Blog Post 21 January 2023

We now move out of the traditional and practical energy of Capricorn and into the quirky and rebellious energy of Aquarius. 

This shift gives us our first taste of the build up of planets in Aquarian energy.  We are in the Age of Aquarius and so when the Sun moves into this energy it highlights the purpose of this Age and stimulates us to work with the ideas, beliefs, feelings and opportunities that this brings.  The Sun will join Venus as well as Saturn in Aquarius really highlighting how we all look and feel about ourselves and this world we live in, and what we can innovate with these energies.  And just a day later we have a New Moon in Aquarius bringing our intuitive knowledge to the fore and allowing us to look to our futures from a more individual and empowered perspective.

Never has it been more important for all of us to honour who we truly are and to explore and embrace what sets us apart from others in a healthy way.  No two of us think and act exactly the same. Yes, we have our tribes and our like-minded friends and acquaintances and the more time we spend with these people the better we will feel about ourselves and what we feel to be true.  But, even when we are with others who are on the same page as we are, there is still always a difference between us that is our own uniqueness.  We live in a world where we are constantly being told how we should look, what we should eat, what we should do and how we should behave.  We are controlled and conditioned from the moment we are born and as we grow and mature it is each of our responsibility to search within for what is actually right for us; for what makes us feel comfortable and confident and for what aligns with our own God-given sovereignty and critical thinking.  

The energy of Aquarius dances to its own drumbeat, and the more we can all celebrate and embrace these qualities in ourselves and in those around us the more we move forward, find new solutions to old problems, expand our minds and fully step into our roles on the earth plane.  For too long we have allowed ourselves to follow traditional, habitual and out-dated beliefs and procedures that hold no true purpose for us and that keep us focussing on problems and not on solutions.  We have all been conditioned for too long to believe that our needs will be taken care of by others and that we will be advised by the powers that be as to what we can do and how we can do it.  Humanity has forgotten how to think for themselves and until we all wake up and realise that we all hold this unmistakable power within us, the world will struggle to change.  For so long as we allow fear to be our driver rather than love, we stay stuck in what we don’t want and in our unchanging worlds.

Every single one of you is a unique soul on a journey and you and only you can walk this path – no-one else can do it for you.  For too long we have been made to feel that being different, or that seeing the life from an alternative perspective is wrong or that it is weird to be what others aren’t and we need to change this.  If humanity had never started to think outside the box then we would all still be trying to figure out the wheel!  If humanity had never thought differently about sound then we would never have had all the many types of music that we now do.  We need innovation, we need forward-thinking, we need alternative perspectives and methods and we need new solutions to our on-going problems and only when we embrace our Aquarian energy can we bring such things to the table.  So, as you move into this Solar Month of Aquarian energy don’t be afraid to explore the things that appeal to you – no matter what they might be. 

Use this Solar Month to challenge yourself to follow up on something that you feel you need more perspectives on.  And challenge yourself to talk about or show others what makes sense to you and what you feel to be true.  If we hide or feel we cannot express our uniqueness and our innovation then we will not evolve, we will not change and we will not be using this incredible energy as it is intended.

Aquarian energy for all its rebellious and alternative nature is also very driven by community and the needs of the planet.  So, I would also ask you this month to see what more you can do for others and what more you can do for our planet.  We are working towards significant planetary changes in March when Pluto will also step into Aquarian energy for the first time since 1777.  Pluto transited through Aquarius from 1777 to 1797 bringing about both the French and American Revolutions.  We cannot deny that huge changes are coming to our planet and we need to make sure that such changes work for the highest good of ALL.

Aquarius is bringing the change the world so badly needs at this time, yet the greatest fear for Aquarian people is often change.  The thought of leaving one thing to move towards the unknown is NOT a feeling or experience most Aquarians will embrace.  They often prefer to stay in their uncomfortable comfort zones rather than take a chance on what they do not know.  But as we all know facing what we fear brings opportunities for growth and expansion and if we never change then we never grow.  So, this month if there is something that needs to change in your world, change it, feel the fear and do it anyway as you will be supported by the cosmos and you will see in a very short space of time how being brave is always your best way forward.

Wishing all you quirky Aquarians out there a very happy Solar Year ahead and if you would like to know what your year has in store for you, please don’t hesitate to book a Solar Return Reading with me – I would love to guide you and support you at this time. Blessings xox