Blog Post 21 May 2021

On 21 May 2021, we step into Gemini energy and say goodbye to the grounding energy of Taurus.  We move out of constructing our building blocks for the future and into our world of imagination, diversification and communication. 

Gemini energy is the energy of variety and stimulation.  It is an energy that keeps us active, curious and prepared to investigate and explore all that interests and calls to you.  When we are under the influence of Gemini energy, we often crave mental stimulation in particular.  We have a desire to learn more, to know more and to express all of this in some way.  Our ability to critically think, to explore ideas and to formulate our awareness comes to the forefront of our needs, and so this is an excellent time to challenge yourself to look outside the box and/or to seek and discover information that can help you to come to your own conclusions or make sense of your own world.  None of us really know what anyone else is thinking, but we do know what we are thinking, and so now is the time for all of us to take what is going on outside of us and come to our own conclusions regarding this, by allowing ourselves to “feel” and interpret reality in the way that best makes sense to us.  No-one has the right to tell anyone else what to think or what to do, and especially so if what they are asking of you does not align with your principles or beliefs.  Most of humanity, for the most part, has been marinating for way too long in a stew of rules and control that have not been and never will be for our highest good.  And under the influence of the Gemini Sun this month, we can take ourselves out of the marinade and back to our original sovereign selves.

The Sun in Gemini will join both Mercury and Venus already sitting here.  Mercury rules Gemini and so he is not only at home in this sign of the zodiac but also very powerful in his own domain.  Mercury is the planet of communication and therefore he influences how we learn, how we communicate and how we think.  Gemini energy loves variety and diversity, and so when the Sun and Mercury join forces in this sign, not only is our curiosity and need for more information triggered but so also is our ability to communicate what we know or are learning at this time.  One of the greatest things we are here to achieve as souls having a human experience is the ability to speak our truth.  We all have our own truth, our own beliefs and our own way of thinking and within this, we are all different, but there are also similarities between us all and when we find those that resonate with our truth, we find our tribe.  And when a tribe comes together under their truth, they have power – a lot more power than we each have as individuals.  So, during this month we can all make a solid effort to share what we know, to engage in conversations to explore our truth and the truth of others and we should be able to do this without any fear of hurting another soul or of being shot down in flames.  Nothing can truly be resolved and sorted out when the truth cannot be shared, and yes, the truth can hurt but it will always set you free too.

Venus in Gemini also has a wonderful role to play this month.  As she aligns with the Sun and Mercury, she brings us the gift of charm and understanding.  She allows and encourages us to use our ability to communicate with others in a way that can be accepted and listened to.  She gives us the right words, the right energy and the right opportunities to calmly and clearly speak our truth and she is not afraid to use a bit of good old-fashioned charm and manipulation to get her way.  So, we have the Sun in Gemini encouraging us to be diverse, seek the truth and explore our minds.  Mercury in Gemini enhancing our ability to critically think and express our thoughts and beliefs, and beautiful Venus giving us the “gift of the gab” and the ability to sensitively, gently and creatively share our knowledge for the highest good of all concerned. 

However, later this month Mercury is moving into Retrograde in Gemini.  For 3 weeks from 29 May to 22 June, Mercury will Retrograde in Gemini energy and this means we ALL get to take all that thinking, all that exploring and all that curiosity and turn it inwards, allowing us to come to our own understanding and conclusions regarding what is going in the outside world and how that aligns or makes sense to our individual inner worlds.  All of the 2021 Mercury Retrogrades are falling in Air signs and that means that they are each designed in their own way, to encourage that critical thinking, that imagination that is often so dulled down by the 3D matrix, and to have deep and meaningful conversations with ourselves about who we truly are, what we believe and where we are headed.  Mercury Retrograde is always about the “re’s”; re-assessing, re-discovering, re-doing, re-viewing and re-structuring.  And when these Retrogrades are ruled by the element of Air huge realisations, understanding and personal breakthroughs can be made from within.  During Mercury Retrograde it is not advised that we should take action on what we are thinking or creating, rather it is a time to make sure all our T’s are crossed and all our I’s dotted so that when this powerful planet of communication turns back into Direct motion, we will be ready.  We will have done our due diligence, explored where we are headed and put in place all that needs to be strong and supportive for us, so we can step out in confidence and surety of our next challenge.

So, during this solar month of Gemini, don’t be afraid to explore your diversity, or to research and look into what you need answers to, or what is simply just not adding up for you.  Use this time to critically think using your amazing human brain and of course your natural intuition and guidance that will never lead you astray.  Thoughts become things, so also be aware of that shadow side that can keep you trapped in negative thinking, as when we allow that part of us to have too much power and control over us, it negates the critical higher thinking and traps you in fear.  Never forget, there are only two energies that control the earth plane – love and fear.  So, stay in your heart energy, look, perceive, discover, analyse and communicate from a space of love, not fear and you will always feel safe, and you will also always be of assistance and help to others too. 

Another powerful and beautiful astrological aspect we can make use of this month is Mars in Cancer.  Mars is the planet of drive, passion, determination and motivation and when he sits in the compassionate mothering energy of Cancer this means that all that passion and drive you feel will be directed outside of yourself towards others.  You will naturally be feeling the need to stick up for the underdog or to defend an animal – you have SO much love, compassion and understanding to give and so don’t be afraid to act on what you feel and to share your love and support with those who need it – and don’t forget about sending a whole lot of this energy inwards to your own beautiful self too!

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Thank you, take care and many blessings for a peaceful and empowered  year ahead to all you busy and diverse Geminis out there xox