Blog Post 9 September 2019

In this year of lesson upon lesson, we are all looking for and needing tools and support that can assist us to not only learn what we need to learn but to also give us the confidence and surety that we need to keep going and keep moving forward.  One foot in front of the other is all that it takes.  However, to date this year may have felt like stepping into a gale-force wind where every forward step is using every bit of power that we have!  It’s been hard work, but, on a positive note, wherever and whatever we have stepped up too, we HAVE made major progress and we now find ourselves with no desire or interest whatsoever in going back to where we were before.

For over 18 months now we have been feeling the power of the two big guys, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as they push and prod us towards addressing our inner conflicts and releasing all that holds us back.  It will not be long now until Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction with one another creating a powerful and pivotal turning point in this transit.  Side by side these two mighty cosmic powers have the ability to transform our lives and to break down the barriers and misconceptions we hold about ourselves, so as we can step up and BE all that we are capable of Being. 

The Moon has also joined Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn encouraging us to trust in the process that is life and to allow this to take us where we need to go but may have been too scared to venture. 

At this time we also have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Virgo energy.  So all in all 7 planets are in Earth signs at this time making this an incredibly powerful time to attend to details, to fine-tune plans, to instigate projects and to oversee all that we are doing, and planning to do, to make sure it is as “perfect” and sustainable as we can possibly get it to be.  To break it down, we have our primary focus, our communication skills, our relationship with love and money as well as our motivation and passion all on the same page making this a super-powerful time to manifest and solidify sustainable and successful futures for ourselves.  So, now is the time to not only set those goals for the future but to make sure that we know what steps we need to take to get there and most importantly, whether this is truly what we want and what we need for our own personal growth and development.

However, Virgo energy dearly loves to serve and so at this time, it can be very easy for us to also be distracted by what we can do to help others and to be of use to another soul.  Do not allow yourselves to be distracted by conditioning and what you feel obligated to do and be according to other people’s standards and beliefs.  These planetary line-ups at this time are to encourage and help you to raise your vibration, to achieve your goals and to focus on your dreams and talents.  The more use you can make of this powerful Earth energy flooding the planet at this time, the more you will be building on concrete foundations and the more likely that what you are working on at this time will grow into the success you wish it to be.  This is a time for YOU, to serve YOU and to support YOU.

Under this influence, it is also a very good time for you to look at where you feel less than perfect and address what is causing this.  If it’s external – ignore it.  If it’s internal – shift it.  Nothing outside of you has any right or power to define you unless you allow it too.  It is our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves that are the most powerful force of good and evil in this world, and only YOU have the power to change these. 

So, for the next week or so, focus on you.  Embrace your imperfections as part of your growth and allow them to change and evolve through raising your opinion of yourself and by also not allowing others to have power over you. 

You are perfect just as you are – a soul on a journey of learning and discovery.  You have done nothing wrong, so let go of where you feel you are less than perfect.  Stop judging yourself for what is wrong with you rather than what is right with you.  Eradicate and replace the negative monkey chatter with loving productive thought processes, and most importantly use all of this Earth energy bathing us at this time to attend to what is practical, useful, constructive and beautiful about you and your world.  Blessings xox