Blog Post 17 September 2019

On 18/19 September 2019 Saturn, the planet of karma, self-discipline and learning, turns Direct in Capricorn.  Saturn has been Retrograde in his home sign of Capricorn since late April this year, encouraging us all to look at our internal habits, structures and beliefs, as well as the lives we lead, so as when he turns Direct we have more solid foundations and a firmer understanding of how to navigate the outside world as we are now coming from a more aware and empowered perspective.  Saturn Retrograde is always a super-powerful time to really get honest and real with yourself about who you truly are and what makes you tick.  He reveals what is dysfunctional, not working for you and/or outdated within you so as you can change and reinvent these parts of yourself to create a more solid and real YOU that will then be a lot more empowered to take on whatever the outside world may be throwing at you.  The planet Saturn may teach us our greatest life lessons, but he is also responsible for our greatest life rewards too.  And all and everything in Saturn’s eyes depends on you taking responsibility, you taking action and you being the focus and power behind your life.

Saturn is also touted as the planet of karma.  Now, karma, a bit like Saturn, can get a pretty bad rap as it is more often than not negatively perceived as our punishment or payback for where we have failed or hurt others.  “What goes around comes around” is how karma is most commonly defined.  However, karma is really just about learning.  As souls on our journeys through lifetime after lifetime, we are in a process of experiencing and learning all that there is to find our true selves and our balance on the earth plane.  Therefore, karma is not about payback and punishment it’s about identifying what we have not mastered in other lifetimes and/or to date in this lifetime, so as we can master it this time round.  It’s about learning not suffering and experiencing life from another perspective rather than feeling assaulted and confused by what goes on within us and in our outside worlds.  Karma only becomes hard and harsh when we get stuck in the emotions or stuck in the “blame game” and when we fail to see what we are being asked to learn.  We are here to learn and to grow as souls and karma/Saturn is our greatest teacher and taskmaster.

As Saturn turns Direct he will align with the South Node also sitting in Capricorn, and this is where things can really get interesting and really push us forward in our evolution and ascension.  The South Node represents all that we have done, mastered and learned in past lives, and therefore what we can now build upon as these things have been constructed on concrete foundations.  And as our souls remember every past life we have ever had, but have no idea of what is appropriate or necessary when and where it can be very easy for us to get sucked into complacency and familiarity as our souls just want to feel comfortable and at home with what they already know.  So, as Saturn turns Direct and aligns with the South Node it is vital that we all become aware of what we need to grow from and evolve into, rather than repeating what is familiar to us and staying stuck in our comfort zones. The North Node, which is situated directly opposite the South Node and is currently in Cancer, is all about our destiny and what we are here to do and be in this lifetime, based on what we have learned and mastered in other lifetimes.  And as the North Node is in direct opposition at this time with Saturn, A LOT can be revealed to us and learned by us about where we need to grow, and what we still need to learn. 

Over the next couple of weeks, as Saturn turns and stations Direct in Capricorn, it is very important that you allow yourself to be aware of what is happening around you as in who is coming into your life, what is presenting itself to you, how you are reacting and feeling about your life and what is ending or beginning in your world.  The greatest clue to all of this will be identified by repetitious events, reactions and circumstances.  All of these things are your clues as to what you still need to master and learn, as these will all be things that in one way or another, you have neglected or ignored before, but that you now have the powerful opportunity to change and master in your life.

So, don’t be afraid of karma and your karmic lessons for this lifetime.  They were chosen for you by you before you were born, so there is an important reason for them.  And most importantly PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER that you are here to learn – NOT to suffer and you are doing GREAT!  For most of you, the fact that you are even reading this shows how far you have come and how much your soul is working for you and guiding you, for your highest good at all times. 

Be aware, be brave and be open to change as behind every lesson you learn there is always a reward for your hard work.  Blessings xox