On 22 September 2020, the Sun moves out of the organised, productive and healing energy of Virgo and into the balanced, harmonious and relationship-inspired energy of Libra.  Libra is an Air sign and as such it relates well to the imagination and “ideas” side of us.  Libran souls tend to be very creative in their thoughts and problem solving, and their strong need to create harmony in all that they do can be both their greatest challenge and greatest asset.  For most Librans, the idea of being responsible for all the decision making or choices, especially when they involve others, is like a gigantic weight on their shoulders.  They take such things so seriously and often the last thing they want is to ever be the one responsible for upsetting the proverbial apple cart.  Most Librans have a great need to be seen as the person who makes the peace and they are indeed very good at this role.  The gifts that go with Libra are the gifts of teaching, counselling, mentoring and negotiating.  However, many Librans are here to learn that just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you always have to do it!  And, unfortunately, being “nice” doesn’t always get you what you truly need out of life.  When we are constantly looking to please others and make things right in their worlds, we are neglecting ourselves, what we personally want, and what we need to learn about our own soul journeys.

As we move into the energy of Libra two things come to the forefront – our need to please and keep the balance with others, and our need for harmony in our relationships with others.  These driving forces of Libra mean that this month we are all being asked to focus on our own harmony and on our own balance.  However, what we will also be feeling is that it is our responsibility to create and take care of this for everyone else as well, and this is where we need to be very careful and cautious in our actions.  You are not here to save anyone else, to make their life perfect and blissful for them, or to constantly sacrifice yourself so as others can feel better or do better.  Each and every one of us has a mission, a life purpose to embrace and excel at, and when we spend all our time focussing on other people and their dramas, challenges and up’s and down’s, we not only do them a disservice by stopping them from learning what they are here to learn, but we also have no energy or motivation left to focus on our own lives.  Number one lesson of Spiritualty:  There is no-one in the world more important than you!  So, look to what is out of balance in your life and where you are putting your time and energy, and assess this.  Is it serving you and your needs?  Are you putting yourself first?  And do you have all the energy you need to meet your own personal demands and challenges in life?  When you focus on you and give to you first and foremost you open yourself up to all of your gifts, talents, successes and positive outcomes.  But when you put your focus elsewhere, you strip yourself of your ability to channel that positive energy inwards – instead out it goes to everyone else and you end up with the crumbs that are leftover.  You deserve better than that and it is YOUR responsibility to make it happen.

Libra also rules relationships, so we can all expect some positive and maybe not so positive things to be going on in these areas of our lives this month.  Many Librans hate to be on their own, they need people around them at all times because of their need to look outside of themselves for their solutions and successes.  Being on your own with only your own thoughts, abilities and responsibilities does not feel like a fun time for most Librans but is usually the very thing they need to embrace.  So, with our relationships at the forefront of our learning this solar month, it is time to take some positive action here.  Now, positive action for you may not necessarily mean everyone around you is going to like it.  As this month goes on the imbalance within your relationships will be exposed to you so as you can see such things for what they truly are.  It is so easy to make excuses for why we stay in relationships with people who we know are not good for us or who don’t treat us well. We are conditioned to some extent to believe that we have to accept what is presented to us; that we have something wrong with us and that is why we attract negative relationships; and/or that if someone does or says something to us that is hurtful, then we probably deserved it.  None of this is true.  Everyone who is around you in this lifetime you chose to put there to learn from, and sometimes that learning is blissful, but a lot of the time it is plain hard work.  And so, if you have any relationships in your life that you feel are out of balance in a way that means you are not getting the best out of them, or that you are constantly giving and never receiving the same back etc, then this month is the time where much will be revealed to you in this area, and where you will have the support of the cosmos to make the necessary changes.

Honour yourself, your needs, and most importantly your happiness.  You are not here to balance anything or anyone but yourself.  And you balance yourself by being aware of your energy and where you direct it.  So, as this month progresses take a step out of your relationships and try to view these from a more subjective perspective to see what they really look like.  And, I would also encourage you to examine past relationships you have had – good and bad – so as you can see if there are any repeating patterns of behaviour that you have become stuck in that are not serving you well.  As much as you may feel you need to stay where you are and put up with what you put up with, this is not the case.  You are a divine and powerful being and when you stand tall and strong in that energy you are a truly balanced being as well.

As we look around us at the outside world there is certainly not a lot of balance and harmony going on out there at the moment, but that does not mean that you have to buy into it and be part of that imbalance too.  The more you stay in your own energy, and the more balanced you feel in who you are and what you are prepared to give and receive, the more that energy will grow outside of you too.  Be an example of balance, be a pillar of hope and be strong on your own and you will find your like-minded tribe to stand alongside you.

This Solar Month I encourage you to find your balance by focussing on what pleases you, what resonates with you and what works for you and NOT what everyone else wants or expects from you.  It’s OK to say NO and it’s OK to make choices that others may not like, and it’s OK to just BE YOU.

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Happy New Solar Year to all you creative, imaginative and easy-going Librans out there and may your quest for inner balance and harmony lead you to the love, happiness and peace that you so deserve.  Many blessings to you for another fabulous dance around the Sun.  Blessings xox