Blog Post 30 June 2019

On 2 July 2019 we have a total Solar Eclipse in Cancer which is the opening act for a month packed with challenges and change.  Solar Eclipses represent new beginnings and they take no prisoners.  They bring about the changes that are meant to happen in our lives, whether we like them or not, and they are an essential part of our life paths, as they activate and bring into play the things that we have often been doing our best to ignore, deny or bury inside of ourselves. 

This Eclipse occurs with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all in Retrograde motion, and with Mercury and Chiron soon to join them, so the energy it is creating has as a direct route to your inner world.  You are already finding yourselves questioning who you are and what you are doing, and the power of this eclipse will allow you to see what habits, traits and standard ways of being and seeing life that you have become accustomed too, and change them.  The only constant in this life is change, but the bigger the change often the more we run from it.  So, every year we have our Eclipse Seasons that shake and rattle us out of our apathy, fog and denial and kick us up the proverbial “behind” to get us moving and evolving once again. 

As this Eclipse is occurring in the sign of Cancer at 10 degrees, it stimulates our creativity, our intuition and our ability to nurture ourselves as much as we nurture others.  Everyone has Cancerian energy somewhere in their Natal Charts and so everyone is a bit Cancerian somewhere, and so wherever that Cancerian energy sits in your Chart is where you are being asked to make changes and to face your fears. 

Solar Eclipses occur at New Moons, and so they are all about setting your intentions for not only the next 4 weeks but for the next 6 months.  This means that whatever you put in place, decide upon or change within your life at the time of the Eclipse is meant to be your next step, your future and your best way forward, and it tends to be set in stone.  So, don’t hide from what presents itself to you, no matter how challenging it may be.  It is meant to be, that is why it is happening at this time, and the more you can embrace it and go with it the quicker the challenge can and will turn into the reward it is destined to be.  Cancerian energy is very emotional so go with what you feel.  Don’t bury it down again because it’s too hard or too painful to deal with.  When you do that you run the risk of creating a new beginning based on all that you DON’T wish to have in your life.  It is hard, really hard, to face the things within you that you fear, but for the most part, the real fear that holds you back is the unknown other side of going through that experience.  Imagine, for instance, that if you as a child had been too scared to learn to walk, because you tried it once or twice, fell over and hurt yourself, and then decided it was just too hard and not worth the effort?  As an adult now you would be missing out on a major part of your life as a human being, you would have missed so many experiences in life and will continue to miss them, simply because you could not face what frightened and hurt you.  Go with the change, face your fears because NOW is the time, and look to new and creative ways to live your best life possible.

We have now entered the second half of 2019 – so what you put in place at this Solar Eclipse is what you can look forward too for the rest of this year.  Yes, it will push you right out of your comfort zone, and yes it may not be a fun time for a while.  But how often have you had this experience before, and found a hidden treasure and amazing gift waiting for you on the other side of your fear?  The best thing you can do is not only face what you fear changing in your life, whether that be a job, a relationship, a habit or even an addiction, but use all your creative energy and imagination to design and embrace what comes next.  And you need to devote yourself 100% to this. 

The powerful line-up of retrograde planets that are in place at the time of this Eclipse are there to make you aware of what lies within your inner world that is preventing you from living up to your full potential, and where you may be trapped within an illusion of acceptance, apathy and denial.  This energy is also ideal for you to look around you too who you share your life with and to honestly and openly make some choices here too.  Are the people you surround yourself with really on the same page or even chapter as you?  Do the people you associate yourself with bring out the best in you and support you?  Or do you allow these people to put you down and keep you down when you know inside of you there is a light that can shine a lot more brightly than it is currently being allowed too?  Like-mindedness, especially on a soul level, is such a powerful alignment to have with others as it allows positive reflection into your life, as well as purpose and intent that is going to motivate and inspire you to be more confident in yourself and to aim higher for what you believe in. 

It is this very support and alignment with your soul group that then enable you and your group to start to make a difference in the outside world as well.  When we have those beside us to resonate with what we resonate with, and who celebrate life and living the same way we celebrate it, it cannot help but create an energy that goes out to the world to bring more love and light to the earth plane.

So, at the time of this Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, don’t be afraid to face and release what is not balanced in your inner world.  Honour yourself, your path and your highest purpose and don’t allow your fears or insecurities to stop the change that is already in progress.  You were never meant to come out of this year the same person you began it as, and this Eclipse is your turning point.  Blessings xox