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22 May 2023

We now step out of the energy of grounding practical energy of Taurus and into the busy diverse energy of Gemini.  Usually when the Sun changes signs a lot changes with it and although this will still be the case to some degree, the abundance of planets still sitting in Taurean energy will be influencing us hugely for some time to come.

So, we have this build-up of planets in Taurus that are acting to ground our ideas, projects and plans so that we can solidly and methodically make sure that everything in the background is supporting everything in the foreground.  It’s a bit like the foundations beneath the building or the skeletons within our bodies; we need a firm solid base from which to attach, manifest and support all that we do. 

As we enter the solar month of Gemini, we get to take action and to also perhaps try new things and attempt new ways as our curiosity and potential to learn new skills are stimulated.  Gemini is the energy of communication, mischief, adventure, variety and stimulation and as all you Gemini’s out there reading this know, you can get bored very quickly with the status quo.  We can use this energy of action and exploration to look into what we can do next or where we can take what we are already doing to a new level.  Gemini activates our curiosity and our need to try new things and explore new concepts but it so often lacks the ability to see things through and finish what it starts.

I feel that the powerful Taurus energy still influencing the earth plane at this time will really help to ground us in our new endeavours and challenges.  It will give us the tenacity, focus and deliberation that Gemini so often lacks, making this an ideal time to try new things and branch  out with the knowledge that we can see things through and then create the results that we need too.

While we are under the influence of Gemini, we are looking for new things in our lives and we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and try these new things out for size.  We don’t have the Taurean caution of last month, rather we are inspired by change and we are seeking new challenges and new opportunities for growth and success.

Wherever the Gemini energy sits in your Chart will be where you will feel the need to step out of your daily routine and add something new to it – and this is always a good thing as variety really is the spice of life!  So, don’t be afraid to try new things and to venture where you have not ventured before, and most importantly, to see your capabilities in different areas or from a different perspective to the way you have seen them in before.

The world is awakening and NOW is the time for us all to explore what we are truly capable of and to play our role in this great awakening.  The challenge of all this Taurean energy is that it can keep us from stepping out of our comfort zones preferring instead that we keep working on what we already know and are comfortable and confident in.  But when we stay in what we know we do not grow, and when we do not grow, we do not evolve and therefore we stop ourselves from being all that we can be.

Pluto is now in Aquarius and was just starting to settle into this new energy when he moved into Retrograde motion.  This will last for approximately 5 months and will also involve him moving back into Capricorn.  Pluto’s dip back into Capricorn will be a very powerful time for all of us to see how far we have moved out of what has been holding us back, to see where we took life and ourselves too seriously and also to see where we have been able to let go of the old to bring in the new.

Saturn is in Pisces and this is encouraging us all to create structure within our creativity and within our spiritual beliefs.  Saturn loves rules and Pisces does not, so this is not a match made in heaven.  The purpose of this transit is to allow us explore our spiritualty and creativity but to realise that if we want to do anything with it, or turn it into anything sustainable and successful, we need to do the hard work and discipline ourselves.

Use the energy of this solar month to delve into something new and preferably into something that has been nudging you for some time.  It’s time to take all those, or at least some of those, ideas that you have put on the back burner until now, and run with them to just see what might be there for you.  Time and time again I find that when people just take a chance on what they are feeling and let that feeling override any fear they have of change or stepping outside of what they know, they stumble upon an amazing gift or talent that they have previously been shut off from.  Our fears of not being good enough, failing, looking stupid or just getting it wrong can and do stop us from embracing change and what could be really successful and exciting for us. 

So, this month lets make it “feel the fear and do it anyway” month!  Let’s all take a step out of our comfort zones, try something new and just see where it can take you!  And how about you also challenge yourself to FINISH what you start here too – the rewards of bringing things to fruition are incredible and you deserve them for seeing it through!

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Wishing all you busy and entertaining Geminis out there a very happy solar year ahead!  xox