Blog Post 20 September 2022

We now say goodbye to the organised, service-oriented and perfection-motivated sign of Virgo and open the door to the energy of Libra – harmony, balance, communication and relationships.

Libra is represented by the scales as she is the sign that represents and oversees the need for balance and harmony in our lives. The one area where balance and harmony are always needed, yet often the most difficult to find, is within our relationships.  Libran energy doesn’t like to upset the apple cart, to go against the grain, to speak up when no-one else is, or to make choices and decisions that others might not agree with – it is extremely concerned with keeping the peace and most Libran souls are born believing that it is their job to do so.  Therefore, many Librans spend their lives being “people-pleasers”. And, every one of us have Libran energy somewhere in our Charts and so somewhere in our lives we cannot help but be a “people pleaser”. 

So, when we step into the solar month of Libra we are being asked to attend to our balance, our relationships, and our need to “people-please”.  It is considered “nice” to go along with others and to put others ahead of yourself and to not say what you think in case you hurt someone – but being “nice” doesn’t actually get YOU very far in life.  And what we often don’t realise that when we busy ourselves being nice to everyone else, we are actually being disrespectful to ourselves.  When you place the importance of what someone else thinks of you over and above what you think of you – that is NOT being “nice” to you.  And when you put the needs and wants of others ahead of your own needs and wants you are also not being very nice or honouring yourself in any way. So, why is it that you so often believe that asking for what you want, and putting YOU first is a bad thing?  We all know that if we don’t ask for anything in life, we simply won’t get it, right? 

The most important relationship you will have in this lifetime is the one you have with your own beautiful self.  And if you diminish this, judge this, neglect this or sacrifice this, you are going against the Universal Laws Of Life as well as against self-love.  It is near impossible to build a positive attitude about yourself and what you do if you don’t put a value on you and what is important to you. 

So, use this solar month to investigate your relationships and in particular the relationship you have with YOU.  Take time to analyse yourself and see where you give too much of your energy away to others, or where you never speak up but always give in.    In what areas of your life do you go along with everybody else rather than do what you want to do?  And ask yourself, how many times have I said No when I wanted to say Yes and Yes when I wanted to say No – and why?  It’s time to get to the bottom of what you do to yourself that is not honouring your highest needs but is rather constantly pandering to the needs of others.  And the more you look into this, and the more you think about it, the more you can see the purpose and importance of achieving true and sustainable balance in your life.

Of course, we all like to help and look after others, and so we should – but it should never be at your own expense or in a way that you are doing what you don’t really agree with or wish to do.  That is going completely against your own self and therefore inharmonious and completely out of balance.

But be aware that if you do decide for yourself that it is time to change your ways and not be the people pleaser you have been for so long, the chances are you may swing heavily in the opposite direction (the Libran scales of balance) and decide that EVERYTHING has to go your way, and everyone has to agree with you, and YOU get to choose and decide for all others.  And this is only natural as often when you wake up and actually see how unfair you have allowed your life to become, and how much you have given away and sacrificed for the happiness of others, you might feel a little pissed!  So you go fully in the other direction, to assure yourself that you will never allow yourself to be that person again.  But it’s a process – everything is a process that we need to work through, so be kind to yourself throughout this journey. 

So, this solar month I challenge all you easy-going, social and loving Librans out there (and anyone else reading this who also identifies with the above traits) to start to say No, where you have always said Yes.  To speak up about what you want and not just go along with what everyone else wants.  And to start to put YOU first.  If it’s not something you are used to doing it’s going to be a bit scary at first and those around you who are so used to pliable, people-pleasing you, will not be happy.  But I can promise you, YOU will feel amazing once you start choosing YOU.

And as you lovingly tend to the special relationship you have with you, look to the relationships you have with others as well and see how they could be tweaked or completely overhauled to work more in your favour so as you can feel empowered, strong, independent and confident in all that you do and all that you choose.  And always, ALWAYS choose Love over Fear. 

Wishing all you lovely Librans out there a wonderful new Solar Year ahead and if you would like any insight into what your year ahead has in store for you, don’t forget to book in a Solar Return Reading with me!  Blessings xox