On 24 August 2022 the Sun moved out of courageous, outgoing and adventurous Leo energy and into the organised, practical and perfection-oriented energy of Virgo.

This makes this next Solar Month ahead our greatest opportunity this year to focus on what needs to be done in our lives. This is our “attending to details” time where we have the support and motivation to do all that behind-the-scenes stuff that we so often push to one side the rest of the time.

However, it is also a time when we can take ourselves and what we are doing in life a lot more seriously and this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you do with it. The energy of Virgo encourages you to embrace perfection in all that you do, and on the one hand, this is a great way to be as it will make sure that you aim high, work hard and dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s” but the challenge will be how you treat yourself through this time. If you refuse to see your own perfection and success and harshly judge yourself and what you are doing, then you are wasting this very beneficial energy as you are not allowing it to flow and do what it can naturally do for you and what you are working on. But, if you allow yourself to work hard in the knowledge that you are improving yourself and the work you are doing, as well as at all times giving your absolute best, then that is the correct and “perfect” use of this energy.

This month you may also find yourself feeling a little less sure of what you are truly capable of. The energy of Virgo often carries with it a great fear of failure and this can mean that you ignore or flatly turn down opportunities to change, promote yourself or grow in some way, simply because you are too scared that you will not be successful or good enough here. So, more than anything this Solar Month, don’t ignore or turn away from what could be amazing opportunities for you to excel and step out of your comfort zone. We can never grow if we don’t challenge ourselves and we can miss out on so much simply because we lack the belief that we are capable of facing what we fear and doing it anyway.  EVERYBODY fails before they succeed otherwise they would not become the experts and success that they are – it is an imperative and necessary part of life that must be experienced without judgement.

This Solar Virgo Month you have no choice but to be the best you can be – the Universe is supporting this and has got your back.  You are ready for this and you have got this!  So don’t allow self-doubt and fear of failure stop you from branching out and embracing ALL that you can be.  Wishing all you hard-working, devoted and beautiful Virgos out there a very Happy Birthday – you are all perfect just as you are!!  xox

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