Blog Post 22 June 2021

We have now stepped out of the busy, imaginative energy of Gemini and into the compassionate and intuitive energy of Cancer.  And at the same time as we move into the energy of Cancer, Mercury moves into Direct motion and our thoughts, beliefs and words can all be put into action.  And the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter, has also just moved into Retrograde motion in Pisces illuminating our connection with Spirit and our Higher Selves.

As the Sun enters Cancer, she joins Venus who is spending her last few days here before moving on into Leo.  Mars has also just moved out of Cancer and into Leo therefore, as the Sun moves into this energy, the way has been shown and there is already a door open to the power of compassion, intuition and the importance of self-love.

Cancerian energy is very intuitive and creative, as is Piscean energy.  So, we have this beautiful line-up of planets that are urging us to seek compassion, understanding and higher wisdom over and above what is being presented to us in this 3D world.  The earth plane is at a time where the dark energies are doing their best to create more and more division between us; between the sexes; between races; between religions; between beliefs; between ages; and so much more.  The more division that is created in this world the more we fall into the trap of believing that we are better or worse than others, and/or that we are not accepted and understood and so we then feel we must fight back.  Our insecurities and Fears are triggered, and we react from this space of powerlessness and self-doubt.  This in turn just keeps the division and the separation from Source going.  What better way to stop humanity from growing in their spiritual energy and connection than by keeping them away from it?  When we are so busy fighting against the outside world and what is being presented to us, we are kept in an energy of frustration, anger and disillusion, and when we sit in this energy we are SO disconnected from Spirit and our true selves that all we can do is accept the division and the status quo.

This Solar month we all have the chance to rise above.  We will all be presented with personal and global issues that challenge us.  There will be people, experiences and incidents in our lives that compel us to feel that we need to fight back and play out that narrative – but the thing is – we do not.  There is nothing more powerful than the ability to disengage and not react.  We are all very well-conditioned from an early age to believe that we have to react and involve ourselves in anything and everything that comes our way – but we do not.  It is our Ego Self that wishes to participate in such things, NOT  our Higher Self.  The combination of the deep compassion of Cancer and the heightened intuition of Pisces at this time are our chance to reconnect with who we truly are, and NOT what we choose to be through our reactions.

One of the most powerful traits of Cancerian energy is its ability to put the needs of others ahead of its own.  From a negative perspective this can mean that we give too much of our energy away and don’t honour our own needs as much as we should.  But on the positive side, it allows us to develop compassion and empathy for others so as we can use the power of Love to bring understanding and healing, rather than the power of Fear to keep us all divided. 

To walk the spiritual path is not to be riding across the stars on a unicorn, leaping over rainbows and moonbeams.  It is to exercise kindness and compassion to others but to take no shit!  But most importantly, it is to do the inner work, as it is the inner work that leads us to our Higher Self and the true version of who we are.  And once we have come to this space, it is then our purpose to share that energy with others through your actions, words and ways of being.

As the Cancerian energy envelops the earth plane over this next Solar Month, we can develop a deeper sense of compassion for ourselves and for humanity in general but there is also, of course, a shadow side to this.  Cancerian energy can also revel in self-pity, self-loathing and self-blame.  It is very important to remember that we are constantly surrounded by three things:-

Projections – other people projecting their “shit” on to you. 

Reflections – your “shit” being reflected back to you.  And,

Misconceptions – I don’t get any of this “shit”!! 

We, unfortunately, live in a world full of “gas-lighting” and “victim shaming” and so it is essential that we are all aware of what is ours to carry, deal with and heal and what is simply someone else’s opinion, problem or pain. 

It is also important to be aware that the last year or more of unprecedented mental and emotional persecution through the use of Fear has left most of us, and especially the more sensitive amongst us, exhausted, overwhelmed and just plain worn out from the relentlessness of it all.  And so, the only way forward is to rise above all of this.  To rise above means to not buy into the drama and the Fear anymore.  To detach from what or who is hurting, upsetting and disturbing you and just allow things to play out without you having to attach to any of it.  You cannot change another person, but you can change how you respond to them or how much you allow them to affect you.

This Solar Month our ability to tap into our natural intuition and connection with our Spirit Guides and Helpers is highly accentuated, giving us all a much stronger sense of being supported and guided along our soul journeys.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help at this time from your Guides – they are lined up and awaiting instruction and their greatest hope is that you will work with them.  Spend time every day in meditation, or at the very least in a quiet space where you can just Be and listen to your inner guidance.  This will bring you peace, awareness, and the strength you need to regenerate yourself and rise out of this time of overwhelm and tiredness.  Stop fighting what you cannot change and rather rise above it into the Love energy as it is from this space that you will find your answers, your solutions, and your drive to succeed and be at peace.  Visualise the world you wish to live in and the life you wish to have with loving intent and a positive belief.

Light will always conquer dark – never forget that.  We are winning, but there is still much work to be done.  You have chosen to be here at this time to be a part of all that is going on right now.   So, shine your light through your own self-love.  Show compassion to those who are so entrenched in Fear that they cannot find any light.  And be kind to your beautiful self.  You are loved, you are blessed and you are divine. 

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