On 23 July 2020, the Sun moves out of the compassionate and intuitive energy of Cancer and into the extroverted, proud, passionate and creative energy of Leo.  So, we are now moving through our second Fire sign of the astrological year.  Leo energy is the energy of the extrovert.  Leo souls usually tend to be very outgoing, adventurous, creative and these souls are natural leaders.  Leo’s love to share their energy with everything and everyone around them, and they have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone.  However, the biggest life lessons that come with Leo energy is around their motivation and need to do what they do.  Leo’s LOVE to be admired, appreciated and respected for what they bring to the table, and when they don’t receive this energy it can really affect their ability to give unconditionally and to step up into their leadership skills.  When it comes to being a Leo, and wherever Leo energy sits in your Natal Chart, it’s all about learning to do things in for the “right” reasons.  And the right reasons are the ones where you are giving out because it is for the highest good of ALL concerned – and not just for your own gain, gratification or to line your own pocket. 

As we step into the month of Leo we are all stepping into our extroverted nature.  The last month of Cancerian energy has been one of understanding and empathy for ourselves and for the earth plane as a whole.  During the month of Cancer, our intuition was heightened, and we were all very much encouraged to start focussing on, and relying more upon, our intuition, and what we “feel” to be right and to be true.  Now as we move into Leo we get a chance to express all that we have been feeling and to step onto the path towards more revelations and more exposure of all that is not for the highest good of everyone on this planet.  We are in the midst of the greatest battle this earth has ever seen, the battle between Dark and Light and we all have our roles to play in this.

We choose our lives before we are born, and therefore every one of you reading this has chosen to be born on the earth plane at this pivotal time for a reason.  You are not just a being randomly floating on a rock through the cosmos, you are a living breathing Spirit having not just a human experience, but here to use your spiritual awareness, natural talents, your intelligent mind and your intuition to make a difference, right here and right now.  This is the time we have all been waiting for, and no-one said it was going to be easy.  Before all major change, there must be chaos and out of the chaos, we rise.  Always remember that Dark cannot penetrate Light, but the Light can always penetrate the dark. 

This is a month where you get to express yourself and where we all have a chance to step into our leadership and into our creativity.  We all get to be proud Lions, Kings of the Jungle with a mighty roar.  It is time to be heard.  All around the world wherever you are, there are things happening in your country and in your community that affect you hugely, and the energy of Leo this month gives you the ability to have your say in these, and to take action to defend and support what you feel and know to be true – in your heart.  For too long humanity has made the mistake of thinking that all that we do and create here is man-made and that we mere humans know best – we have forgotten that we co-create with the Universe, and without the assistance of the Universe/Spirit/God whatever you wish to call it, we are only half of what we can be.  We are loved, supported and guided by unseen forces and we can call on these to help us, protect us and heal us whenever we need it.  Just like with the fall of Atlantis so many centuries ago, man is allowing its Ego Self to rule supreme and this is why the world is in the extreme situation that it finds itself in at this time.

When you step into your Leo energy you step into a sense of pride, determination and passion for what is important to you.  And so, I encourage you all this month to look outward to what you can do to BE the change the world needs to see.  You are needed like never before to stay positive, and to NEVER EVER buy into the Fear that is being dished up to you on a daily basis.  There are only two emotions on the earth plane: Love and Fear.  Fear represents all that is negative in this world, and Love represents all that is positive.  Every day you have a choice when you awake to buy into the Fear or to buy into Love.  The more we move away from love, acceptance, equality, understanding and compassion the more we find ourselves in constant fear of all that is going on around us.  Fear can and will cripple you if you allow it too – and you ALWAYS have the power to allow this or not. 

So, this month of solar-powered Leo energy can allow you to be proud of who you are and of what you do to make a difference in this world.  You don’t need to move mountains you just need to stand in your truth, stay in the love energy and focus on creating and visualising a world where peace and harmony are the currencies.  The old ways are breaking down, and it’s hard and it’s scary, but we would not have chosen this path or to be here at this time if our input and our awareness were not needed and necessary. You have a brilliant mind and you have a beating heart – use these to find your empowerment and allow your God-given intuition to take charge of you and all that you do, as this part of you will never lead you astray.  Do not be afraid to roar if you need to roar, but more importantly be the King of your Jungle by being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.  Observe but don’t judge, speak up but don’t fight, and choose love over fear. 

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Happy New Solar Year to all you fun-loving, courageous, creative and proud Leo souls out there and may your roar be heard where it is needed and may you find the power to step into your leadership ruling from the heart space.  Many blessings to you for another fabulous dance around the Sun.  Blessings xox