Blog Post 23 November 2022

We now move out of the deep and intense energy of Scorpio and breathe a breath of fresh air with the new liberating and expansive energy of Sagittarius.

It has been a big Solar Month of Scorpio with planets moving into various challenging and supportive aspects with one another, as well as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio’s opposing sign of Taurus.  The more this year has gone on the more intense the energies have been, and this is all part of the build-up to 2023, and all that has to bring us.

Scorpio energy loves secrets, mysteries and puzzles – it loves nothing more than to discover something or uncover something and so this energy has been exposing a lot of what has been hidden to date and this is setting the stage for 2023 and beyond.  Within our personal lives and as a collective, it is becoming essential that we uncover the shadow to heal its wounds.

Now we step into the truth-seeking and knowledgeable energy of Sagittarius.  As Scorpio seeks to know what is hidden, Sagittarius seeks the truth of any situation and so this energy follows on perfectly at this time.  Under the influence of Sagittarius, we do not like to be controlled, told what to do or boxed in, in any way – yet it can bring out the most controlling, “I know best” energy in all of us.  With all that is going on in the world at the moment, it is SO hard to know what is right and what is wrong, and this is EXACTLY where we are meant to be.

The deluge of information available at this time is formidable, to say the least and when we are being presented with so much confronting, contrasting and conspiring information coming at us from every side we have only one choice, and that is to go within.  We are being forced to side with our intuitive nature, to use our personal ability to know what is right for us or not, and to see through those who pretend they know what is best for us. 

Our intuition is our connection to Source, God, The Universe, all-that-there-is, whatever you wish to call it, and it is our truth and our sovereignty.  When we are connected to Source and allow ourselves to go with what feels right to us and what we know within to be true, we are connecting to the highest energies and the purest.  For too long we have been told that we are wrong to side with what we personally know and feel to be true and that we are wrong to see a different side of things than what is being told to us.  For too long our intuition and feelings have been downplayed, ridiculed and pushed to one side, yet these are more important to our decision making and life paths than any outside information or conditioning is.  We are all Spirits having a human experience and so our Spiritual side/connection is who we truly are and should always be given precedence over anything else within ourselves or outside of ourselves.

As we step into the energy of Sagittarius, the truth will prevail, and we will all start to feel more sure of ourselves and more inclined to search for all those answers we are looking for – inside of ourselves rather than in the outside world.  Sagittarius supports freedom, adventure, higher knowledge, higher truth and the ability to explore and expand upon all that we know and feel to be true.  So, if you feel drawn to learning more about something, or exploring something more deeply at this time, then this is your calling.  There will be knowledge presented to you that you can make use of to help you to feel more certain, more sure and more positive in your life.  The draw to learn  more or become more of an expert in your field will be a welcome burst of inspiration for many this Solar Month as the better we can be at what we do, the more self-awareness and self-worth we develop within ourselves, and this then creates a much more positive energy that we then omit in all that we do.

On 24 November 2022 Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, turns Direct in Pisces.  Jupiter has been doing quite the dance this year back and forth between Pisces and Aries and will spend the next couple of weeks in Pisces in Direct motion before he starts his long transit through Aries throughout 2023.  Jupiter brings hope, faith, expansion, growth and all that needs to see the light of day, to the surface.  He also helps us to grow within our natural talents and abilities.  Jupiter has no fear, he wants everyone to be adventurous, to step out of themselves and to be all that they dream they can be – he is big, beautiful, playful and beneficial.  His transit through Aries for most of 2023 will encourage us all on a personal level to be more.  He expands on all that he touches so wherever Arian energy is sitting in your Natal Chart is where he will be hanging out over the next approximately 13 months and therefore this will be where you can grow the most, make better use of your natural talents and be the natural leader and optimist that you are.  However, at some stage next year he will transit alongside and then over the wounded healer, Chiron, and that will mean a big wake-up call to those who will not or cannot heal their fears and beliefs that they are not good enough.  As I said, Jupiter brings to the surface all that needs to see the light of day, and so if you have been running away from dealing with your wounds of the past, and fears that there is something wrong with you or lacking in your life, THAT is what will be brought up for you.  So, do the inner work, heal what has gone before and then when Jupiter connects with Chiron it will be your ability to heal others that grows, manifests, expands and does its work.

Under the influence of Sagittarius, we can become very restless.  This is a Fire sign and so it seeks fuel to burn and dreams to ignite, so use this energy to focus on what you really want to grow in your life.  If it’s your career then use this energy to explore more of what you can be doing or creating, and if it’s your relationship bring more adventure into this, and if it’s your home then expand upon the beauty you can create here.  Don’t hold yourself back this Solar Month from what you are drawn to but watch out for hedonistic tendencies.  And if what is around you is not making you happy, or is stressing you out in any way, detach and move away from this.  Use the energy of Sagittarius to activate your discernment and don’t forget to listen to the words of others as much as you speak.

Now, Mars in Gemini has been driving people a bit nuts over the last month and this is set to continue until late March 2023. Usually when a planet spends time in Retrograde motion its energy diminishes a little and is not so demanding of our outside energies.  But Mars in Gemini is quite different.  Mars is all about action and motivation and Gemini is all about movement and curiosity and so even when this planet slows down and moves Retrograde the Gemini energy is keeping him going.  So, what many of you may have found of late is that you have too much on, and you are overwhelmed with all the demands being made on you and around you.  Once again this is a good time to learn to be your own counsel because when you are in a whirl and rushing from opportunity, to job, to responsibility, to work, you have to find some semblance of peace and organisation within you to handle it all.  This transit is one of the longest transits of Mars in a very long time and of course as nothing happens for no reason in the cosmos, and as above so below. 

As Mars whizzes up and down through Gemini, we will find ourselves with lots of ideas, or lots of activities, or lots of confusion, and the lesson here is to lessen it.  Take a load off – off your mind, off your plate, off your day and just BE.  You cannot be everything to everyone all the time, no one can, so stop trying.  And you cannot take on more than you have the energy to do, no matter how great an idea it seems, so let some stuff go.  And you are not a time-bender, there are only so many hours in a day, and you don’t have to fill every one of them in the belief that if you don’t you are unproductive and a waste of space!  Mars in Gemini will keep you guessing, keep you acting and keep you running until YOU slow it down.  My advice is to get as much of the busyness you are experiencing out of your head and onto paper for a start – this action in itself will probably eliminate about one third of all the things you are worrying about.  Then, make a plan, and stick to it!  Gemini energy is always seeking, and Mars is always taking action, and we cannot go and go like this and expect to be successful, happy and healthy – something will have to give. 

As we make our way through the final weeks of 2022, it is essential that we all  learn to “rise above”.  Rise above all that you don’t understand, all that you fear, all that threatens you and all that confuses or overwhelms you, as this is the only way through it.  To “rise above” you simply become the observer and ask yourself regularly, how much you actually need to own or wear of what is being presented to you.  You ask yourself “can I fix this in my life right now”? and if you can’t then let it go.  This is a much better solution than allowing the fear, or drama or emotion of the situation to take charge of you and have you overwhelmed, stressed out and having a meltdown.  Take charge of your life by letting go, not grabbing hold of more and put your own self-care and peace first.

Wishing all you sassy Saggies out there a wonderful new Solar Year ahead and if you would like any insight into what your year ahead has in store for you, don’t forget to book in a Solar Return Reading with me!  Blessings xox