Blog Post 15 February 2023

Never has there been a more important time on the earth plane for self-love and how to find your purpose.  The two go hand-in-hand; without self-love you are often feeling broken or feeling lost or even completely stuck in your life, and when you are being ruled by these emotions raising the energy or motivation to find your purpose can be a very challenging task.  To find your purpose you have to first believe that you have a purpose and if you are down on yourself, not feeling any self-love and/or stuck in a negative headspace then it can be near impossible to accomplish.

However, the good news is that there are many wonderful tools out there that can help you towards both of these goals, but these need to be used alongside your own intent, energy and motivation to change.  No amount of Psychic Readings, 0800 HOROSCOPE numbers or Oracle Card Readings are going to help you until you learn to help yourself.  We co-create with the Universe and so we are not here to do it all ourselves and to be left rudder-less in our own ocean of pain.  We need to learn to reach out to the Spirit world by connecting with the highest part of you – your soul energy.  Every living being has a soul and your soul is your connection to  your Higher Self.  However we not only have our souls, but also our Ego’s (lower selves), and this part of you has no interest in your peace, happiness or success.  It wants you, and does its best to keep you, stuck on an emotional roller coaster ride where everything is a drama and nothing goes smoothly in your life thus ensuring that you are often incapable of reaching out, or going within to help yourself in any way. 

Astrology Horoscopes and Spiritual Psychic Readings can very much help you to find your purpose and to discover self-love but as I said before, YOU have to do the work too.  YOU have to be prepared to be 100% honest with yourself, to explore your shadow and make peace with it, and to rid yourself of all the negativity and fear that has kept you feeling lost and broken, so as you can see, feel, believe and know what a beautiful, courageous soul you truly are.

Oracle Card Readings can give you great insight into what is going on behind the scenes as well as what may be coming up for you at this time.  And the more psychic the Reader is the more insight you will receive.  Being able to use and read your own Oracle Cards can be a wonderful daily practise that will not only enable you to see for yourself what you need to know at this time, this will also enhance your own intuition and especially so when you are prepared to be 100% honest with yourself.

There are also many wonderful and beautiful crystals out there that we can use to support ourselves towards self-love, self-healing and to of course help us to find our true purpose in life.  To me, my crystals are my friends, they twinkle at me across the room, feel warm and comforting in my hands when  I hold them and they release a frequency of energy that is designed to work with me in its own special way.  For instance, the best crystals for self-love are Rose Quartz and Malachite.  I find Rose Quartz a very comforting and nurturing crystals to wear or hold as it will always bring me to my heart space especially when I may be feeling lost.  In my opinion Rose Quartz is the ultimate feminine self-love crystal and Malachite is the ultimate male self-love crystal.

As you walk your spiritual journey in this lifetime and do this invaluable inner work other tools such as Guided Meditations can be incredibly helpful to you.  Guided Meditations teach your mind how to relax and how to connect to the Higher part of you, and the more you practise with these the more easy it will  become for you to drop into that meditative space with ease and to from there feel, hear or sense the support, love and guidance you are being given from the Spirit world.  Meditation Retreats where you can completely immerse yourself in the world of Spirit are also wonderful events to instil this practise in your daily life.  Learning to still the mind is not easy but I have personally found that the use of Guided Meditations has really allowed me to make that powerful connection to Spirit and to take on my journey to self-love and self-empowerment.

However, and I am of course completely biased here 😉, the interpretation and understanding of your horoscope or personal Natal Chart is THE MOST POWERFUL THING you can do for yourself EVER!  You can have some incredible Psychic Readings, Oracle Card Readings, super-powerful crystals or inspired Guided Meditations and these will all be of use to you BUT until you understand who you chose to come here to be and what your true life purpose  is, such things will only be a short-term quick fix.  Sustainable self-love and ongoing self-empowerment can only come through knowing and accepting who you truly are, choosing to get off the emotional roller coaster ride, and embracing change.  If you are prepared to do the inner work you can walk away from and never return to those feelings of being broken, lost and purposeless and although it may be hard work to start with, I can promise you that it will be the best and most healing thing you can ever do for yourself.

At this time on the earth plane we are all experiencing a lot of change and a lot of uncertainty.  The planet Uranus now in Taurus, an earth energy, is bringing physical changes to the earth plane and the Age of Aquarius still has Saturn championing its cause, but will soon be handing the reins over to Pluto as he moves into Aquarius next month.  Change is what we need but it can be scary when we don’t have control over that change or even know what it might look like.  And so, the answer to this is to allow yourself to go with the flow.  Whatever is presenting itself to you at this time is asking to be explored by you because there is a future there for you in some way.  So, go with it, see where it takes you, don’t go against what the Universe is presenting too you if you want to make use of this beautiful partnership.  The Universe will ALWAYS lead you to where you need to go next as it has the big picture.  It knows exactly what you have chosen to do, be and experience in this lifetime, whereas you only get to know things on a “need to know” basis.  These energies of change are encouraging us to go with what we feel to be right and what we feel to be true for each of us, as individuals as well as as a collective.  The old Capricorn structures are crumbling all around us, because they cannot be sustained in this world that is changing because of them.  Out with the old and in with the new – but only in with the “new” that works for YOU.

Some wonderful crystals you can work with for the Age of Aquarius are Fluorite (to help you connect with the highest dimensions and information), Topaz (because it’s the stone of Aquarian energy), Selenite (for its ability to help you to “see” from a higher perspective) and some grounding crystals to keep your feet on the ground while you are aiming for the stars, and good crystals to use here are Red Jasper, Hematite and Pyrite.

And finally, never forget that you chose to be here at this time of massive change and evolution on the earth plane.  And so if you chose to be here then you chose to play a role in all that is going on, and to be the best you can possibly be at this you must embrace self-love, self-empowerment and self-healing to find your purpose in this lifetime.  I am here to help you with your journey with the tools of psychic insight, clairvoyant astrology, guided meditations, metaphysical retreats and so much more.  No matter what New Zealand city or international city that you may live in I am here for you and committed to helping you find your peace and purpose.  Blessings xox