Blog Post 24 October 2022

On 24 October 2022 the Sun moves out of the easy-going and imaginative energy of Libra and into the much more intense energy of Scorpio.

Our Solar month of Scorpio every year is our annual reminder to attend to our emotional housekeeping.  Scorpio is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and tends to  judge everything based on how it makes it feel.  This is the natural process of a Scorpio and of Scorpio energy but when it is in its raw and unfiltered state it can very easily invoke victim mentality, power plays, over-reactions and vengeful paybacks.  As we all know, when we are hurt, we react, but so often our reaction can be over and above what is necessary, or just a reaction to an old wound that is being triggered now.

So, what we may find during this Solar month is that we are a lot more sensitive to the words and actions of those around us, and it is our challenge to learn NOT to react from that knee-jerk, tit-for-tat place within ourselves.  It is better to stop, take a breath and process what has just been said or done, and then react.  More often than not, what you react to today is based on a leftover hurt from your past that you have not quite dealt with or healed as yet.  And so, when you have a strong emotional reaction to an event happening now, it is vital that you stop and look at what this is making you feel and then remember back to when you first felt this way and connect the dots.  You will then see that what is being triggered is an old wound and that the current situation is designed to help you to go back and clear what has gone before, so as you can move forward without this piece of baggage inhibiting you.

The beauty of Scorpio energy is that it can really encourage you to focus on and get things done on a deep and permanent level.  This Solar month will not be a month where you want to look at or treat anything lightly, everything will feel full of  meaning and everything will need your deep attention.  And this is a great energy to allow you to get to the bottom of things and really find out what you need to do, or what needs to change, for you to manifest your dreams and get what you need.

We have just come out of Mercury Retrograde which means that we now have the green light to put into action what we have been planning or working on to date.  You have had the opportunity to re-assess and re-visit things and now you should have not only a better understanding of what you are working on, but a better idea of how to make it all happen. 

Saturn, the mighty taskmaster, moves into Direct motion in Aquarius on the same day as the Sun moves into Scorpio.  This will be a significant shift and will also enhance that feeling that now is the time for  you to get started on things, or for you to continue your journey with more fortitude and innovation.  Saturn in Aquarius is teaching us all about our uniqueness and that our own thoughts, beliefs and critical thinking are just as valuable as anybody else’s and that the more we can encourage forward thinking and innovation within ourselves, the more likely we are to find the solutions and answers we need for our futures.  Once Saturn is fully in Direct motion, we will start to see the changes happening around us.  This will be a time of “waking up” and seeing through the illusion to the true reality of this world we live in.  We are all souls on a journey, and we are all one, yet within this oneness we are all individuals as well.  And the only way this can work successfully and for the highest good of all concerned, is when that oneness energy is LOVE and we are all operating from and on that same frequency.

Earlier this month, Pluto the other mighty teacher of the cosmos, also moved into Direct motion.  Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn for the last 17 years and now as he turns Direct, he moves into his last 6 months in this energy.  This is BIG.  Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it has been his task for these last 17+ years to turn this world upside down.  Pluto is the bringer of chaos – the chaos that needs to precede the change that is so needed.  His transit through Capricorn has showed us all very clearly how the major systems throughout the world such as banking, health, education etc are corrupt, unsustainable, out-dated and that most certainly DO NOT serve the highest good of all concerned.  Pluto has brought all of this to our attention through the global pandemic (Pluto rules poisons and pandemics) to show us how unsustainable and unethical our global systems are and where they need to be replaced.  For too long we have tried to put bandages on what is broken and tried to re-erect old ways and re-construct old systems, and we are now seeing that this simply will not work.  We need a new world, a new earth and this can only be created by new thinking.

There is a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October.  Solar Eclipses often bring about significant changes through the ending of something in your life that no longer serves you.  Such endings can be very dramatic, but they are usually followed by a major new beginning of some sort that sets you on a new path and the path that will best benefit you at this time.  Always remember that decisions made at the time of an Eclipse tend to be unchangeable.  What you decide now will come into being, so use your Scorpio ability to investigate and scrutinise what is best and empowering for you, rather than allowing its shadow of victimhood and lack of personal power to be your guide.

And last but not least, on 31 October, Mars, the planet of motivation, action and passion moves into Retrograde motion in Gemini.  Now, usually when a planet turns Retrograde, we go within and therefore things are a bit slower and internal rather than being busy and external, but this is not the case with Mars in Gemini.  Gemini is the busiest sign of the zodiac and Mars is all about action and so its pretty hard to contain either of these energies when they have a goal or mission to accomplish.  Gemini energy can lack focus and integrity when it chases after what it thinks it wants, and so from this perspective we need to be careful what we aim for.  And we will also need to ensure that we have the tenacity to see things through as well as the knowing that what we are going after is what is best for us at this time and not just another shiny sparkly thing that catches our attention.  Mars is like a rocket ship, once it’s fuelled up – its off!  And so, if you do throw all your energy into a direction that is not for your highest good or not meant for you at this time, you will probably find yourself right back where you are now in a month’s time.  Mars in Gemini can allow you to be the ultimate multi-tasker and to have your finger in many different pies, but will you actually achieve anything?  So, question your directions and take all the time you can to allow yourself to investigate what direction is best for you, and THEN throw all your passion and intention into it. 

Your emotions will be at the forefront of your mind over this Solar month and so long as you keep that in mind you can also keep yourself in check.  You can learn a lot about yourself, your triggers and where you can fall into victim mentality during this time, and such things will really help you to have a better understanding of yourself and your motivations in life.  And from here, you can learn to accept what inner work still  needs to be done and make a good and sustainable plan to take this on.

Wishing all you sensitive Scorpios out there a wonderful new Solar Year ahead and if you would like any insight into what your year ahead has in store for you, don’t forget to book in a Solar Return Reading with me by clicking on the following link:-

Blessings xox