Blog Post

16 June 2021

Every year, in their own way and for their own length of time, the planets that influence us so strongly in the cosmos move into Retrograde motion.  This means that they appear to move backwards and so are seen and interpreted as a time for revision and review.  Like anything in life, we can’t always be on the go, doing things, making things happen and being out in the big wide world.  We all need time (as does the planet) to re-evaluate our direction, to re-assess our purpose, to review our progress so far and to regenerate our inner worlds so as we have more strength, insight and clarity to deal with the outside world.  This is the Universe giving us the time to do our inner work so as the actions we take in our outside worlds are going to be of the most benefit to us and to humanity in general. 

Every planet as it Retrogrades carries its own message and own agenda for the inner work required.  The most commonly spoken of retrograde is Mercury Retrograde – which we are currently experiencing.  Mercury being the planet that is all about communication and movement needs time every year to reassess his actions and direction and so allows us all the same opportunities. Under his influence, we have the opportunity to really re-look at where we are going, what we are thinking and what we can do to improve on this in some way.  His current Retrograde through Gemini is giving us all the opportunity to re-evaluate how we communicate and also encourages us to seek more wisdom and learning in pursuit of the truth.

Also in Retrograde motion at this time is the planet Saturn, our teacher and disciplinarian.  He is currently Retrograde in Aquarius giving us all the opportunity to make peace with and celebrate our inner rebel as well as our points of difference from others.  To be able to use our Aquarian innovation and forward-thinking to the best of our abilities, we need to be at peace with those parts of us that we may feel are too different, or too out there for others to accept.  And so, during this Retrograde period, not only can you learn to enjoy what sets you apart from others, but you can also use this time to see what solutions and insights you might have into what needs to change in this world and what role you can play in this.

Pluto the mighty planet of transformation is also in Retrograde motion at present in the energy of Capricorn.  Pluto now only has around 4 years left of his 18-year transit through this sign of the Zodiac and so his influence is particularly important as we let go and transform the last of the outdated, patriarchal, conservative and traditional patterns of the past – both within our own worlds and on a global scale as well.  His Retrograde effect is one of personal transformation – we are being asked to look to what we need to personally let go of that is no longer of positive use to us.  This relates to outdated attitudes, ingrained belief systems as well as structures and routines that we have adhered to that no longer have any relevance in our lives and have no use in our future.  We must transform ourselves to transform the world, or rather, “first you save yourself – then you save the world”.

Just before the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, Jupiter will also move into Retrograde motion in Pisces.  Jupiter is the great expander – the planet that takes what is naturally present and grows it into something that we can work with or eliminate in our lives.  Piscean energy is the energy of intuition, creativity and sensitivity.  So, during this Retrograde period, we all get to explore these sides of ourselves to see what can be enhanced and built upon as well as what no longer serves us.  We were all born 100% intuitive and connected to Spirit, however as we become conditioned by the earth plane and all it has to teach us, we can move away from what “feels” right to become much more focussed on what “appears” to be right.  Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces is our opportunity to reconnect with who we truly are and to see and feel our own purpose, beauty and power.

And, just a few days after the Solstice, mighty Neptune the planet of illusion, deception, imagination and betrayal will also move into Retrograde motion in Pisces.  This will give us all of the “big boys” in the cosmos moving in Retrograde motion and this can only mean the shattering of illusions, the exposure of lies, the insight into what is really important and the activation of our imaginations.  Now, Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 and has just a few more years in this sign of the zodiac before he transits out of Pisces and into Aries.  This long generational transit of Neptune has been all about shattering illusions from start to finish.  Shattering the personal illusions we carry about what is real, who we are, what we are capable of and what we need.  As well as shattering the global illusions.  And it is the shattering of the global illusions that will be the most important and integral part of Neptune’s transit.  And with Jupiter retrograding alongside Neptune also in Pisces, we have the great amplification and manifestation of both their energies and influences. 

Therefore, from an astrological perspective, we have arrived at a very important point in 2021 and in humanity’s ascension.  It’s as if the first half of 2021 where only a few planets were in Retrograde we had some ripples of dissension, disclosure and agendas, most of which were shut down as quickly as they were released.  However, now with this many planets doing their due diligence within us, and within the collective energy, there is little doubt that things can continue to be contained and hidden from us.  When the mighty planet of illusion, Neptune, moves Retrograde it is ALL of the illusions and deceptions we have been led to believe in our own personal lives as well as on the global stage, that can be revealed.  And with the amplification of Jupiter, it’s as if such things will carry their own unstoppable momentum to bring as much as needs to be revealed to the surface as possible. 

All of you lightworkers out there reading this know that the time of the Great Awakening is here, and even those of you who do not feel that you are Lightworkers or feel you have no understanding of such things, cannot help but be able to feel and see what has been hidden from view.  Anger, aggression, violence and arguing cannot and will not resolve any of this.  Love is the only way forward. 

As humanity works through this powerful time, we need to exercise our compassion and empathy for everyone no matter what their views or beliefs.  But we do not do this as fools, or as doormats.  We stand in our warrior energy, and we give compassion, but we do not buy into anything that does not resonate with our souls.  Perhaps you could call it a time of “tough love” where we are taking a stand and making moves from a position of love and compassion for all that there is, but with no weakness.  We send back the fear-based energy that is being relentlessly and callously directed at us with love.  It is not ours; we do not attach to it, we do not relate to it and we do not accept it.  We are of the light and in the light and the light will ALWAYS conquer the dark.

So, allow yourself during these powerful Retrogrades to sit with your truth – whatever that might be.  By allowing yourself to use your incredible intuition, your critical thinking and your sovereignty you can shatter all the illusions that have held you back in your personal life, as well as see through all and any illusions that have surrounded and conditioned you to date.  You are a soul on a journey, and you chose to be here at this pivotal time on the earth plane to BE the difference the world needs to see.  NOW is the time.  Blessings xox