Blot Post 20 December 2020

On 22 December 2020, the Sun moves out of the outgoing, explorative and truth-seeking energy of Sagittarius and into the practical, structural and ambitious energy of Capricorn.  The Sun’s move into Capricorn is our last push for a while towards what we still have to work on within ourselves and in the world around us.  Capricorn energy has been the force behind the great changes and upheavals we have seen over the last three years, and during this last year in particular, and as Pluto, the might transformer is still sitting in this energy until 2025, there is and still will be, work for us all to do. 

It is time for all of us to look very closely at the structures, patterns and habits of our lives so as we can gain a lot more clarity and understanding of what actually fits who we are, as individuals, and what we are here for.  For too long we have been a “one size fits all” society and with the influx of Aquarian energy during this month as well as in the years ahead, we are all being encouraged to look outside the box for our answers and for our next way forward.  We need structure in our lives as it does help to keep us on track, to be more organised and efficient and therefore clearer in what we do, and also so as we can have a solid base to build from.  And one of the major lessons that have been drummed into us over these last 3 years is that nothing is sustainable when it is built on a house of cards. 

So, this solar month it will be important for all of us to take another look to where we feel things are not solid and built on concrete foundations in our lives and to make the necessary adjustments or changes here that can enable a better structure.  Most importantly, it is imperative that the world and each and every one of us get rid of what no longer serves a positive purpose in our lives.  There is no point in holding on to anything that is not working for you, even if it has been your crutch or your purpose to date, if it is no longer serving you, bringing out the best in you and making you happy and at peace, then it has to go.  And with the assistance of this grounded and practical Capricorn energy, you have the support and the understanding to create a new foundation for yourself.  As we build our own solid bases, that can and will last the distance as well as serving us in the best way possible, we, in turn, build up our confidence in ourselves and in our talents so as we can continue to develop these to be the best they can be and then share them with the world around us, as was intended.  We are all being called to do the inner work so as we can have the most positive effect on our planet.

Capricorn energy has a great need to take life very seriously.  It is very natural for anyone who is born under this sign to see their lives as constant hard-work and unfortunately for many of you souls, it is often your way to believe that your glass is always half-empty and never half-full.  We all, Capricorn or not, have a chance this solar month to change and upgrade that way of thinking so as we can open up to spontaneity, creativity, intuitive thinking, positivity and most importantly TRUST in ourselves and in what we believe in and represent.  Trust is often the hardest lesson for any Capricorn soul to learn, and it is trust in themselves that is often their greatest hurdle.  The last solar month of Sagittarian energy has allowed us all to explore our thoughts and intentions as well as to seek the truth and belief that resonates the most with us, and now we can take these new discoveries or perspectives and initiate them into our daily lives.  And we get to do this in a practical sustainable way, so as we can feel completely supported and confident in the direction we are heading in.

At this time on the earth plane, nothing seems solid or reliable, as there is so much change, confusion and deception all around us.  Therefore, never before has there been a more important time for all of us to use our intuitive nature/our gut instinct, to direct us and support us along our soul journeys.  With such constant negative bombardment of fear all around us, we are really only left with the one choice, and that choice is to follow what YOU feel is right for you and to not be afraid of what hard work, discipline and focus it is going to take to make this your absolute reality.  Sagittarius gave you the insight and the determination to find your truth, and now Capricorn is giving you the chance to put it into some type of structure or belief that can last the distance and carry you forward in every way.

If you are a Capricorn and have worked with me or had an Astrology Reading with me before, and you would like to know more about what your year ahead may have in store for you then please just follow this link to my website to book your Solar Return Reading and Report with me   A Star-Wise Solar Return Reading and Report gives you invaluable insight into what your year ahead is all about and how you can best navigate it to get the most out of it and to grow as a soul through the coming year’s experiences.  We all have our individual lessons to learn and we have already chosen the environment we will learn in, the people we will learn with and the experiences we will learn through, and so having insight and understanding of this gives you a definite head-start and advantage as let’s face it, “fore-warned is fore-armed!!”

Please note Solar Return Readings are only available for those who have had their Natal Chart interpretation done by me before as I believe for you to fully make use of and understand your year ahead (Solar Return) you first really need to know who you are and what you are here to learn in general first.

The GRAND CONJUNCTION between Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius will occur on 21/22 December 2002.  When two planets are this close to one another they have a huge effect on one another; assisting, magnifying and clarifying the energy of each other and the energy of the sign of the zodiac they are sitting in.  One of the most wonderful things about this Grand Conjunction is that we can all see it happening in our night skies at this time.  Over to the west and not long after the sun sets you can see the bright shining light of Jupiter and next to it the light of Saturn.  On 21/22 December and for a few days afterwards, they will appear as one star in the sky as they overlap one another in their transits through the cosmos.  This is a very rare sight, and I would encourage you all to get outside at night – just as the skies start to darken after the sun sets, to see this once in a lifetime sight. 

The cosmic dance between Jupiter and Saturn will last throughout 2021 and I feel it will enable us all to be so much more aware of how different we are to one another as well as how many similarities we share, and how this is all Okay and does not need to be judged or fought over.  Both of these sides of us will be made very apparent to us, we will get to see where we fit in and where we feel we are different.  And, rather than choose judgement over one another’s choices and differences we will instead develop more empathy and understanding for one another so as we can all begin to slowly but surely understand that we are all One and that no matter what you or I personally think or believe, it does not change that fact that we are all One.  When we accept that we are all One, but with our own way of expressing and knowing this, we can start to truly and unconditionally love and accept one another, and from here create the New Earth that is so desperately waiting to be born.

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Happy New
Solar Year to all you hard-working, ambitious and reliable Capricorns out there and may you find the understanding to let go of what no longer serves you so as you can welcome into your life all the joy, peace and success that awaits you.  Blessings xox