Blog Post 19 September 2022

Retrogrades – they come around every year and like it or not, they are an essential part of our personal and collective learning and development.

I have talked extensively about Mercury Retrograde and the fun and games we can go through under this transit, but I have also made it quite clear of the necessity of this time.  And so it is with every planet and its journey through the heavens and our Natal Charts at any given time.

So, currently, we have a whopping 7 planets in Retrograde motion.  The intensity of all of these powerful planets transiting this way at this time can be very overwhelming as it’s as if the lessons and the learnings never stop, yet at the same time, we are being exposed to a deeper side of ourselves that we may have not discovered as yet, or may have knowingly avoided for quite some time.

You see, every one of us has a shadow side – a part of us, usually buried fairly deeply within us – that we do not want others to see, and we also often do not want to address or deal with ourselves.  This shadow side of you feeds off your fears and insecurities.  Once again, we all have these, they are the parts of us that encourage us to question things, investigate things and from there, heal such things.  So, often right underneath that shadow side of you that you have been too scared to show or too scared to address, is an incredible talent or gift just waiting for its chance to shine.  FEAR holds us back from everything that is good for us. We think we hold on to fear to keep ourselves safe and to be prepared for what might come next, but in actual fact, all we are doing is staying stuck and choosing not to change, evolve, learn or ascend.

So, when the planets all go through their retrograde phases at similar times, all that outside light shines on our inner worlds, where our shadow-self and our greatest gifts reside.  And of course, this is intense, uncomfortable and confronting to say the least.  BUT it is necessary.  If we don’t look at where our motivations, actions, beliefs and habits come from then we are just pretending or going along with what everyone else thinks or does. We are not actually acting in our own best interests, or even being honest and loving towards ourselves.  At worst we are living a lie and at best, we are avoiding personal growth.  We need to know what inspires or appals us about ourselves in our inner worlds, to be able to use, or not use, these healthily and productively in our outside worlds.  YOU are always your best compass because you know yourself.  Allowing other people to navigate or direct your life for you was never your plan and will never be in your best interests.

Currently, the retrograding planets can be used constructively in the following ways:-

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Time to go within and embrace your unique way of seeing things and understanding things.  An opportunity to make friends with your alternative nature and to align with what is best for humanity and the environment.  A time to understand that being different is your greatest gift and to not judge yourself or others for dancing to their own drumbeat. 

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Time to look at your spiritual path and belief system to see if it is bringing you the support, insight and connection that you need.  Also, a time to get real with yourself and look to where you may have buried your head in the sand, or refused to admit to or reveal something about yourself that could allow you to embrace your life rather than allowing it, and your gifts, to slip through your fingers.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

At this time, we get to look at our internal structures, habits and beliefs to see if they still support who we are now, and if they don’t, a time to eliminate what no longer serves a positive purpose in your life and not to be afraid to set up new structures for your future.  A time to become more aware of where you take yourself too seriously in life, and where you could benefit from being a bit more conscientious also.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

The big planet in retrograde encourages us all to look within to find our sense of personal power and our sense of independence.  A time to get to know where your greatest strengths may lie and how you can best use these to improve your life as well as the lives of those around you.  A time to listen rather than instruct and to rest rather than act.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

A time to get back to basics and to see where and how your practical and logical way of going about life can be innovated and brought into the 21st century.  A time to forgive and let go of the past because the future is beckoning, and you cannot move forward successfully if you are still chained to and unforgiving of what has gone before.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries

When Chiron is retrograde, we look to healing our inner worlds through independent action.  This is a time to rid yourself of any limiting beliefs that are based on feelings of not being good enough, fears of failure and inability to lead or stand on your own two feet.  A very powerful time to heal through self-love and self-worth.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

A time to re-visit your relationships and in particular the relationship you have with your beautiful self.  A great time to communicate with others regarding relationships and what needs to change.  Also, a very powerful time to look to where balance and harmony are missing from your life and how to bring these essential ingredients for happiness back.

So, as you can see LOTS of work to be done, and LOTS of support for this from the cosmos.  It may feel very overwhelming simply because you are being asked to do so much inner work and inner realising at this time, and for most of us we are happy to dabble in such things now and then, but to have them intensely asked of you for months on end is difficult.  But, you’ve got this!  You’ve done it before and you will do it again, and every time you make a bit more progress, feel a bit more grounded, gain a bit more clarity and find a bit more power within wonderful YOU.

Enjoy the Retrogrades, use them to dive deep into who you truly are and make the necessary changes within yourself, for yourself.  You are loved, and you are divine no matter what you may think of yourself – and now is the time to allow the feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love for your life and yourself to be your guiding light.  Blessings xox