past life lessons and experiences and through the study of these and my specialised meditative process we can clear out those past life energies that are trying to control and direct you in this lifetime and replace them with a stronger sense of presence and knowing for this lifetime.

My Past Lives Workshop is designed to make you aware of what is holding you back and of where your thinking or actions may be stuck in a past life, so you can step into today and love and live your life to the fullest in every way.

So, if you are ready to discover, learn and heal your past lives then please don’t hesitate to sign up for this one-day Past Lives Workshop. Spaces are strictly limited both online and in Class so as you can all receive personal attention as well as benefit from the group energies.

The Past Lives Workshop is a stand alone Workshop within a series of 3 Healing Workshops I am currently offering. The other two Workshops are “Inner Child Workshop” and “Ego Self vs Higher Self  Workshop.” You can attend all 3 Workshops online or in person, or just 1, or just 2 – it is entirely up to you.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to secure your spot. The only pre-requisite for any of these Workshops is that you have some experience in meditation. Each Class will have no more than 8 attendees and bookings are essential.

If you would like any further information please email me at or call me on +64 21 2031355.

10am – 2pm

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