Blog Post 2 January 2023

Welcome to 2023!  The last 3 years have been quite something and have taken their toll on us in more ways than one.  As individuals and as a collective we are tired, traumatised and lost. Wherever you have been and whatever your experiences have been during this time, they will not have been easy and so please do allow your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to rest as much as you can. 

We have to understand the extremities of the last 3 years to best know what 2023 has in store for us and how to best navigate its energies.  2020 opened the door to major changes around the world, and these were, for the most part, challenging experiences and changes that we had never had to go through before.  In 2021 this was intensified, confused and amplified, and once again we were exposed to situations, attitudes and limitations that held us back, stunted our growth and tried to dim our lights.  In 2022 things appeared to lift somewhat, and so many then believed we were going back; back to the days pre-2020 when we felt free, liberated, strong and sure of ourselves and the world we live in.  But this was an illusion.  The entire purpose of the last 3 years has been to accelerate our ascension process and we cannot ascend while we remain the same, and the systems that run our planet also remain the same.  It is time, time for change, massive change so as ALL on this planet can live in peace and prosperity.  The last 3 years have taught us much about power, and how it can be used against us and for us.  The turmoil of all of this has had one very definite purpose, and that is to keep us away from ourselves, our Higher Selves, our inner worlds and our connection to the Universe.  This is quite simply because when our outside worlds are full of confusion, drama and fear we are kept focussing in that outer direction; distracted from our own lessons and journeys and from what we personally know and feel to be true.  And so, when we are in that energy we cannot do our inner work – we are kept from doing the most important thing we are all here to do – grow and ascend.

2023 is a number 7 year.  The number 7 represents divinity, heaven, spirit and the inner sanctum.  In 2023 we are being asked to shift our focus towards ourselves and step into and embrace our personal power, sovereignty and critical thinking.  We are told time and time again by the Spirit world that we cannot change the world around us until we change ourselves.  And this is our year – our year to take on that challenge and become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.

When we step into our divinity we step into self-love, self-care, self-respect and self-power.  We focus on doing and being what feels right to us, and not what we are told is the right thing for us.  It is time to remember; remember who you truly are.  You are a Spirit having a human experience and you have chosen to be born at this pivotal time on the earth plane to make a difference, to be a way-shower, an example of peace and a warrior of the Light. 

It is your responsibility at this time to focus on what inspires you, what makes you happy, what makes your soul sing and what of all of this you can share with the rest of the world to honour your Light.  It is NOT your responsibility to focus on events and occurrences outside of yourself that you have no control over.  You have all the ability you need to change yourself and in doing this you change the world.  Always remember – where the thought goes the energy flows….

We are in the Age of Aquarius – a time of innovation, community, forward-thinking and all that is unique therefore it is fitting in every way that we all reveal and accept these parts of ourselves so that we can share them with the world and BE the change we are here to be.  3 major planets change signs in 2023, 2 of them in March within weeks of each other, and such changes automatically and inherently affect us all as individuals and as a collective.  The energy of Aquarius and all that it represents is growing bringing humanity many choices and many opportunities to create divinity and heaven on earth, but it must start with inner change and inner love if it is to be for the highest good of ALL concerned.

So, make this the year that you choose YOU.  That you choose to honour and follow what inspires you, invigorates you and feels right to you.  Stop following what others say is right for you – that is their story, not yours.  Only you can walk the path that you chose.  Only you can master the earth plane with the skills that you have.  And, only you can play the role that you have chosen to play.  And if you are unsure of what that role is, just go with what feels right and what is being presented to you – this is Spirit directing and guiding you.

Thank you for all the love and light you have given and received over 2022 – the world is a better place because of you and all that you do.  Make 2023 the year that you take your true power back, that you stand in all your gifts and talents and that you are not afraid to share what you feel and know so as others around you can grow and ascend along with you.  Many blessings to you all for a magical and divine 2023 and may your Light shine true.  xox