Blog Post 20 January 2021

On 20 January 2021, the Sun leaves the practical, traditional and grounded energy of Capricorn and moves into the innovative, alternative and humanitarian energy of Aquarius.  This is the beginning of what we have been waiting for in 2021.  The Sun now joins Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius and the influx of Air energy to really set the tone for the next 3 years.  Venus will also join these planets in Aquarius early next month.  When there are 3 or more planets sitting in any one sign of the zodiac it is always considered to be a big deal; a major focus and of course a massive learning opportunity for us all as individuals and as a collective.

20 January 2021 is a pivotal date on the human calendar and the planets have their own agenda here too.  Not only do we have move of the Sun into Aquarius, but we also have some very volatile aspects being formed between the planet of war; Mars, the planet of self-expression; Uranus, and the planet of expansion; Jupiter.  There is no doubt 20 January 2021 will go down in history for the events that will unfold under these planetary influences.  Mars is currently sitting in Taurus a sign that is not overly aggressive or assertive but like anything of anyone who is pushed enough, he will explode when he needs too, and he will also stubbornly refuse to bend to anything that does not align with his moral compass.  So, when the planet of change, independence and self-expression Uranus comes along and starts pushing Mars’s buttons, we are all going to feel the need to react. 

The underlying Aquarian energy is teaching us all about our own gut instinct and understanding of what “feels” right for us, and so when a bit of fuel is added to the proverbial fire, it can all come out as a need or a demand that we be listened too, agreed with and obeyed.  Our own individual beliefs and needs are going to be our top priority under this pressure, and it is therefore vital that we handle these feelings in the most peaceful way that we can.  Honour your own belief but do not force it on to another soul.  Speak up but do not preach or seek to change another soul.  And stand strong in what feels right for you without insisting others do the same.  The Age of Aquarius is all about each and every one of us finding our individuality and then finding ways to join together in loving acceptance of our differences.  The time of judgement, patriarchy, entitlement and capitalism is over and there is no going back, instead, we now get to forge a new future and a new way of being.

This Solar Month of Aquarius is our time to start exploring our individuality and diversity as well as our unique talents.  Each and every one of us brings our own gifts to the earth plane and it is our purpose to develop these to be the best they can possibly be, and then to share them with humanity so as others can benefit also from what we bring to the table.  Under the influence of Aquarius, your best thoughts and ideas will come from outside the box, your inventiveness will increase as will your ability to solve traditional problems with innovative solutions.  Humanity, in general, is stepping into a time of great inventiveness and it is this new way of thinking and being that is going to change this world from its old ways into a fresh, promising and sustainable future.

One of the biggest challenges that goes with Aquarian energy is however the fear of change.  Aquarian souls are renowned for holding on to things way past their “use by date” and so the change that is being and will continue to be presented to us during this month and beyond may well be something you do not feel comfortable to embrace or feel confident is right for you.  And so, you have to ask yourself; “as different as this looks and feels to be, is what I am currently stuck in any better?”  Change can be as comfortable or as uncomfortable as you wish to make it, and of course, there will be fear and uncertainty there because the future is unknown.  But the future has always been unknown, yet we keep moving into it, so why fear what is inevitable?  Rather, gather your talents and your confidence and allow these two powerful parts of yourself to take the lead and to allow you to transition out of the old and into the new.

The world has been through a massive change over the last 12 months and this will continue, it has to continue, and so we all need to make peace with this.  Not roll over and accept all we are being told to do and believe, but rather to use our own critical thinking and intuition to guide us and decide from here what we will accept and believe.   For the next 3 years we have the mighty planet of learning in Aquarius, and for the next approximately 12 months Jupiter the planet of expansion will be right there too – growing and manifesting all that needs to be changed from the dark to the light.  And on top of this, we have the Sun asking us to focus our own light on our own individuality and choices, as well as the planet of communication Mercury giving us the headspace, thought patterns and communication skills to share our thoughts and feelings with others.  It is time to move out of the Earth energy of being told and controlled and into the Air energy of our own sovereignty.  You are a Spirit having a human experience and you are more powerful than you know or have been ever allowed to be, and this balance of power between you and the powers that be is shifting.

While the Sun is in Aquarius for the next approximately 28 days we can expect a lot of tension, a lot of revelations and a lot of anger and volatility as the balance of power shifts and the power of change takes over.  The energies are making us very aware of what we feel and believe to be true in our own inner worlds, and this could very much be at loggerheads with what those around you are thinking and feeling.  And because such things are very important to you, and represent what you value or believe in, any attack on this will feel extremely personal and very difficult NOT to react too.  As all our differences are brought to the surface so too are our similarities.  I think we could safely say that we ALL want a peaceful world where there is abundance in every form for all?  So, there is our number one similarity, the big thing that can bring us all together and it is the big similarities underneath it all that matter, not the shallow, inconsequential “he said”, “she said” stuff.  So, I would ask you to take care of your energy in these times – watch your words, your thoughts and your actions and when you speak up do so calmly and clearly and without the need to be right or to win.

On a personal level, this Solar Month is a great time to start exploring your unique talents and/or your need to give back to humanity in some way.  As anger and volatility can be on the rise though, things like random acts of kindness and taking time to be at peace within yourself will make a huge difference to how you deal with your life and how you interpret and react to the events of the world around you at this time.

I can’t express enough the importance of you all understanding that you chose to be here on the earth plane at this time so as you could play a part in the Great Awakening.  You are not here randomly to eat your lunch and then leave.  You have a role to play here and at the very least it is to find and create peace in your life and at the very most it is to find and create that peace in the outside world.  All is energy and it all starts with you.  The more peace you can create within yourself the more peace there is to go out to the world around you. 

CHANGE is all around us and the energy of Aquarius is teaching us to seek and explore opportunities and perspectives that we have not explored before and to be more aware of the real truth so as the change we initiate can be built on concrete foundations and not crumble as it does when it is built on lies.  So, how would you like to change your life?  How would you like to change this world?  And what can you start to do to be a part of this change?  The changes you make this month, or this year can be as big as a new career or relationship or as small as a change of habit or perspective, it does not matter.  What does matter is that you make friends with change, and you make friends with those quirkier more outside the box parts of yourself, and in doing so you find a whole new path opens up for you that is sustainable for you as well as liberating and abundant in every way.

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