Gisborne | Clairvoyant Astrology Readings

Gisborne | Clairvoyant Astrology Readings

One of my strongest beliefs in life is that if you truly know and understand yourself; why you feel the way you do, what you want out of life and where your passions lie, then you can solve any problem life may throw at you. You choose your life path long before you are born and this personal in-depth Star-Wise Astrology Report with Clairvoyant or Psychic Reading, is your key to understanding all of this. This Esoteric Astrology Report and Reading is channelled exclusively for you and the unique soul that you are, and is constructed from your birth chart analysis. My Readings are designed to bring self-love and self-awareness to you on your soul journey.  They can inspire your spiritual awakening and help with building your self-confidence so you can step into your power and live your life the way you have chosen too, before you were born.  An esoteric birth chart analysis will identify your past life influences, your health issues, your natural gifts and talents and your emotional way of being, as well as what your future holds in store for you. As a Clairvoyant I also use my Guides and Masters to tune into you and those around you, and we can then have a good picture and spiritual understanding of what is affecting you in your life now.

The Astrological Report that accompanies this Reading is very easy to read and understand and is designed as a tool to guide you along your life path.  My special combination of Clairvoyance and Astrology gives a genuine and practical in-sight into the soul you are in this incarnation, and all that you have come to learn and experience.

You may also record your Reading with me for your future reference.

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