Blog Post 21 April 2023

When the Sun moves into Aries every year it is the astrological beginning of that year because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  So, for many of you this is when life may actually start to take off and things fall into place for new beginnings, rather than 1 January 2023 when the calendar year began.  This means that it will ALWAYS be a good time to start something new, step up in some way, take on leadership and gain more control and direction over your life and where you wish it to take you.

We have just come out of a solar month of Pisces where although all the Direct nature of the planets was still keeping us on the go, there was a chance to connect more deeply with your soul and the journey that  it is currently on. When we connect with Spirit and with Mother Earth, we stand in our true trinity power.  When we align with these powerful energies, we allow the support and guidance of the Universe in, and we don’t feel so alone, so unsure or so lost, simply because we can know and feel the power of their infinite energy within us and around us.

So, now as we step into Aries, we can look to what we want to achieve, start or re-kindle, with a higher perspective and with the feeling and knowing that we have the support and guidance to move forward.  Arian energy is a very black and white energy whereby things can be very definitive.  For many Arian people things are either right or wrong, good or bad, and there is no happy medium or “grey area” in between.  However, life is not a black and white, right or wrong thing, it is a journey of colour, change, transformation and understanding.  What is very positive about Arian energy however is their natural ability to lead, to stand on their own two feet and to make decisions and take action as and when it is needed.  The soul of Aries does not procrastinate or doubt their decisions and actions, and although this is a strong and powerful way to be, we should always think before we act or speak, and do some research or due diligence into our next step, BEFORE we take it.  Many Arians come unstuck due to their need to act first and think later, so do be aware that as the Sun makes his transit through this sign of the zodiac, that you give yourself time to consider new opportunities and directions before you rush off into them.

The Sun will join Chiron, the wounded Healer, and Jupiter, the mighty benefactor, who are already sitting in the sign of Aries.  As the Sun moves through this sign over the next 28 days, he will trigger each of these planets as he moves over them bringing any issues that need to be healed and/or understood to the surface.  We currently have a tight conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron meaning that they are amplifying each other’s energy immensely at this time.  The journey of Chiron through Aries is teaching us all about our self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence.  Chiron in Aries is bringing the wound of rejection that relates to feelings of not being good enough, not being strong or powerful enough, and fears of not being able to support yourself or stand on your own two feet, to the surface so these wounds can be healed once and for all.  We cannot heal a secret or something that is buried – it must come out for your highest good.  See my video on Chiron conjunct Jupiter here:-

Now, something I have said many times before is that we, as human beings, are very stupid!  We truly, and I am sure you will all agree with me, only learn the hard way.  And so to heal the wounds of Chiron in Aries the Sun and Jupiter will do their part to magnify and amplify any issues you may have here so as you can deal with them once and for all.  None of us enjoy feeling rejected or not good enough, but 90% of the time it is our own thoughts, feelings and belief systems that create that rejection.  So, with Jupiter amplifying everything here at this time, we can all get to clearly see how our own thoughts can be our worst enemy and how easy it can be to buy into them. 

It is your job this Solar Month to use the warrior Arian energy to fight – to fight back against your own negativity and your own fears of rejection and not being good enough.  You can do this by focussing on and remembering all the good, kind and heartfelt experiences you have had in this lifetime where you helped and aided another soul when they were struggling.  And when you were thanked and celebrated for an act of kindness or support that you gave to another soul.  Allow yourselves to absorb the love, kindness and support you have received all your life and that you have possibly tossed to one side or not acknowledged for its meaning.  Think and remember all the times you took charge, looked after another person or situation, gave your time and energy to someone who needed it.  All of the above are energies were offered to you for the kindness you gave to another soul, yet so often you did not allow yourselves to feel the love and thanks that was being genuinely and honestly offered to you.  And when we reject this from others it is a very clear sign that we reject such things from ourselves as well.  Allow yourself to feel loved; allow yourself to feel proud; allow yourself to feel strong; and allow yourself to feel accepted for all that you are.  You are a soul on a journey and you have done nothing wrong.

Saturn has now joined Neptune in Pisces for the next 3 years.  So, all of you out there born between March 1964 and March 1967 are heading into your second Saturn Return.  You experienced your first Saturn Return between the ages of 28 and 30, and this was one of the most significant astrological initiations that you will experience in this lifetime.  It was your first wake-up call to taking full responsibility for yourself and the life you have chosen, and for many it can be a very challenging time.  Our eyes are opened to an area of our life where we need to step up and be responsible and face any fears and challenges that stop us from doing so.  Some of the lessons of Saturn in Pisces are lack of self-discipline, the inability to be present, the default to disappear into your head or imagination whenever you feel the need, a high level of intuition and inner awareness that you may have fear of expressing or accepting, a need for a creative outlet to balance your energies, and a fear of not being accepted or loved for who you truly are.  Even if you are not part of the Saturn in Pisces generation, you will still be feeling this call to action.  Saturn in Pisces is helping us to put structure, discipline and purpose into our creative talents and our spiritual awareness.  It will help us all to know how to use our intuition and creativity better so as we can not only help ourselves to grow and feel at peace and secure, but so as we can help others to do the same.  Click on the following link to see my brief video on Saturn In Pisces:

Pluto will move into Aquarius on 24 March which is another MASSIVE planetary movement and the one we have really been waiting for!  For the last 17 years he has whipped the world into shape by making us very aware of what no longer serves a positive purpose on this planet, and where the old structures, beliefs and ways of being need to be gone forever.  It is always the job of the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, to transform the world and to transform each of us along the way as well. I will be creating a video soon on this very important transit, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for this over the next 2 weeks.  Pluto in Aquarius will allow us all to embrace our individuality and at the same time come together as communities and tribes that are like-minded and have the purpose of transforming humanity and our planet into a future where everyone is equal and all life on this planet is revered and loved.

And one more thing for this month is the movement of Mars FINALLY out of Gemini after spending a record 7 months in this sign!  So, if you are wondering why, you have felt like you are chasing your tail at times, or overloaded and inundated with things to do and attend too, this is the work of Mars in Gemini.  On the 26th March he will move into the energy of Cancer and as he is in last days now his energy in Gemini is extra powerful.  After 7 months of this relentless push to DO many of you are overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to take on any more and because of this feeling very frazzled and perhaps angry too.  It’s been hard work, there is no doubt about that, but the purpose of this transit was to teach us all the importance of knowing what needs our attention and what does not, and how to honour and support ourselves by focusing on what we can achieve and not on trying to achieve everything and trying to do everything for everyone else at the same time.  Take the pressure off now as we move towards this shift into Cancer, and give yourself a break.  When Mars enters Cancer, the push will be to embrace self-love and self-worth and if you are frazzled, overloaded and exhausted this can and must be your focus, and that is a very good thing.  Mars in Cancer can give us the energy we need to put ourselves first, but we don’t want to have to learn this through exhaustion or illness. 

So, be gentle with yourself this month as there is SO much going on.  March has been touted for quite some time now as being THE month of 2023 where changes will happen and we can all start to move towards new ways of being and doing that evolve and uplift us out of the current energies. 

And if you are an Arian and interested to know what your year ahead has in store for you, please click on the following link to book your one hour Solar Return (year ahead predictions) with me:-

Wishing all you headstrong, quick thinking and action-packed Arians out there a fabulous year ahead.  Blessings xox