Blog Post 27 June 2020

Venus, the planet of love and beauty has just turned Direct in Gemini after her approximately 6-week Retrograde dance through this sign.  Venus represents our language of love, our attitude towards money and how we value beauty in our lives.  Gemini energy loves to explore, question, communicate and stimulate.  So, while Venus was moving in Retrograde motion through this sign of the zodiac we were all being given the opportunity and the support to look back at who we form our relationships with, why we choose such people, and whether their truth and their core values align with our own.  As well as what monetary value we put on ourselves, what we do, and whether or not this is meeting our needs, and our worth.

In particular, I feel many of us were given the opportunity to look at how we value ourselves and what we have to offer the world in general.  The events of these last few months on the earth plane have been unprecedented, to say the least, and many of you have found yourselves looking deeply into your sense of what is good for you and what is not.  Many people have had to reinvent what they do and the way that they do it, and in doing so have found talents they had not yet explored, and natural abilities that they could capitalise on as well as new ideas and concepts for moving forward, growing and re-aligning their businesses and personal talents.  Venus in Gemini encourages us all to embrace our curiosity and to use it to see how we can improve our lives and our knowledge base, as well as how to be better versions of who we truly are.

Now, as Venus moves into Direct motion, we can take all that we explored, learned and changed about ourselves and our lives during the last 6+ weeks, and we can move forward towards putting these into action.  The action you wish to take may not need to take place immediately, in fact, while we still have so many planets still in Retrograde motion – and especially the trickster Mercury – it is best to keep fine-tuning and practising what you plan to do, and take action on this mid-late July 2020.  Or, perhaps what you wish to put in place to take you to the next stage of your soul’s journey can benefit from waiting until the New Year thus taking full advantage of the Eclipse energies of this month and their 6-month influence over us all. 

Whatever you have recently learned about the value you put on yourself, your career, your relationships and your possessions, know that it was important for your understanding at this time, as it has allowed you to shift your perspective of who you truly are.  While Venus was in Retrograde money may have not flowed as well for you, and relationships may have also stopped in their tracks as well.  These were messages for you, messages to say that such things needed your attention and focus because they weren’t aligning with where you are going and what you need.  Always remember that no matter what you are presented with in life, the Universe ALWAYS has your back and ALWAYS knows the big picture.  We, unfortunately, or fortunately however you wish to see it, only get to know things on a “need to know” basis, and this is because so often we would resist and run away from what is necessary for us and for our growth, simply because we don’t like it or don’t want it.

Trust in the process of life.  And if something or someone is being presented to you that you don’t like or want, allow yourself to see the big picture and have faith in the fact that you co-create with the Universe and it is your role to set your goals and the Universe’s job to get you there.  You are now moving out of a powerful time of realising, understanding and letting go, and on the other side of this change is the next chapter of your life.  Doors may now open to new opportunities for relationships that support your growth, and income that aligns with your true value.  So, it’s now time for eyes wide open and positive thinking. Blessings xox