Blog Post 10 March 2022

In March we finally have all the planets in Direct motion, which means that we are all going to be confronted with challenges and opportunities outside of ourselves that we have to take action on or deal with in some way.  The abundance of Piscean energy has the job of forcing us to see through all and any illusions we have created in our lives. 

You see, how you think and how you perceive things determines your happiness and success in this lifetime and that is the plain truth of the matter.  No amount of external opportunities, great gifts and financial gain can be embraced and sustainably used by you until you see through the illusions that you live under and believe in yourself.  For example, the soul who works as an artist can be given all sorts of opportunities to sell and promote their work, but if they don’t believe in their gift or if they don’t see their gift as something that can support them and look after them, then al those opportunities may come to nothing.  We have to stop seeing ourselves as limited beings and look beyond to what we could do and be outside of the box. 

And of course, once we have to suddenly look at our lives differently or wake up and take responsibility for that life, fear sets in, quite simply because we are invoking change.  Much as many of you say that you embrace and love change, I would believe that many of you can only do so when it is YOU making the change and NOT when someone else, or external circumstances, move the goalposts for you! 

The world around us is changing and changing fast, and for the most part, we have no idea how this is going to look or where it is going to take us.  And on top of this, we feel like we have no control or say in any of it either.  Well, this may be the case, but nothing and no one can change the way that you think or have power over your thoughts.  We need to take our power back and the only way to do so is to stand strong in our beliefs, our talents and our purpose. 

With the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune all currently transiting through the illusionary sign of Pisces, our intuition can be enhanced as much as our fear.  Any and all illusions you have allowed yourself to believe and live under are now up for review, and YOU are the only one who can decide what is a false illusion and what is true to you.  For example, using the example of an artist once again, just because you can’t sell a piece of work does not make you a useless artist or talentless.  However, how many of you tell yourself such things or minimise and discredit your talents just because the outside world is telling you a different story.  Our minds are alive with stories that we tell ourselves made up from the reality around us and our own imagination and on top of this our fears.  And so often that story turns dark or negative, because of your lack of belief in YOU and NOT because of how others treat you.  This month is a major opportunity for all of us to see through our illusions to who we truly are; beautiful, talented, purposeful and innocent souls on a journey of learning. 

You chose to be here at this time, never forget that, and so if you chose it, you can know you chose to be here for a damn good reason and that reason is to do your bit to save this planet and to help her and all on her, to ascend and evolve love out of this 3D nightmare we have created. 

So, as we build up to a Full Moon in Virgo (the polar opposite of Pisces) get your heads out of the negative and fear-infused clouds and focus on all the beauty, talent and optimism that your soul carries.  You are needed, you are loved, and you have much to offer, and this too shall pass.  Blessings xox