Blog Post 22 December 2022

And now we leave behind the adventurous, outgoing and truth-seeking energy of Sagittarius and venture into the more conservative, ambitious and practical energy of Capricorn.

As we step into this energy we step into action and what we can direct our energy to for 2023.  Capricorn energy gives us the structure, focus and determination we need to make our dreams come true as it really encourages us to understand and know that our lives are a work in progress, and we must keep going if we wish to achieve our goals.  The challenge with Capricorn energy is knowing when to take the work hat off and when to keep it on.  This is one of the most driven signs of the zodiac and so when the Sun enters this energy, we all get a burst of encouragement to work harder, focus on our dreams and make things happen.

So, we have this supportive energy that will keep us on track and determined to achieve whatever we set our minds on.  But more importantly, Capricorn energy gives us the structure that we may have not been able to find to date.  Sagittarius may have given us the confidence and knowledge we need to succeed but Capricorn gives us the details, the plan and the ambition to put it all together.  However, Capricorn energy can lack the trust that is needed to believe in yourself and what you are capable of.  So, if there is something you wish to get off the ground at this time, just do it, don’t procrastinate and most of all don’t doubt yourself and all that you know.

To wonderfully compliment this, Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion has just moved into Aries and will remain in this sign of the zodiac until May 2023.  Jupiter encourages us to grow our natural talents, reach for the stars and to expand ourselves so we can keep learning, growing and achieving. Aries is all about determination, competition, leadership and independence.  It is the first sign of the zodiac and so it is very good at putting itself first and being number one.  And so, when we combine these powerful energies, we have ACTION. 

Now is the time to get going – Jupiter in Aries gives us the green light to take action, to move forward and to have no fear of being our own boss and standing on our own two feet.  This transit gives us the confidence we may have been lacking to actually believe we can do what we dream of, and it can also give us the motivation we need to really work on such things so that they can become our reality. 

Chiron is also currently in Aries in Retrograde, but on 23 December he makes his big shift into Direct motion.  Chiron the wounded healer has been helping us all to acknowledge at this time any feelings we may carry of not being good enough or being able to see our own worth, and now as he moves forward, we can start putting into practice the healing that we need.  We have all been triggered in 2022 and it is now time to look to what you need to heal within you so that you can feel and know that you are ALWAYS good enough and that you can do anything you put your mind to.  With Jupiter in Aries pushing that healing along in the background, this is a wonderful time to look to where Arian energy sits in your Natal Chart so as you can look to heal your triggers from the past and embrace a more confident, self-assured and self-loving YOU for the future.

While the Sun is shining in Capricorn energy, we have this powerful practicality to back us up in whatever we are doing.  Jupiter in Aries will make you feel ten foot tall and bullet-proof, and this Capricorn energy will allow us to take those big dreams and beliefs and create a practical and sustainable path towards achieving them in every way.  And the more of a worth you can put on yourself as you go about initiating all of this, the quicker and more successful your return will be.

On 29 December Mercury moves into Retrograde motion for our 4th and final Mercury Retrograde of 2022.  He will join the Sun in Capricorn for this Retrograde period and move into Direct motion once again on 18 January 2023.  Be very aware of this transit as for many of you it is holiday time and you will be on the roads etc, so make sure your travel plans are all double or even triple-checked and that you allow yourself plenty of time to get from A to B.  Mercury Retrograde is notorious for disrupting travel plans, so the best thing to do is to allow yourself some extra time, and to try to go with the flow as much as you can, and especially so if things go a bit pear-shaped!  And as this Retrograde will occur over New Year’s Eve, be careful what you promise, say or commit to as more often than not agreements reached and commitments made under Mercury Retrograde need to be re-negotiated later on….

As we wind up 2022 and what has been a very challenging year, we can look back at all that we have reacted to and see what we need to leave behind with this year.  The challenges that you went through were lessons for you in where you need to find peace in your life.  If you have a reaction, and especially a negative reaction to anything going on around you then you can rest assured there is something that needs to be addressed within you, and 2022 was making us aware of what we all carried that did not bring joy and peace into our lives. 2023 is a Number 7 year, which means it’s a year of divinity.  It will also be a year where we can rise from the ashes like the mystical Phoenix.  The Phoenix arises to stand in her glory, but to do so she has had to burn away all that was stopping her from doing so.  And so, it is for us all in 2023.  It’s time to stop the division, the hatred and all the fear that holds us back from being one and loving ourselves and one another without conditions. 

It is time to thank 2022 for all that it has taught us and before this year ends do take some time to look at what triggered you this year?  What emotional energies did you struggle with and how can you now leave these behind in 2022 so you can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and reclaim your power, your life and your future?  Let go of all judgement – of yourself and of others – focus on being the best version of yourself you can possibly be and let go of all that is negative and toxic in your life.  And never forget you chose to be here at this time to make a difference on our beautiful planet – it’s up to you and to all of us to be all that we came here to be.  It is our job to hold the space, to hold the energy and we do this by not allowing ourselves to focus on the negative, to not allow the world around us to hold us in fear and to allow our light to shine unashamed and unlimited.  We are all divine beings of light and it is our purpose to BE the love and the light that is so needed at this time. I have created some wonderful Mentorships, Courses and Workshops for 2023 to help you all to better navigate and enjoy your soul’s journey and would love to work with you if and when you are ready.

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Wishing you all a very happy festive season wherever you may be, and all the magic, joy and happiness 2023 can bring you.  xox