Blog Post 10 December 2020

On 14 December we have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the New Moon.  So, this merges the energy of new beginnings with the energy of intent.  Any New Moon is our opportunity to set our intentions for the month ahead – but when this falls at the time of a Solar Eclipse then we not only get to set our intent, but new beginnings can be presented to us, and we have the ability to take action and act on these.

Eclipses usually come in pairs – Lunar then Solar and the energy and effect of these heavenly experiences carries on with us for approximately 6 months after the event.  So, we are still in the energy of last month’s Lunar Eclipse.  At the time of this Eclipse, we were being asked to let go of the old to bring in the new.  And now as the Solar Eclipse approaches, we get to move forward and activate that new direction, beginning or way of being that we wish to embrace.  Eclipses of any kind have the ability to move you forward often without too much input from you at all.  Things in your life can very suddenly end or begin, and although you may not like the changes or feel that they are right for you, I can guarantee you that they will be absolutely perfect for you in the long run.  Remember the Universe ALWAYS has the big picture of your life, and you only get to know things on a “need to know” basis.

Sagittarian energy is the energy of the “truth seeker”.  Most Sagittarian people work very hard to educate themselves in their chosen fields and tend to really be experts on what they know best.  At the time of this Solar Eclipse, the Sun will be conjunct with Mercury as well as the Moon.  When planets “conjunct” one another they amplify and work alongside each other’s energies.  When Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Sagittarius as it will be at the time of this Eclipse, that seeking and needing of the truth becomes even more important and not only will there be the need to seek out and discover the truth, there will also be the need to communicate what you find and what you know with others. 

The planet of drive and determination, Mars, is sitting in the energy of Aries at this time, having just completed his Retrograde phase and Stationary phases here, he has now moved into Direct motion.  And NOTHING stops Mars in Aries when he is in Direct motion.  It’s the energy of “my way no matter what!”  So, not only will we have the truth being revealed but we will also have a need to explore and investigate this, and then a need to act upon it.  Be aware though that Mars in Aries does not like to spend too much time thinking and planning, he is all about action and as there is so much information out there, it would be advisable to try to stop and process things as much as possible BEFORE you take action or react to it in any way.  Neptune the planet of illusion is not working as harmoniously with this Eclipse energy as the rest of the planets are, and so as much as there will be plenty of truth being revealed there will also be lies and deceit as well.  So, once again this year we are brought to the awareness of the Divine Feminine aspect within us all, which is our ability to use and rely on our intuition and heart centre to ascertain the truth, as it is only here that the real truth lies.

On a personal basis, this can mean that each and every one of us will see, hear or discover something about ourselves and/or our lives that will allow us to have more clarity and more understanding and from here the ability to take action. Things in our personal lives as well as globally are going to start happening a lot faster.  It is as if, any time warp or holding pattern we have found ourselves in is going to be gone, and finally we will not only see where and how to step forward, but we will also have the passion and motivation to do so.

We are slowly but surely moving out of the restrictive, out-dated energies of Capricorn and this Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is just the energy we need to be able to do so with a new awareness of what we need to update and liberate within ourselves, as much as it is what needs to be set free in the world around us.  The truth cannot be buried forever, and the planets are conspiring to make sure that this happens sooner rather than later.  And it would do us all well to remember that although the truth can and will hurt, it will also set you free!

This Eclipse is also connected to the South Node which is also currently sitting in Sagittarius.  The South Node represents what we have come from, learned about and experienced in other lifetimes that may still need to be addressed and worked through in this lifetime.  So, there is also a message here with all this Sagittarian energy to be aware of our need for control, especially control over others.  As we move closer and closer to the shift into Aquarius we are being “prepared” in a way, to open our minds to the perspectives of others as well as to the importance of community and Mother Earth. 

So, at the time of this Solar Eclipse, I would ask you to look back at 2020 and what it has taught you about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and what is within you that has really and truly outlived its usefulness to you.  And then look to what you would like your future and the future of this planet to look like and focus on this and focus on what you, as an individual, can bring to the table here.  It is time to begin anew, not go back to where we were, that just cannot and will not happen.  2020 has changed us all hugely and we will never go back to the world that we used to live in because it cannot sustain us any more as people or as a planet.  Instead, we all now get to step into the Age of Aquarius where what is for the highest good of ALL concerned will become the focus for humanity.  Eclipse Blessings of new beginnings to you all. xox