Blog Post 20 April 2023

Today we say goodbye to the “I/Me” action-packed energy of Aries and we move into the hard-working methodical energy of Taurus. 

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, starts with the notion or the idea of what we wish to do, be, initiate, create and/or work on.  It is our starting point and then when we move  into the energy of Taurus, we start to construct the foundations and the plan for how to use that original Arian idea or thought.

Therefore this solar month of Taurus is ideal for making plans, creating solid foundations and constructing the method in which your idea/notion is going to come to life.  We need the very grounded and practical energy of Taurus to grant us the focus, tenacity and construction abilities to get things moving.  As Taurean energy is naturally very cautious and likes to move at a steady pace so as not to miss anything it is ideal for getting your ideas into shape and formulating a plan that is based on concrete foundations.  Too often we try to execute our dreams and ideas without that solid foundation to work from and without this such things do not usually last the distance or they fall apart at the first hurdle as they are not adequately grounded in reality.

Taurean energy is a very sensitive energy and so what we may find during this solar month is that we are still being triggered and reacting too the transit of Chiron through Aries with big brother Jupiter expanding upon this to bring it all to the surface until May.  If this is the case for you then please do be aware that this month could be the month where you really have to learn how to practise forgiveness and find common ground with others if you are to stay on top of things and at peace with yourself and the world around you.  Those feelings of not being good enough or not being able to stand on your own two feet could easily be amplified by the very sensitive nature of Taurus, and turned into more “poor me” energy.  One of the big challenges for most Taureans, and for most of us during the Solar Month of Taurus is that we may not want to let things go, or co-operate with others happily, as we will be feeling that our way is the right way, and that having to change or alter this in any way may feel like a personal insult.  And of course once we start taking everything personally the extreme stubbornness of Taurus can set in and make us dig our heels in and refuse to forgive or compromise in any way.  So, if challenging situations present themselves to you over the next 4 weeks, try to rise above and see them as something that you don’t need to emotionally attach too.  When you do this, it is so much easier to see what the person or situation is trying to teach you, rather than how it is all making poor sensitive you feel.  Remember, there is no power to be found in playing the victim, so it’s up to you to choose not to go there.

Taurus rules the throat area of the body and so this is an area of sensitivity for most Taurean souls.  To this end speaking their truth and saying what needs to be said is not something that comes naturally or easily to most Taureans, but is most definitely something that they need to learn so they can be understood, resolve their differences with others and be open about how they are truly thinking and feeling.  So, don’t be surprised if you have to deal with some “truths” as you will be challenged to share your truth – calmly and clearly and without any expectation of what the outcome might be. 

Also, on the same day that the Sun enters Taurus we have an eclipsing New Moon in Aries which is squaring off against the might transformer, Pluto.  This is a very powerful eclipse as it will bring a lot that has been hidden or kept from us to light.  As this works on the collective energy of the planet in general it also affects us on a personal level.  What you may find at this time is you have feelings of extreme awareness and clarity where you will just know the truth about something and because it’s connected to the driven energy of Aries, you will also know how to act on it and you will take action.  This is a fiery New Moon Solar Eclipse that is designed to stir things up so as we all feel a lot more inspired and confident to act on what we believe and feel to be true and to not waste opportunities or knowledge that can help us move forward in some way. Your true sovereignty and authentic nature will come out and you will want to use this to better yourself and your life at this time.

As I said earlier, the solar month of Taurus is about creating structure and plans to move ahead BUT as we are going into Mercury Retrograde the very next day after the Sun enters Taurus, it is NOT time to take action.  What it is time for with Mercury also being in Taurus, is a time for re-assessing, re-visiting, re-looking and re-planning our way forward.  Mercury in Taurus will be a very supportive energy for this as it loves to create structure and to solidly and carefully work through every step to be sure it is the right step you need to take.  Mercury will move into Direct motion again on 16 May 2023 and so you will have three wonderful weeks to really get your plans in perfect shape and to be very sure that the foundations you have built them on are solid and sustainable in every way.

Another major planetary event that we will have during this solar month is the movement of Venus into Cancer on 8 May 2023 where she will join the planet Mars already in Cancer.  Venus is often known as the planet of love and Mars the planet of passion and so when these two planets come together in the same sign of the zodiac it can be a fantastic time for singles to meet someone special and for those already in committed relationships to come closer as a couple and to nurture one another on a higher level.  With both of these planets in Cancer our sensitivity will also increase allowing everyone to feel a lot more intuitive and connected to one another, as we are more able to see similarities with those around us, rather than the differences that keep us divided.

And on 17 May 2023 Jupiter, the mighty expander and benefactor, will move out of Aries energy and into Taurus until May 2024.  This takes his energy away from our individuality and our drive for independence and focusses it on how we can achieve these things.  Jupiter in Taurus will expand upon our need for material and financial security and it will be very important that we are all aware of this or we could find we spend the next year constantly worrying that we don’t have enough and looking for our security and safety in the mighty dollar rather than within ourselves.  Jupiter in Taurus will also expand upon our ability to work hard to achieve our goals and our need to connect with nature and with all that is “real” as opposed to fantastical ideas and all that is manufactured, processed and fake.

The 2020’s were always going to be the most revealing decade we have experienced in hundreds of years.  We are awakening, out of our deep sleeps of apathy, ignorance and fear and remembering how to step into our personal power and abilities and 2023 is a major player in this.  What is revealed to you and the path that you feel drawn too at this time is your way forward and with the Age of Aquarius all around us and Pluto the planet of transformation just at the beginning of his 20 year transit through this sign, none of us need to be afraid of being different or alternative any more, as this will fast become the new normal.  And although Taurean energy does struggle to speak its truth and to confront what needs to be confronted, the need to be heard and to share your vision can overcome this.

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Wishing all you hard-working, sensitive and bull-headed Taureans out there a fabulous new dance around the Sun, work hard, have fun and forgive quickly!  Blessings xox