Today, 23 September 2019, the Sun moves out of organised and perfectionistic Virgo and into the more easy-going and communicative sign of Libra.  Every month when the Sun shifts signs we move into a new energy or theme for that month ahead, and we have now moved into the importance of learning and understanding “balance” in our lives.  And, every year when the Sun moves into your own sign of the zodiac you start a whole new journey along your life path, and this is known as your Solar Return.  Every year of your life holds new experiences, challenges and events that are designed to shape you into who you truly are and teach you more about yourself and the life you have chosen to live.  And the great news is that by using your own personal astrological details you can see and know in advance what may be coming up for you, how you will be feeling, as well as what challenges you may have to face and what rewards and opportunities are coming your way.

For all of us this the Sun’s move into Libra is a chance to see and understand where we need balance in our lives and how we can go about achieving this.  Libran energy rules relationships of all kinds, and so as we move out of the Virgo energy of attention to detail, organisation and getting things done we take our focus from our inner world to our outer world.  With all the attention we have been giving of late to our work and our journeys through life, we have created a good solid base from which we can now choose to either include or not include others. 

As our focus moves to our relationships, it makes this a perfect time for us all to look to who is supporting our vision and our journey, and who is just throwing spanners in the works or putting us down for what we do and/or represent.  You are a power in your own right, you do not need validation or appreciation from others to know you are who you are.  And so, this, in turn, leads us to the fact that everything starts with YOU and therefore the relationship you have with your own self is ALWAYS the most important relationship you need to have in your life.

For all you light-hearted, easy-going and non-committal Librans out there it’s time for your next dance around the Sun.  As an Air sign, you are full of imagination, ideas and concepts of what could and would work for you, however, your greatest challenge in life can be to get off the proverbial fence, choose something and to then start making these things happen for you. 

One thing in life that is SO important to understand and master is that we CO-CREATE with the Universe.  Therefore, we must put in the work and the intent if we are to get the support and results we desire. 

Librans have this natural inborn ability to be able to see and understand both sides of any story which is what makes you such wonderful teachers, mediators, counsellors and negotiators.  And this year ahead for you will be no exception – particularly if you are involved in communications or the arts in any way.

The Libran Solar Year kicks off with not only the Sun moving into Libra but also the two planets that control Libra – Mercury and Venus – joining him.  This is a stunning way for your year to start off as it shows how much support the cosmos has for you, as a Libran, for all that you wish to achieve and conquer this Solar Year.  As a Libran, your ability to communicate with others will be accentuated, and if you have artistic talents here as well, then you have not only the green light to move forward with your dreams and ambitions, but you also have an extra dose of charm and mutual understanding to assist you as well.  Merging your creativity with your ability to communicate is a powerful tool for you to use, and this can be channelled into your career or your personal life to allow you to gain a greater understanding of your gifts and talents, and for you to learn more about who you truly are.  This could be a great year for you to finally write and publish that book you have been working on, or to finally hold that exhibition of all those beautiful pieces of art you have created.

However, it is always important for you Librans to be very aware of your natural tendency to “people please”.  Your inborn need for balance is the strongest of the zodiac.  Librans often hate to be the ones who upset the apple cart or who might create discord in any way, and so to this end, you can often agree to things or go along with others simply to keep the peace, when it is actually NOT what you wish to be doing or going along with.  With Mercury and Venus joining the Sun here, your ability to communicate your needs is enhanced but it can also be inhibited by your fear of upsetting the balance in some way.  Venus wants what is for your highest good and can bring love, beauty and money into your life, but she gently chases this not wishing to cause too much friction along the way.  Mercury is the planet of communication and versatility, however, when he sits in Libra it can be your own needs that you find it hardest to communicate or stick up for.  The energies around us are always there for us to use and it is up to us, as individuals walking our own paths, to differentiate between what will benefit us and what will not. 

Therefore, I feel Librans could find themselves challenged this Solar Year to really learn the lesson of self-worth and sticking up for what is right for you and your highest good.  Libra is represented by the scales, and so when we are working towards balancing anything from our careers to our diets, we can naturally swing from one extreme to another to find our equilibrium, and this is what many Librans will be facing this Solar Year.  Yes, this is often what you find yourselves facing anyway, but I feel this year will be different for you as you will see immediately the results of your action or lack of action.  With these three Libran planets leading the way, you have so much of their support BUT it’s up to you what you will do with it.  And as we are in a time of instant manifestation of our thoughts and fears, it is imperative that you know where to put your focus and energy and where not too.

Don’t be afraid to stick up for what feels right for you, or what you need to have in your life.  You are important and you are allowed to ask for and allow into your life all that you need, but learn to pick your battles. As those scales of justice swing within you and in the world around you, allow yourself to evaluate things and their true importance to you before you make your stand.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, but at the same time don’t undermine what is good for you and what is not.  This Solar Year you have the opportunity to look at all the relationships with others you have in your life, and to decide once and for all whether they are beneficial to you or detrimental to you.  And as you start to see and learn what feels right and what inspires, motivates and pleases you, you can then upgrade the relationship you have with yourself to align with this.  You will have an amazing opportunity this year to see what it is within YOU that stops you from moving forward and what invites situations into your life that challenge you.  And I am pretty sure that underneath this you will find that the inner Libran you is a lot stronger and more opinionated than you have led yourself to believe and that that part of you is now ready to rise up and stake its claim.

Don’t be scared to make choices – you’re allowed to change them again if they don’t work out for you.

Don’t be afraid to say No – you’re entitled to do so if that is what you want.

Don’t be afraid to speak up – you have an opinion too and it is OK for you to voice it.

Find your balance by honouring yourself first and foremost and you will be amazed at what depths and understanding you have to share with the world – and what’s more we are all ready and waiting to hear it.

A Star-Wise Solar Return Reading and Report gives you invaluable insight into what your year ahead is all about and how you can best navigate it to get the most out of it and to grow as a soul through the coming year’s experiences.  We all have our individual lessons to learn and we have already chosen the environment we will learn in, the people we will learn with and the experiences we will learn through, and so having insight and understanding of this gives you a definite head-start and advantage as let’s face it, “fore-warned is fore-armed!!”

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Happy New Solar Year to all you loveable Libran’s out there and many blessings to you for another fabulous dance around the Sun.  Blessings xox