Blog Post

8 June 2021

On 10 June 2021, we have a Solar Eclipse in Gemini.  Eclipses come in pairs, and so two weeks ago we had the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which was all about endings.  The energy of the Lunar Eclipse gave us the encouragement and awareness of what we need to let go of so as we can move forward along our soul’s journey.  Lunar Eclipses tend to also lean more towards our emotional issues and what habits, attitudes, beliefs and feelings we hold on to that have no positive use in our lives anymore.  Such things can be brought to the surface at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, or at some stage within the 6 months following that event, and will become extremely obvious and “in your face” until you deal with them.  And interestingly, more often than not, what you are being encouraged or shown to let go of, is something that you are so comfortable with that you don’t want to let go of it, or something so ingrained in you that letting go of this seems like something that is just too hard for you to do.  However, the beauty of Eclipse energy is that it does the work for you. So, if things are still prodding at you and not feeling quite right, or even becoming more and more dysfunctional by the day, the chances are the Eclipse is doing its work, and you are making some very important and pivotal progress along your life path, and the best thing you can do is to get out of your own way and allow that flow to continue.

With the Solar Eclipse comes the opportunity for new beginnings; to replace what you have let go of at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and/or, to step out of where you are and into something new.  So, at the time of this Eclipse and during the 6 months or so to follow, new opportunities for growth and change will be presented to you, and it is up to you to embrace these opportunities and to make use of them.  This Solar Eclipse is in Gemini and so it’s all about communication, mental agility, critical thinking, diversity and the importance of the truth.  Therefore, from a collective or global perspective, there will be much opportunity for the truth to be revealed on a large scale as well as on a personal scale.  We cannot shine the light on the world and reveal nothing – too much is at stake and too much needs to see the light.

The challenge at this Eclipse is that Saturn our great teacher and disciplinarian is in Retrograde in Aquarius, so he is asking us to go deep to reveal who we truly are and to not be afraid to speak up, reveal and make apparent to others where you see things differently, have ingenious ideas and solutions and where you can think and act outside the box.  But this can mean we are at war with the parts of ourselves that demand that we take responsibility and act conservatively, Saturn, and the parts of us that just want to break free and be recognised and heard, Aquarius.  We are being asked to make friends with our “quirkiness” or those parts of you that you feel are so very different to everyone else – because within those parts are your magic, and the world is very much in need of a whole lot of magic these days!  Also, at the time of the Solar Eclipse Mercury is Retrograde, also in Gemini.  Mercury Retrograde is not the right time usually to be starting anything new or making any major commitments in your life.  Rather it is a time to reassess and revisit your direction.  So, the Solar Eclipse may well bring to your attention new opportunities or a new direction, but it would be advisable to take this and sleep on it for a week or so before you take action.  Mercury Retrograde finishes on 22 June, but it is usually advisable to allow another at least 5 days after this for the energy to completely settle down so there is as little disruption and “mischief” at play as possible when you make your move. 

With the movement of all the planets at this time, although there will be a call and a push for the truth to come out and for much to be revealed, at the same time, we will also be feeling a great sense of responsibility towards ourselves and our lives.  And so, what is revealed may not sit right with your truth or may not resonate with your way of thinking and that is OK.   As we move fully into the Age of Aquarius we are stepping into the ascension of this planet, and our own ascension, however, neither of these can benefit us fully until we move into our heart centres and operate our thoughts, feelings, actions and communications from here, and only here.

At the time of the Solar Eclipse use this very powerful energy to lift yourself out of complacency and apathy and into thinking, understanding and communicating.   Take advantage of all and any new opportunities that come your way, and don’t be afraid to question anything that does not sit right with you.  We are all powerful light beings with integral roles to play in the Great Awakening, and when we remember where we came from and what we are capable of, our roles become clear, and our true-life purpose can be revealed.  Blessings xox