Blog Post 9 March 2021

The journey of love and towards love starts from within and it starts with you.  Until we embrace the joy and empowerment of self-love we cannot truly or fully love another.  From the time of your birth until now Love and all it encompasses may have felt and seemed to you to be something so far out of reach and so unachievable that it can only exist in your fantasy world.  Time and time again you have put yourself out there and time and time again you have been rewarded with hurt, betrayal, disrespect, lack of understanding and so much more.  It really may feel to you if true love is something that belongs only in Fairy Tales and in the movies as time and time again you have given yourself and your heart away only to have it returned in pieces or not returned at all.  Every single one of us is not only capable of the highest most sacred love but are also entitled to it.  It is your God-given right to find peace and purpose and to find joy, happiness, love and all that is positive for you in any given lifetime.  One of your greatest purposes in having an existence on the earth plane is to understand, enjoy and celebrate the most divine love that you can.  However, the humanness of us is conditioned to believe that there will be no gain without pain and that there can only be love where there is sacrifice or that love is something that is only gifted to a prettier, stronger, more intelligent and better person than you feel you will ever be.

We constantly sub-consciously and consciously create our own path of love self-destruction as we find ourselves stuck on the crazy roller coaster ride of our emotions, never knowing or understanding that you can actually hop off and choose to create power and peace in your life instead.  For so long as you judge yourself and limit yourself all you can attract to you will vibrate with that same energy – such is the law of the Universe; Like attracts Like.  YOU are the only one stopping true sacred and pure love from entering your life, and the main obstruction to this flow is how you feel about YOU and how you treat YOU.  So, for so long as you judge yourself and find fault in who you are or what you do, you can and will attract to you people and experiences that will accentuate that judgement and confirm to you what you already believe.  These people and experiences are designed by the Universe and yourself to really bring that learning home, but that are also designed to reflect back to you where you are incomplete, injured and in need of repair.  When you have the skills and the understanding to truly see yourself and the divine love that you are, a whole new life and way of living emerges for you and you become your true sacred self. 

Most of our early relationships involve the interaction and activation of the lower Chakras.  If we feel unsupported and fearful of supporting ourselves and believing in ourselves we throw out of balance the Base Chakra and therefore then attract to us those who will challenge our ability to support and believe in ourselves.  If we feel a need to control and be responsible for the happiness and joy of others over and above our own, we can often be incredibly kind and giving to everyone around us but never have learned how to receive or to give that energy to ourselves or to allow that energy to be returned to us, and therefore we attract to us those who will take from us and make use of us simply because we don’t feel strong enough or worthy enough to establish firm boundaries.  Thus, we bring imbalance to our Sacral Chakra and may find ourselves stuck in either very hedonistic relationships, or we may deny ourselves any relationships at all.  And, if we do not believe in ourselves and in our worth and struggle to feel empowered, understood or even loveable we will attract to us those who put us down and who challenge us in an aggressive or assertive manner.  Our Solar Plexus Chakra is then out of balance and we struggle to believe that anything we have to offer is of any substance or importance to anyone.  The 3 lower Chakra points are the most likely ones, especially in women, to be out of balance and shut down in some way, and without the energy flow of these points in our body we cannot let go, we cannot move forward, and we will continue to attract our shadow side when all we really wish to attract is the opposite.  We cannot run away from our shadow or pretend it doesn’t exist – it is as much a part of us as the light side of us is – we just need to learn to make friends with it and to allow it to support us and teach us what we need to learn so as we can grow and evolve along our soul’s journey.

You deserve all the love, joy and happiness the Universe has to offer you, but so often you do not see your own worth.  You are entitled to all the abundance this planet has to offer you, but you don’t believe that you can create this.  You are a gift to this world in being just who you are, but you so often do not see the power in this.  For too long you have taught yourself to believe that only by being a certain way or living a particular life can you possibly attain true love.  You have been systematically conditioned through your past lives, your childhood experiences and your opinion of yourself that love is something you work for, you suffer for and you may never achieve, or you settle for, and this is simply not true. 

We are all worthy of love; every single one of us is a beautiful soul on a journey of learning and awareness and every single one of us is worthy of ALL that the Universe has to offer us.

When you shift your awareness out of striving for something and just become what it is you are striving for, the divinity and grace of your Higher Self takes over, and then you become the sacred love you have been looking for.  It’s all there inside of you, just waiting for you to find the strength and the belief to activate it.  We don’t fall in love, we are LOVE and there are no limits or restrictions on this and the power that it carries.  LOVE is the only way forward and it is your responsibility as a soul on a journey at this time and in this space, to be a part of the Love Revolution which is the only real and true energy that can sustainably empower and change this planet and all of humanity.

You are a soul on a journey to enlightenment and you are worthy of all that there is – there are no limits to what you can achieve when you set yourself free – free of all of the conditioning, hurt, limitations, beliefs and wounds that have shaped you to date.  You are LOVE and all you really need to do is believe in that and see that in all that you are and all that you do right now.

Blessings xox

(“Sacred Love – Sacred You” is a new Course I am developing to activate the Divine Feminine that exists inside of each and every one of us, and that is the ultimate key to setting yourself free.  Stay tuned for more information as I work to develop this as an Online Course as well as an in-person Course here in New Zealand).