Meditate With The Masters

Release fears and blockages and connect with your intuition to find inner peace and clarity with the Ascended Masters…

Without spending years trying to find your answers, getting stuck in the past or being frustrated with the process.

Over 12 weeks you will become a practised and competent Meditator with an easy and clear connection to the guidance of the Spirit world.

You will create the strong and clear connection you need with your Guides and the Universe.

The Masters specialise in helping you to clear blockages, bring clarity and increase your intuition and ability to connect with Spirit, they have devoted their lives to helping and assisting humanity

To connect with your Spirit Guides and Masters join…

Meditations with the Masters – a series of 12 fortnightly online Meditation Classes starting 3 April 2022.

Each Master has had at least one lifetime on the earth plane and has a deep and intimate understanding of who we are and the journey of our souls.

Each fortnightly Meditation Class will work with a different Ascended Master and bring through their teachings as well as their healing energy.


Master Maitreya – the World Teacher

The Master Maitreya is known as the world teacher.  It is his role to oversee the learning of humanity and to help bring enlightenment, understanding and a greater connection between the Spiritual Realms and the Earth plane.  The Master Maitreya will help to expand your consciousness to lift you out of the 3D world.


Master El Morya – the Teacher of the Holy Will

The Master El Morya is the Teacher of the Holy Will.  This means it is his purpose to keep humanity in alignment with its highest purpose and with our Higher Selves.  His teachings push us to be the best possible version of ourselves we can be, and his loving presence is designed to keep us on a positive track of evolvement.  Master El Morya is also known as the Master of Astrology.


Master Jesus – The Great Healer

The Master Jesus is known as the greatest healer this world has ever known, and now from the other side of the veil he brings us the highest healing based on lifting our levels of compassion, empathy and deep understanding for all that there is.  The Master Jesus teaches us that forgiveness is the greatest tool of all and that forgiving ourselves is paramount to loving and healing our lives.


Master Buddha – the Master of the Peaceful Mind

The Master Buddha is the Master of peace and meditation.  Through this Master we learn the importance of controlling the mind and allowing only peaceful loving  thoughts to guide us and insturct us.  The Master Buddha connects us with all that there is so as we can see our roles in life and to attend to only what we is ours to attend too.  Master your mind and you will master your destiny.


Mother Mary – the teacher of unconditional love

Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the Ascended Master of compassion and children.  This Master is the protector and nurturer of the children of the earth plane.  Mother Mary teaches compassion and understanding for all – no matter who we are or what we do.  Through the eyes of children we learn unconditional love and Mother Mary will guide us to find our way home to love when all else is lost.


Master Hilarion – the Science Master

It is the work of the Master Hilarion to encourage and support humanity in making the important connection between the world of science, the world of nature and the world of spiritualty so as to show us how when these are used equally we can create heaven on earth.  When we combine spiritual energy with our love and consideration of the natural world, our awareness  grows, and we create magic and miracles and when we can balance out our trains of thought we balance out the world that we live in.


Master Maha Chohan – the Master of Divinity

Master Maha Chohan encourages and supports humanity to find its balance, integrity, compassion and faith by learning the importance of making conscious choices in our lives.  He teaches us all that we are sovereign beings and that what we feel to be true within our hearts is our truth, as only when we operate from this part of ourselves can we merge heaven and earth.


Master Melchizedek – The Master of Change

Master Melchizedek encourages self-love and self-worth to reach your destiny.  Change is the one constant in life, and it is with the encouragement of this Master that we can all learn to embrace change and to accept and see it as part of our growth and our ascension on the earth plane.  Master Melchizedek encourages us to get out of our own way, so we can go with the flow and all the Universe to assist us in its own way.


Master Sanat Kumara – Master of the Inner World

It is the work of Master Sanat Kumara to lead all of humanity back to themselves.  Through the workings of this Master, we can learn how to re-align with our Higher Selves and to see our own magnificence without ego.  The Master Sanat Kumara teaches us about love and the importance of working from the heart rather than from the head and will lead us back to our divinity through self-love.


Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) – Master of the Divine Feminine

Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene or “Sister” as we have long called her is the Master of the Divine Feminine.  Labelled a prostitute and put down for being a woman, Sister knows the importance and the power of the Divine Feminine in all of us.  Whether male or female we all carry the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and Sister teaches us how to step into these energies through our 5D awareness so as to align and balance these energies perfectly within us.


Saint Germain – Master of the Divine Masculine

Saint Germain is one of the Ascended Masters who has had more than one incarnation on the earth plane, one of which was as William Shakespeare.  When we work with this Master we connect to our creativity as well as to our Divine Masculine Energy.  The Divine Masculine must be aligned with the Divine Feminine to balance out our energies in every way.  Saint Germain teaches us the values of respect, honour, integrity and love from the perspective of understanding, acceptance and alignment with our divinity.


The Venetian Master – The Master of Creativity

The Venetian Master teaches us all the importance of being creative.  Without creativity we would have little beauty in this world, and without beauty we would not find it as easy to raise love and hope in the world.  Creativity comes from the soul within and is unique to each of us, and beauty makes our hearts sing.  The Venetian Master is here to remind us that we are all creative in our own ways and how to honour, respect and develop your creativity and inner beauty for your own peace and happiness as well as to share with others.