On 21 June 2020, the Sun moved out of the busy and multi-functional energy of Gemini and into the intuitive, creative and compassionate energy of Cancer.  The zodiac starts with a Fire sign (Aries) and then moves into the energy of Earth, before moving into Air (Gemini) and then Water (Cancer).  While the Sun has been in Gemini we have all been encouraged to use our intellect and our enquiring minds to discover, explore and learn about ourselves and our present situations.  Never before in history has there been more information out there for us all to read and learn from.  This is not to say for one minute that all of this information is truthful or factual, but it is out there.  And so, no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you have the ability to do your own research, follow your own evidence and come to your own conclusions.  So, we are stepping out of questioning and exploring and moving into understanding, empathy and oneness.  All the questioning and availability of information means nothing if we don’t use it for our highest good, and our highest good is our ability to work as one, rather than in division and separation from one another.  Information and knowledge can bring us together as much as it can pull us apart, and so as the Cancerian energy is anchored this month, at the same time as the Solstice and the year’s biggest Solar Eclipse, the message is UNITY. 

Cancerian energy is one of the most relevant and important energies of the last approximately 20 months as for 18 of these we had the North Node (our destiny) sitting in Cancer and opposing all of the powerful patriarchal, traditional and old school energy of Capricorn.  This one Node has held its ground against all these powerful forces so that we, as a global community and as individuals can hold on to love, compassion and understanding no matter what else is thrown at us.  The North Node moved into Gemini last month and helped activate what will now be humanity’s greatest asset, our divine intelligence and our intuition.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and it, therefore, carries the energies of emotion, intuition and connectivity with the Universe.  So, we are coming into a time where it is vital that we all, as intelligent beings, start to look into what is going on in the world around us (Gemini North Node) and use our God-given gifts to find our truth.  Cancerian energy encourages and promotes family, caring and the power of the collective.  Its agenda is to teach us to care and nurture ourselves so that we can spread this same love, compassion and empathy around us too.  In doing this we not only protect ourselves and remain strong within, but we also move even closer to stepping into the long-awaited 5D reality.  As Cancerian energy is so very sensitive, this means that during this Solar Month (and due to the upcoming Eclipse for many months to come) we all have the opportunity to activate our heart centres which are the 4D step we need to take to move from a 3D to 5D reality. 

We are being presented daily with division, separation and reasons to judge and distance ourselves from others, and this is the exact opposite to what the earth plane and humanity need at this time.  So, as the Sun moves into Cancer and the Eclipse energy dissolves the old to bring in the new, it is vital that we focus on love, hope and peace for this world in every way.

From here on in our focus needs to be on finding our own individual alignment.  This means it is time for us all to look at our lives and take ourselves to task (lovingly of course) over what we do, say, or believe that is NOT in alignment with our truth or what our intuition/gut instinct is telling us.  For too long we have all ignored our inner mega-power which is our intuition.  You were all born with this sixth sense, yet so many of you don’t use it or put your faith in it.  And when you don’t do this you are not listening to your soul, you are not listening to the reasons you are here and you are not listening to your ancestor’s voices and guidance to do the work you have come here to do.  Humanity has for too long chosen apathy over empathy and when we swap this around we can and will find ourselves in alignment with our Higher Selves and SO much more capable of manifesting and creating the very world we all wish to live in and be a part of.

Cancerian energy carries a lot of emotion and this can keep us very stuck in the past and in our own battles with our feelings, especially the feelings we have about ourselves.  The number one life lesson for most Cancerians is “self-love” and so as we enter this new solar month, this is the direction we need to look in and this is what we need to heal.  You cannot go out there and heal or help the world if you are broken inside.  You cannot be in a loving sustainable relationship with someone else when you haven’t got that relationship with yourself first.  Everything has to start with you.  You have to love yourself before you can love someone else, and you have to heal yourself before you can heal the world. 

As we enter this time we can see it as a time to create collective magic.  The magic of knowing that you are not alone, that you are protected and that you are supported by the cosmos because you are an important and integral part of life on the earth plane at this time.  When you start to realise how important your energy is and how when we all align our hearts at the highest level to focus on what is for the highest good of humanity, we can make magic.  We have forgotten how powerful we are and how when we co-create with the Universe and stand together as a collective as well as allowing ourselves to be guided by our intuition and inner knowing, rather than by what others tell us to do, we have the ability to change everything.

The world is waking up and the influx of Cancerian energy is designed to help us to wake up not to attack and wage wars against one another, but to wake up to the fact that we are all ONE and only those who thrive on hate and power would choose to separate us. 

We are sentient beings and we all feel very deeply about something, and now is the time to make that something YOU.  When you have learned the Cancerian lessons of self-love and self-worth you then have the ability to spread this wherever you go and light up other people’s lives as you have lit up your own.  And when we all light up in the same way, with the same higher purpose and the same beliefs in love, harmony, balance and equality, then the collective will shift in positive recognition of this. 

So, use this month to tend to your inner world, to make peace with yourself and to love and believe in yourself.  Be gentle with yourself and your life, these are unprecedented times we are living in and it’s OK to be confused and scared.  The more you can love and appreciate yourself for all that you are, the stronger you will become and from there the more determined you will also become to create a better life for yourself and for all of humanity.  And rather than judging and buying into all the fearmongering just be kind – be kind to yourself and be kind to others.  We need to hold on to ourselves and to believe in ourselves because everything starts with you. Cancerian energy is the energy of the Earth Mother, so mother yourself, mother those around you and open yourself up to your connection with the Universe through your amazing intuitive abilities.  Start to rely on what you feel to be true, even if others around you feel differently, it’s okay to have another opinion and there is no need for you to judge yourself for this, or to judge others who differ from you.  Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we can’t love one another. 

Cancerian energy can bring us back to our shells and gives us the time to process, rejuvenate and recharge in our own energy.  But Cancerian energy is always attached to your emotions, so you have a choice, you can use your emotions to keep you trapped in fear, negativity and self-loathing, or you can use your emotions to uplift you, strengthen you and love YOU.  This month is a gift to our souls, our opportunity to truly know the power of love by creating our own solid inner peace that can only come when YOU believe in YOU.  This is your life, your play, your story and when you re-write your story and fill it with self-love and compassion and understanding for all of humanity and its highest good, you are truly changing the world.

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Happy New Solar Year to all you sensitive, creative and intuitive Cancerian souls out there and may the work you do on yourself at this time radiate out into the cosmos to heal and help all of humanity.  Many blessings to you for another fabulous dance around the Sun.  Blessings xox