Do you know where you’re going?

On 30 June 2024 Saturn, our mighty teacher and disciplinarian becomes stationery in Pisces and then moves into Retrograde motion until 15 November 2024.  This gives us around 5 months of deep introspection into our motives, our commitments, our long term plans and goals and where we are going in our lives at this time.  As we know, when a planet moves into retrograde motion it is our chance to go within and to use the energy and instruction of this planet and the sign of the zodiac it is sitting in, to reassess it all.  You see Saturn is the great teacher and he wants us to understand that everything we do and everything we go through is designed so as we can learn something that will enable us to take more responsibility for our lives, to find our true purpose and to become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. 

The lessons of Saturn are often our hardest life lessons because it is his job to make us aware of where we need to step up, do better and be more if we are to achieve the goals, we set ourselves before we were born.  Saturn knows exactly what you chose to do, learn and be in this lifetime, but you only get to know things on a “need to know” basis.  If you were to know everything you chose to go through and experience in any lifetime, the chances are you would run a mile from it all, and then your life would be a waste as you will have learned nothing, achieved nothing and you will leave this lifetime as unevolved as you were when you arrived into it.  So, it is vital that we learn what Saturn has to teach us for the above reasons but also because Saturn is also our greatest rewarder too.

So, Saturn in Pisces is not an easy transit to work with.  Any of you reading this who were born between March 1964 and March 1967, or, between January 1994 and April 1996, were born with Saturn in Pisces and so, now that Saturn is back in Pisces, you are all in either your first or second Saturn Return.  Souls born with Saturn in Pisces have often had many lifetimes of being in service to others.  In those lifetimes their own needs and beliefs had to come secondary to those of others, and so for many of you born with Saturn in Pisces knowing what you want – personally and just for you – can be a very tough question.  Simply because you have spent so many lifetimes putting others ahead of you that you have not had the time or often opportunity to think about let alone act upon, WHAT YOU WANT?

With Saturn now in retrograde for around the next 5 months it is time to go within and ask yourself, “what do I want from my life that is just for me?”  And then feel into it.  You will start to see where certain things don’t feel right or do feel right.  For example, it could be very easy to know what you want for your career, or for your next holiday, or in a partner etc, etc.  But when the question is just about YOU – it can be very hard to answer, right??

When you start questioning yourself you will start to see where you  limit yourself, and/or where your beliefs may stop you from going after what you want.  Many of us have been very well conditioned to believe that we should just fit in, or we just go with the flow, or we just take what is offered to us and accept that as our lot.  But underneath this there is ALWAYS a need for more and a need for you to be you and get what you want.  And the more you question yourself the more information you will find. 

What many of you may initially find is that you have someone else to blame for the fact that you don’t know what you want, or that you haven’t got what you want out of life.  It is never anyone else’s fault – it is always up to you.  And one of the main jobs of Saturn is to wake you up to this, to the fact that this is your life and YOU are the only one responsible for its success or otherwise.  It’s SOOOOO easy to blame everyone else, or blame circumstances etc, etc, but where does that get you?  Its just another excuse and you are no closer to your goal – so stop it and step up!

While Saturn is in retrograde in Pisces, we are being asked to explore our inner worlds and identify all the illusions, misconceptions, delusions and fantasies that we live under – and we all can live under them one way or another!

Perhaps it’s the illusion that you are not good enough for the success you wish for?  Or, maybe it’s the misconception that you can’t achieve what you want because you aren’t smart enough?  Or, perhaps you are delusional in your vision of your abilities and cannot see for yourself how talented you really are?  Or, perhaps you prefer to live in a fantasy world of your own making where you are still waiting for that knight in shining armour to appear to rescue you from this life, or, for your success to be brought to you in some miraculous way?

Whatever story you are telling yourself NOW is the time to get real with it and ask yourself, is this true?  Am I really that stupid – of course not.  Do I really lack the abilities and talents that I need to be successful – no of course you have what you need.  And do I really need someone to rescue me – no I can do this myself.  You see everything we need for our lives is already inside of us, waiting for its opportunity to be recognised, embraced and brought out to see the light of day. 

Saturn in Pisces is teaching us the  importance of getting real with ourselves.  He is encouraging us to bring discipline, focus and hard work to our dreams and goals if we want them to become our reality and he is making sure that we can cut through the lies we tell ourselves so as to see our true beauty, power and magnificence can shine forth. 

So, use this time to reflect and work upon your dreams, plans and projects and how you can best apply yourself to these things to make them the successful reality you need them to be.  Its all about commitment and being prepared to do what is necessary to make your dreams come true and you have all the talents and abilities you need to do so – you just have to believe in you, and do the work.

Saturn always brings restriction to the area of your Natal Chart that he is transiting at any given time.  As he is in Pisces now it is wherever the Pisces energy is sitting in your Natal Chart that you are being asked, at this time, to focus on and cut through all and any illusions you hold here about yourself and your life.  The restrictive energy of Saturn is so that we pay attention to what is important.  Its like learning to run after you have learned to walk – you have to learn to walk first and master that before you can run and this is what Saturn is trying to teach us – to take our time to master our goals, to focus on the end result and to whatever we need to do to get there with integrity, wisdom, knowledge and for the highest good of all concerned.

So, look to where you commit yourself and ask yourself; Is this enough?  Can I do more?  And is this what I really want to do at this time? 

Saturn in Pisces also carries that past life reminder of putting the needs of others ahead of your own so during this retrograde period allow yourself to focus on YOU and what YOU want from YOUR life.  This doesn’t have to be a big deal and especially so if you are struggling with it. Maybe just knowing that you want and would like a new look, and then taking a step towards this. Or, knowing that you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar, and being prepared to book those lessons or watch that YouTube video, and make this a priority for yourself. 

We co-create with the Universe/God/Spirit, whatever you want to call it, and so everything you do sends out a message that will be answered responded to in kind.  So, if you are sending out constant messages that you can’t do what you want to do, or that you don’t know where you are going, all you will get back is the same.  In our co-creation energy, we have to take the first step – you have to put out there what you want and then, and only then, can the Universe step in to assist you.  And remember, if you want help, you have to ask.

The Retrograde period of Saturn at this time is very potent as it’s our last Saturn in Pisces retrograde until around 2054 – so the last time we will get for many years and for many of us in this lifetime, to really look at what you want and to take action towards achieving this by getting rid of self-imposed illusions and fantasies and seeing you for the powerful, talented and magnificent soul that you are.  Blessings xox