Ego Self Vs Higher Self Workshop

Ego Self Vs Higher Self Workshop

We are all made up of our Higher Self (connection to Spirit) and our Ego Self (connection to the earth plane).  Your Ego Self is an important part of you that represents your fight, flight and/or freeze actions. It is the part of you that we could call your “caveman” as it chooses to react in a very basic and uninformed way to what is happening in your life. Its purpose is to protect you and to keep you safe, however in doing this it keeps you trapped in fear.

There are only two emotions on the earth plane: Love and Fear. Fear encompasses everything that is negative, your violence, your jealousy, your anger, your negativity, your greed, etc, etc. All of these emotions come from fear and for so long as we live in fear and allow fear to have power over us, we are victims stripped of our personal power and unable to put our own needs and care first and foremost in our lives.  Your Ego Self loves nothing more than to see you unhappy as then it is in full control of you. Your joy, peace and happiness are not a priority whatsoever, rather your Ego Self would have you constantly in a state of unrest and unhappiness so as it can feel strong and powerful at your expense.

Your Higher Self on the other hand does none of this.  All it wants is for you to enjoy your life and to learn what you need to learn, but to not allow fear to be your guiding light. Your Higher Self is the part of you that reassures you when times get tough, that allows you to give and receive love, and that allows you to connect with your intuition and with Sprit so you can feel supported and guided at all times. Your Higher Self loves you and wants only good things for you and your life, but it also understands that inner work needs to take place for you to fully connect with it and allow it to have control over you.

In this one-day Ego Self vs Higher Self Workshop you will learn to differentiate very clearly between your Ego Self and your Higher Self. You will get to know both of these parts of yourself and see the roles they have been playing in your life to date and learn how you can change this and switch the power back to what is for your highest good, rather than what the Ego desires. Within your astrology we can see what fears you have brought into this lifetime with you and how you are going to deal with these, and through exploring this part of you and your soul’s journey we can steer you back on track to alignment with your highest good and away from the limiting and destructive power of the Ego.

The Ego Self vs Higher Self Workshop is a stand-alone Workshop within a series of 3 Healing Workshops I am currently offering. The other two Workshops are “Inner Child Workshop” and “Past Lives Workshop.” You can attend all 3 Workshops online or in person, or just 1, or just 2 – it is entirely up to you. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to secure your spot. The only pre-requisite for any of these Workshops is that you have some experience in meditation. Each Class will have no more than 8 attendees and bookings are essential.

If you would like any further information please email me at or call me on +64 21 2031355.

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