Blog Post 13 June 2022

On 14 June 2022, we have a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius. Super Full Moon is the name given to a Full Moon when it is at its closest distance from the earth at this time of illumination, and so when any planet is close to earth its energy is more strongly felt and we are much more influenced by it than normal.  This can of course result in higher tides, increased emotions and of course more reflections and mirrors.

We are all mirrors and reflections for one another, one way or another.  It is always important to know that when you meet a person or know a person, who has qualities or behaviours that you don’t like the chances are you yourself carry those very same qualities or behavioural patterns, but the person in front of you will have them in their full-blown capacity, and you may just have them in a small capacity.  The reaction you have is because your soul is recognising something that it can relate to or understand because it too knows that you can be capable of this.  This is meant to serve as a reminder to you that some work needs to be done on an inner level, particularly so if your reaction is a strong one.  And the same can be said for when you see something in another soul that you really like.  This means that you too carry that some wonderful quality and this can be your chance to develop it further or just to feel good within yourself that you carry those qualities that you so admire.

So, when we have a Super Full Moon the reflections and mirrors will be SUPER too!!  A Full Moon is created when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon and as the Earth is where we humans live and exist, naturally this movement is going to cause an amplification of what is being felt and experienced at that time.  Therefore, at the time of this Full Moon, you may find yourself asking yourself “why do I do the things that I do?” both good and bad.  You may see very clearly for the first time, or as a timely reminder, what it is you need to rise above to overcome.  What lower frequencies do you too often buy into?  The Moon will illuminate your inner world so that you can see a lot more clearly what it is that its energy needs to heal.

Sagittarian energy is the energy of the truth seeker – it is highly curious, highly intelligent, and always keen to learn and master its skills.  When the Moon enters this energy she opens the mind to higher ways of learning, understanding and accomplishing your life path.  So, we will find new ways to overcome and rise above our challenges.  We will be directed to and pulled towards new and alternative ways to solve our problems and achieve our goals in life.  This strong need to know why encourages us to look deeper and wider for our answers.  And to add to the mix this Full Moon will be squaring the planet of mysticism and illusion, Neptune.  This aspect can work in your favour or not, just depending on how you wish to use your imagination and your intelligence to find your answers.  On the one hand, Neptune will encourage you to look to your spiritual guides and your spiritual knowledge for understanding and new solutions, but as Neptune is also all about illusion, he could lead you down the proverbial garden path too.  With the Sun currently still in Gemini, there is much mischief and unpredictability in the air, so it is important that we question everything that is presented to us. 

We are in times of unprecedented change on the earth plane, and we are all here to play our roles in this – that is why you chose to be here at this time. You also chose to come here with other souls to work together to assist this massive shift of consciousness.  Over the next few months unexpected opportunities for new directions and for the use of your talents will be presented to you and those whom you are here to work with or who you are here to be in a supportive like-minded relationship with will also start to appear in your life.  Some may surprise you and some you may have felt you have been waiting all your life for, go with what is presented to you so long as it feels right to you.  Let go of all that is negative and replace it with all that is positive.

At the time of any Full Moon, things come to fruition, and the energy of this Full Moon will be to find the solutions and answers we are searching for in different or alternative places to where we may normally look.  Don’t be scared or afraid to look elsewhere to question what you normally would not and to accept what is presented to you at this time.  Magic is never far away at the Full Moon, so call on that magical energy to be your guiding light to finding your way at this time.  Full Moon Blessings to you all.  xox