Blog Post 18 February 2021

On 18 February 2021, the Sun leaves the quirky, alternative and rebellious energy of Aquarius and moves into the creative, dreamy, easy-going and spiritual energy of Pisces.  When we step into the energy of Pisces we are being asked to go within – to connect with our soul’s and its purpose.

Piscean energy is a very creative, gentle, dreamy and spiritual energy, but it can also be very driven and determined when it wants to be.  One of the challenges often for all you soulful Pisceans out there is that you don’t tend to react, or even act until you are pushed or backed into a corner.  Yet you are usually fully aware of what needs to be done, however, your easy-going nature often holds you back from taking action.

We all need time to ourselves and time to be in our own heads and no-one needs this more than souls with a Piscean Sun, Moon or Ascendant.  For these souls, it is a chance to reconnect with the Divine and with your Higher Self and for a Piscean, this is a feeling of coming home; or being right where you are meant to be and where everything makes sense.  One of the greatest life challenges for many Piscean souls is actually learning to be “present”.  To be present means to be in the here and now and not away in the fantasy world of your own mind, or in a state of creating and believing some other reality that is more appealing to you.  Your incredibly creative minds have the ability to manifest so much, and this is a magic and magnetic draw for you and so, understandably, it is extremely attractive and fulfilling for you to not be present at times.  However, as a Spirit having a human experience, you have made a commitment to be here and so being present and being able to act on what you think, and feel is essential to your evolvement and your soul’s journey. 

As the month of Pisces settles in around us we all get to put our creative and intuitive hats on.  Most Pisceans are born mediums, and it is very normal for souls born under this sign of the zodiac to see, hear or feel Spirit around them at some stage in their lifetimes.  Some of you run a mile from it in fear of the unknown, and some of you embrace it and use this wonderful connection for all it has to offer you.  We are all souls on a journey, and it is part of our journey to explore the physical as well as the spiritual in all that we do.  So, during this month it can be as if the veil between our world and the spiritual world is a little thinner so as we can connect with more ease, and so as Spirit can offer us a little more guidance and insight into our daily lives.  Therefore, this is a very good month for us all to go within and spend some time in solitude, in meditation and/or in creativity of some sort.  When we immerse ourselves in these energies we cannot help but connect with the Divine and when we have this connection we can really embrace our ability to co-create with the Universe.  During your meditations or creative times, your mind is open to receive and you can relax into what you are feeling in the knowledge that there is guidance, support and unconditional love all around you that will never let you down. 

As we are still in Mercury Retrograde until 21 February 2021, now is not the time to take action.  Rather it is the time to make plans, to fine-tune your intentions and to reassess your purpose and your direction.  The abundance of Aquarian energy that will have a powerful effect on us for many months to come, is allowing us all to believe in our ability to think outside the box, and to believe that there are other ways to be and do than the ones we are used too, or programmed into.  This strong Aquarian force is bringing out the more humanitarian side of us as well as the more rebellious side of us.  Humanity is awakening and massive change awaits us.  As we step into Pisces we can add another level of understanding and awareness to our spiritual toolbox.  We can take all this outside the box thinking and all our questions about how, when and what and we can hand them over to Spirit to help us interpret and co-create our next step as well as our destiny at this time. 

I can’t express enough at this time, the importance of you all understanding that you chose to be here on the earth plane at this time so as you could play a part in the Great Awakening.  You are not here randomly to eat your lunch and then leave.  You have a role to play here and at the very least it is to find and create peace in your life and at the very most it is to be an instigator of that peace in the outside world.  All is energy and it all starts with you.  The more peace you can create within yourself the more peace there is to go out to the world around you. 

Use this month to connect with your beautiful, powerful and creative inner self. Write, draw, paint or just spend time imagining the type of world you would like us all to live in.  Everything is energy, every thought we have is an energy that goes out into the world and into the cosmos and it is our responsibility to guard our thoughts like we guard our words; to ensure that what we put out is of a high vibration and not full of fear, dread or despair.  The world is a beautiful place, and we are all its beautiful inhabitants, so don’t be afraid to imagine the best for yourself and for this planet.  Love heals everything and when we make love our primary focus and when we operate from our heart centre all the energy we send out is of the highest frequency of healing, inspiration, intelligence and purpose.

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Thank you, take care and many blessings for a magical year ahead to all you dreamy Pisceans out there xox