Blog Post 20 June 2020

2020 is a year which we will all remember – it was the year when the much-touted Capricorn stellium came into play – and thanks to this, things will never, thankfully, be the same again.  And it will also be the year in which one of the most powerful Eclipses of all time will occur. Humanity it seems does not truly learn, truly change or truly evolve unless it is put under massive pressure in some way, and so the upheaval we are currently experiencing is a necessary evil that if handled intelligently and lovingly will bring about a new world for us all.  For too long we have lived under a cloud of apathy and conditioning and now is the time for us to use empathy and understanding as our power tools to clear the way forward.  Its time for humanity to evolve out of apathy and into empathy once and for all.  During an Eclipse we have both dark and light overlaying one another, and through this process, the old can be released so as the new can be birthed.

Eclipses come in pairs.  On 5 June we had a Lunar Eclipse, and now we have its partner the Solar Eclipse coming into play on 21 June 2020.  This Eclipse could well be the Eclipse to trump all Eclipses as it occurs just minutes before the Solstice, as well as when so many planets are in Retrograde, and therefore the changes it will bring are powerfully connected to mother nature, the collective consciousness and to each of us as individuals.  This Eclipse also occurs at zero degrees which in astrology represents an infinite number of possibilities for change and new beginnings.  Eclipses seek to re-align us with our true purpose.  They are our twice yearly reminder that we came here with a plan and a purpose, and if we have waivered or wandered off course, at the time of a Solar Eclipse we get to see what route we have taken, and whether it needs to be realigned and whether you need to adjust yourself to a new way of thinking or being.  As this Eclipse is occurring in the sensitive, intuitive and mothering energy of Cancer the theme of this Eclipse is to re-connect to your inner world.  And remember that Cancerian energy is ruled by the Moon, therefore this process is massively amplified by the natural flow of emotion, intuition and nurturing.

For too long, and particularly when we are under a lot of stress and pressure, many of you have ignored your inner guidance, your gut instinct, your intuition or whatever name you wish to give it.  We have ignored for too long what our Higher Selves and Spirit are telling us, and in doing so we stop following the path we chose to follow before we were born and instead we find ourselves following someone else’s lead, believing somebody else’s truth above our own and dancing to somebody else’s drumbeat. 

So, at this super-powerful Eclipse, be prepared to adjust your thinking and your ways and also be prepared to leave behind what no longer serves you and that which is not in line with who you truly are.  You can expect the unexpected at this New Moon Eclipse as well, simply because Eclipses activate and illuminate what we need to see and the path we need to take.  However, what is presented to you at this time may not feel or look like what you believed your path to be and so it is a time to stop, look and listen to what your gut instinct is telling you.  You may be asked to go in a completely different direction to the one you thought you were going in, or, you may just find that you have to make some adjustments and changes in yourself to get back in line with your soul and its journey through this lifetime.   What you can know for sure is that some of those proverbial missing puzzle pieces that can tie everything together and fill in the gaps along your path, will be presented to you and from here you can realign yourself and recalibrate if necessary.  Do be aware also that decisions made, and actions taken at the time of an Eclipse tend to be carved in concrete and irreversible. Therefore, whatever unexpected things that may come your way at this time, or whatever opportunities present themselves to you at this time, it is important that you evaluate these, think about them, but perhaps do not act on them for another two weeks.  However, if there is something you have been wanting to drastically change in your life once and for all, this Eclipse is the time to do it! 

Anything is possible at an Eclipse – so be careful what you ask for….  Keep your intentions and your focus on what you wish to change or have in your life that is positive, for your highest good and kind.  This Eclipse is in Cancer so emotions will be at an all-time high and it can be very easy for us to retreat into our shells to hide from what we don’t wish to deal with.  Unfortunately, people, you can run but you can’t hide from the Eclipse energy.  But what you can do, is rest in your shell and take your time to think about what is presenting itself to you and why, before you act on it.  As we have so many planets in Retrograde motion at the time of this Eclipse as well as this powerful Cancerian energy we will be “feeling” things very intensely, and we know that when we make decisions solely based on our emotions, they don’t tend to be sustainable, logical or even practical.  The overall intention of the Cosmos at this time is to get you to wait, watch and learn, not just from what is going on within you on your personal journey, but also to what is going on globally for all of us.  We will see what is possible for us to achieve and what is standing in the way of us doing so.  Eclipses stir things up A LOT, and although I am sure you would agree that 2020 has already been a very well stirred pot, there is still a lot more to come.

This Solar Eclipse will affect you wherever Cancerian energy sits in your Chart and it will also affect your Capricorn energy (opposing energy).  You will feel the pressure of what others expect and want from you, on top of what you expect and want from you, and so reacting emotionally to anything at this time will not be in your best interests.  It is far too easy under this influence to act from your hurt, rather than from your heart. 

What is presented to us personally and globally at this time will be our opportunity to take responsibility for creating the kind of world that we all wish to live in.  We have been led to believe that we need to fight against what we don’t like to create our alternative, but what is so much more powerful than that is when we use our divine intelligence and intuition to create an alternative instead.  When we fight, we buy into the endless game we have been losing for centuries.  Compassion, empathy, understanding, unity and LOVE are what our world needs to honour and strive for now and no amount of fighting, tantrums and war will ever achieve this, no matter what name you want to give it or what you believe you are fighting for. 

You are part of this world, an important and integral part.  Why else would you be here and existing on this planet if you weren’t?  This Eclipse ushers in courageous new beginnings that we may never have thought possible, so don’t be afraid to embrace them.  As this powerful Eclipse hits us in Cancer at 0 degrees (a super-powerful degree) expect revelations (the truth must come out), expect curveballs (your reminder to get back on track) and expect your emotions to be challenged so as you can realign with your own self-love, self-worth, creativity, intuition and empathy.  Humanity is awakening to claim back what is good, just, balanced and equal and you are part of this journey.  Listen to your heart, be at peace and honour your own truth.  Blessings xox