Blog Post 9 October 2019

It never ceases to amaze me how the planets above us have so much influence and revelation for us.  Here we are in the month of October, ruled by Libra the bringer of harmony and balance and the sign of the zodiac that most fights for justice.  And as this energy beams down upon the earth plane, tension and awareness is at an all-time high and it is painfully obvious how very unjust and unfair life on the earth plane is for many many souls, and who the responsibility for this lies with.  It’s a time of Narcissism versus Empathy and the end of the old to bring in the new.   We are seeing it globally and we are also seeing it in our personal lives as well.

Pluto has just turned Direct in Capricorn, after an approximate 5 month period of Retrograde motion.  While Pluto was Retrograde it was a time to visit our inner demons, and much will have been revealed to you, whether you liked it or not.  As Pluto now moves into Direct motion, our inner demons come out to see the light of day so as they can be accepted as a part of us and altered by our newfound awareness.  But this process is not easy.  We don’t, for the most part, want to look at our inner darkness because it frightens us, makes us feel ashamed and because in many cases, it’s all we have to hold on too that can enable us to mask our fears and not take responsibility for our life paths.  (At the risk of sounding too political, there is a certain President known by one and all whose greatest fear, as I see it, is in being wrong and so he feeds this fear through lies and dishonesty).  Fear can and will stop you in your tracks if you allow it too, and every day in a multitude of ways the media, society and your own inner demons are bombarding us with fear that only adds to what we are already carrying.  We all have these parts of ourselves that need to be identified – not so as we can feel bad about ourselves but so as we can do something about them.  And so, the first step always has to be to accept that such things are a part of us, and the second step is to forgive yourself so as you can alter these things or let them go. 

Our souls, our connection to Source, are feeling all of this tension very strongly and it can feel like there is just too much to juggle, or there is just too much to appease.  And so, we either go into shut-down mode and refuse to acknowledge any of it, or, we create chaos around us to distract ourselves from the issue and to find someone other than ourselves to blame for our discontent etc.  (Once again a few “leaders” around the world are creating this reality).

Mars the planet of drive and determination has now moved into Scorpio which brings out the passion and conviction in our bellies but at the same time encourages us to hide behind our secrets and to feel like we are the victims of what goes on in our lives.  Mars in Scorpio, however, seeks to find the answers to re-connect to the power.  To succeed at this it is important that we look within ourselves to what we don’t want to admit too, or where we may have hidden agendas, so as we can step into our true power and truth.  Mars in Scorpio has a need to be right, to be empowered and to let the truth out – but is it your truth you are fighting for or the truth you feel you should be fighting for?  With the Sun valiantly shining in Libra, we can find the balance between our victim mentality and our need for power, and therefore use the energy of Mars to motivate ourselves to do what is best for us, and not what is in our default settings or what we are told and conditioned to believe.

Venus has also just joined Mars in Scorpio.  The planet of love and beauty loses a lot of her gentile and attractive ways when she enters Scorpio.  She enters an intense phase where she will be empowering your need for money, material goods and love and bringing in feelings of having to possess and own that which you desire the most in life.  Once again, thank goodness for the Libran Sun who can bring balance to these needs, and inspire you to listen to your soul rather than your Ego self. 

Do not allow the energies of these times to defeat you or to make you feel any less empowered than you would like too.  Instead, do something – anything – that allow you to feel that you have made a positive difference.  

As Pluto and Saturn’s dance in Capricorn brings them closer and closer together there is much more to come and so your inner world needs to be as strong as it can possibly be so as YOU can do the work you are here to do.  And that is to change this world.  Use your passion, Mars in Scorpio, to change something in your life for the better; use your inner knowledge, Pluto in Capricorn, to let go of what is not working and replace it with something solid and sustainable; use Venus in Scorpio to achieve your goals in alignment with the highest good of all concerned, and finally allow the Sun in Libra to bring balance and harmony to the parts of your life that feel chaotic or scary at this time.  The Full Moon is nearly upon us and with this cosmic movement comes a fresh perspective and the chance to pioneer your vision.  Blessings xox