Blog Post 20 March 2021

As the Sun moves into Aries today it marks the astrological beginning of 2021.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore today symbolises the start of a whole new astrological cycle for us all.  We have moved out of the dreamy, creative and intuitive energy of Pisces and are now stepping into the Arian Fire energy that has the ability to inspire and invigorate us for another year ahead.

So, with the shift into Aries, we transition out of our imaginations and into action.  Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of drive, determination, motivation and passion and with the Sun being our primary focus, it is time for all of us to step up and step out.  Your ability to lead, to speak up, to take action and to be heard is all very relevant this month and this energy gives us the direction for our year ahead.

2021 is the year of Change – it’s the pivotal year that can feel chaotic and crazy but is a necessary experience that we need at this time.  Change is the only constant in this life and so the more we can embrace change as a necessary evil, the more likely we are to be able to harness and use our abilities, focus and determination to achieve our goals.  Next year in 2022 we step into our ability to birth a new way of being – both individually and as a collective.  And naturally, for this new way of being to be successful much must be changed as well as let go of.

Arian energy is a very black and white energy, it is the energy of action that allows us to create energy from a thought, desire or idea.  Aries takes things forward, it embraces leadership and most importantly in this day and age, it inspires revolutionary behaviour that is destined to take us through change and into action.  Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is the planet of war therefore this month our need to be heard, to be recognised and to even be obeyed will be very strong.  This energy is designed to push us out of complacency and out of our comfort zones so we can start to BE the action this world needs to see.  So, no matter who you are and what you do you will be feeling the need to act on something this month and I would encourage you to go with this flow. 

However, your desire to act, to get your own way and to be heard will be very strong and when we impose too much of this type of energy on others or on our life in general it can cause problems.  So, remember to pick your battles and/or projects carefully.  One of the challenges that go with Arian energy is the inability to listen to others, and at this time on the earth plane, the changes that we need to make must involve communication, co-operation and understanding at all levels.  Yes, we need leaders in life, but a good leader listens to their people – it is not just their way or the highway.  And so, for those of you out there wanting to push forward with your desires, projects and purposes at this time, remember to listen to what others have to offer you.  No-one is saying you have to agree with it, but there is always more to learn and when we are prepared to be open to what others have to say, we can add to our own resourcefulness as well as to our own bank of information. 

The Sun in Aries will join Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries.  This will trigger a lot of healing for many.  Chiron in Aries is activating the healing that we all need at this time due to our misguided beliefs that we may not be good enough.  This often deep-seated and negative belief prevents us from being who we wish to be, and from being capable and competent leaders in our own right.  We have all experienced many different lifetimes and in some of those we have accomplished a lot of good and in others, not so much.  As the Sun transits through the sign of Aries you will all be reminded of where you have perhaps let others down, and this reminder is designed to activate the healing that is needed to allow you to step into the power of self-worth and self-value for you being just who you are. 

This month we get to experiment somewhat with our personal power – to see how it fits us and how we can best use it for the highest good of all concerned.  And that may be a challenge for some of you as the push of Mars here will also be asking you to look to your own personal interests as well.  So, we need to align ourselves using the power, passion and motivation that we feel and channel this into actions, projects or experiences that are going to benefit all of humanity and not just our own personal interests.  The push of the Age of Aquarius is making it very clear and apparent that humanity need to work together as one to create a beautiful new world, and that ego-based agendas and personal power plays have no real place in our new world.

So, use this month to activate your passions – wherever they may lie.  And don’t be afraid to speak up about what you see and feel around you, but also be prepared to listen to what others have to say to you as well.  You are a soul on a journey, and you have chosen many people to be a part of your journey and each of them you have chosen for a specific reason.  Now is a good time to look around at your tribe and see who they truly are and what role they can play in your journey and what role you are to play in theirs.

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Thank you, take care and many blessings for a purposeful and productive year ahead to all you passionate and motivated Arians out there xox