Blog Post 19 February 2023

We are now moving out of the energy of Aquarius and into the energy of Pisces.  However, due to the fact that we are in the Age of Aquarius and Saturn is still in Aquarius and handing the reins over to Pluto very soon, Aquarian energy is still all around us and having a profound effect on us all as individuals and as the collective. 

This energy is the energy of change and change can and does so often only come out of chaos and disruption – and we are now fully in the age of disruption too. The planet that rules Aquarius is Uranus and he is also making his presence felt in the ethers as he makes his 7 year transit through Taurus.  Taurus is an earth energy and so when the planet of disruption, change and curve balls moves through here we can naturally expect physical upheavals on our planet as well as within our own personal lives.  Change is all around us, it is inevitable and it is the only constant, and so fighting against it is futile – we must move towards solutions. 

Pluto is in his final degree of Capricorn and therefore extremely powerful as he makes sure his energy is felt and has done what it was supposed to do before it changes into Aquarius.  I have said time and time again, Pluto in Capricorn was about bringing down the old, and now Pluto in Aquarius is about bringing in the new.  BUT we cannot bring in the new when the old is still there and for so long as people believe and keep working towards fixing what is unfixable. 

This Solar Month of Pisces will provide the energies and prompts that we need to go within and connect with our Higher Selves and Source.  We are being asked to “feel” all that is going on and to ask ourselves through this “where do I go next?” 

What many of you may be experiencing or about to experience at this time is an awareness, a deep knowing that may or may not feel right to you, that it is finally time to let go of ALL that is not functioning well in your life.  If you have issues, you have been trying to resolve with others and/or with things outside of yourself that are affecting you emotionally and mentally, it is time to realise that such things are unchangeable by you.  Many of you have been fighting your own wars, raging against unfairness and injustice in your  lives, demanding answers and resolutions and feeling unheard, unappreciated and unseen and the energy of Aquarius has been fuelling this by adding a sense of guilt or “it must be my fault” to this.  All of this is designed to help you to become a lot more aware of what you can fix in this life and what you cannot.  As we step into the energy of Pisces, we are being reminded that when we co-create with the Universe, and when we hand our troubles over to Spirit when we cannot solve them ourselves, we find a sense of peace and resolution.  We are shown that there is a peaceful place within each of us where we can recuperate, re-assess and re-align ourselves with what is for the highest good of ourselves as well as all others concerned.  But we must put our own needs and healing first and put this worth upon ourselves.

Piscean energy brings with it a higher level of intuition, creativity and connection and when we tap into this, we feel instant support and guidance in our lives. We are  being encouraged more and more to rely on ourselves and on those whom we know and trust in our tribes, communities and families.  We are being shown how to come together as one for a common cause, and how when we all hold the same intent this energy builds and can create our reality.

Use this month to reconnect with your soul so you can feel the support and love that is there for you.  New Zealand, which is my home and where I am currently writing from has been devastated this week, once again in some places, and our country and people are hurting like never before.  Such catastrophic changes to our environment and our lives can and must bring sustainable, reliable and new solutions and practises to our world and one of the most important things that come out of disasters is our ability to come together as one.  Only through the oneness and the energy of community and LOVE can the world be restored and repurposed for a positive future.  Our planet is showing us that we must connect with her and work with her rather than against her for our survival and to do this we must connect with and work with one another as we did in days gone past. 

This Solar Month Jupiter, Chiron and Juno are forming a tight conjunction in Aries.  This means that these 3 planets; Jupiter the might expander and manifestor, Chiron the wounded healer and Juno the planet of loyalty and commitment are all amplifying one another’s energy and having a powerful effect on the earth plane.  This means that our wounds of feeling that we are not good enough and that our individuality is flawed or not acceptable will be amplified so as we can do the necessary work to heal these.  And Juno will give us the commitment and tenacity we need to see it through.  So, this month could be very painful for some of you if you are grappling with these feelings and especially if you are born with Chiron in Aries.  But it is necessary as you cannot heal a secret, you cannot fix what does not see the light of day and you cannot move past what you have not resolved.  If you are struggling with such feelings here is a powerful affirmation you can use to help clear this energy:


Uranus and the North Node in Taurus will continue to bring sudden and unexpected events and awareness’s into our lives so as we keep growing and looking for new answers, many of which may come through old traditional ways of doing things and being that our indigenous people around the world still practise. The ways of the land and of the people are pivotal to humanity’s survival on the earth plane.  We were blessed with this beautiful abundant planet which provides ALL that we need to survive and evolve, yet we have forgotten how to care for her.  We are also blessed with spiritual and universal assistance, guidance and support yet we do not tune into this and allow it to help us.  We are all Spirit having a human experience and its time we all remembered that and started playing our part in changing and healing our planet and our own worlds. 

Wishing you all a peaceful Solar Month of Pisces.  Please tap into all the healing the Universe has for you in these challenging times, reach out to your tribe and use your precious energy and intent to focus on your future rather than on what is hurting you and holding you back.  May all you sensitive, easy-going and intuitive Pisceans have a magical year ahead.  Blessings xox