Blog Post 24 August 2021

The Sun has now moved into the very organised, capable and perfectionistic energy of Virgo.  Virgo is also known as the sign of “service” as it rules the 6th House of Work & Service and is also ruled itself by the planet of healing, Chiron.  This transit of the Sun through Virgo allows us all to look at our abilities to serve, heal, help and manage ourselves and others in various different ways.  After the extroverted energy of Leo, where we all had a need to be heard and recognised for what we feel and believe, this is a step into understanding and taking charge of ourselves and what we are capable of.  Fighting against what you cannot control is a waste of your energy, whereas finding solutions to change things is a very useful use of your energy.

“Where the thought goes the energy flows” was always a favourite saying of a dear friend of mine who is now on the other side of the veil, and it is SO important to remember this at this time.

As the earth plane moves through this unprecedented time of change and chaos the energy of Virgo can really come into its own by teaching us how we can best serve.  We are alive at this time on the earth plane because each and every one of us has roles to play in how it’s all going to pan out now, and in the future.  The healing and organised energy of Virgo allows us to see what talents or knowledge we individually possess that can be of use to those around us at this time.  It is now time to start looking forward and becoming the creators and manifestors of a world that we all wish to live in, a world of peace, harmony and abundance for all who reside here.

We are each born with abilities and talents that set us apart from others.  Some of us have chosen big differences that really set us apart from the rest of humanity, and others have just chosen small parts of themselves that they can develop.  At this time, we also have 6 of our major planets in Retrograde Motion so we are all being asked to work on our inner worlds.  As you go within to see what wounds you may still need to heal as well as what parts of you can better develop to help others, you are being asked to embrace what sets you apart or what you can simply just bring to the table for the greater good of all concerned.  For instance, I am writing to you from a strict place of lockdown – we are all being asked to stay at home and therefore for many of us there may be a lot of extra time on our hands if we are unable to work from home etc.  I feel that one of the reasons we are being given this time, in the grand scheme of things, is so that we can develop ourselves and in particular develop something that we can share with the world that will be of great use to it at this time.  So, perhaps you have a garden and are able to grow vegetables – you may wish to grow a whole garden full of lettuce for instance and then share these with your neighbours, friends and/or community.  Although we are in lockdown, leaving a lovely fresh lettuce in someone’s letterbox is not only going to benefit them and their diet and health, but it is also going to make you feel good about what you can do to help humanity, and bring in that all-important sense of purpose that being in a lockdown can completely strip from you.

Virgo energy is the energy of perfection and organisation.  Souls born under this sign of the zodiac tend to be very organised and perfectionistic in some (but not necessarily all) areas of their lives.  It is actually often very difficult for a Virgo to half-do anything that is asked of them, as they carry that need to serve, to be seen as being 100% capable and competent.  So, whether you are growing lettuces, making jam, sewing up and making wheat bags, potting up seedlings for others, baking cakes or meals, or any number of other helpful and useful ideas, you are embracing your sense of purpose, and this can and will ALWAYS make you feel lighter, brighter and more worthwhile to yourself.  There is a beautiful sense of wellbeing and happiness that can come from being of service to others that is what makes us human.  And I am also of the mind that it is time for all of us to go back to what we can do and create with our own hands, and with the hands of those around us.  It is time for us all to rely on ourselves, our abilities and on those that share the same dreams and goals for the future that we do.  It is also time to not only find your tribe but to work with them for the highest good of ALL concerned.  So, what can you do to help and assist those around you?  If it’s not growing or making something, perhaps you can use your energy to shop for those who are not comfortable or able to leave their homes?  Perhaps you could create some fun art project you could share online with others that would encourage them to grow something, or make something that can be of use at this time as well? 

The challenge with this month of Virgo energy may be however that this strong Earth energy can bring you down.  The Earth signs are often the signs who find it the most difficult to step out of their fear and out of their habits and practices.  It is often easier for an Earth sign to see their glass as half-empty rather than half-full, and so during these next 28 days try to not allow your mind to take you into negative thinking or fear-based thoughts.  It is our ultimate purpose at this time to send as much light and love out to the planet as possible, and it is imperative that we look to a positive future rather than buying into the doom and gloom that is being presented to us by the MSM on a daily basis. 

So, use this month to organise yourself to see what you can contribute in any way, shape or form that will positively uplift you and those around you.  It is what you are here for at this time.  We may all feel very trapped and unable to do the things we normally do and see the people we normally see; therefore, this can very easily lead to depression and hopelessness.  You don’t want to go down that road, and so it’s up to you to find something that you can help others with in some way that can distract you from any negativity.  When you help another soul, you help yourself to feel better about who you are.  The most powerful thing we can all do right now is improve our self-worth and self-love as when we stand fully in that energy, we are unstoppable and unbreakable. 

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Thank you, take care and many blessings to you for a positive, productive and purposeful year ahead where your contribution will be appreciated and celebrated in every way.  And a very Happy New Solar Year for all your hard-working and caring Virgos out there!  Where would we be without your brilliant organisational and managerial skills ????. xox